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Útgarða-Loki (ウートガルザロキ Ūtogaruza-Roki?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a true member of GREMLIN introduced in the series that was sent to watch over Baggage City for Othinus's experiment that was to take place there.


Útgarða-Loki is named for the mythological figure from Norse mythology. A Jötnar, his name literally means "Loki of the Outyards" to distinguish him from Loki. His name is often anglicized as Utgarda-Loki and Utgard-Loki.


He wears suit over a checkered waistcoat and a dress shirt, which he opens at the top. He has long messy blond hair, which matches his blue eyes. He is described as someone who looks frivolous.[1]


He is often seen wearing an out of place smile on his face, which fits his frivolous expression. Furthermore, as an illusionist, he is not suited to, and mostly prefers not to do any physical work.[2]


Not much his know about him prior to the invasion of Baggage City by Academy City, but it can be presumed that he took the name of Útgarða-Loki when he joined GREMLIN. He also knew of Othinus' plan for distort the environment in Baggage City, despite not knowing the true extent of the distortion and that he may have to fight in direct battle.[3]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Baggage City Arc[]

Main article: Baggage City Arc

He is first seen having a conversation with Weissland Strainikov about the means to fight back Academy City. Weissland stated that through denying resources, and spread news that the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians "have a chance of winning" is the best bet.[1]

Útgarða-Loki later accompanies Weissland to the apparent capture of a "Kamijou Touma" who was just beaten by Saflee Opendays, immediately after, Academy City and the Kiharas begin attacking Baggage City.[4]

At one point in a later time, Útgarða-Loki had realized that he was under the influence of an illusion and break free from it, only to be beaten nearly to death by Kihara Ransuu. While Ransuu was busy torturing Weissland, Útgarða-Loki had managed to immobilize Ransuu with his own magic. As soon as he could move enough, he began to smash Ransuu's head in with a pile of paper. Thinking he was finally safe, his shoulder was tapped on by Kamijou Touma.[2]

He is later referenced by Kihara Byouri, to have made a draw against Kihara Ransuu, and is later confirmed by Kihara Enshuu, who visits the hotel they were fighting, seeing both their bodies on the floor, unmoving.[5] Sigyn also references him during her conversation with Marian Slingeneyer, and states her fear of him being turned into one of Marian's body modifications. It is unknown what happened to him after Othinus' arrival.


Útgarða-Loki is the illusion specialist of GREMLIN; his illusions are similar to the mold used by Kihara Ransuu. His magic allowed him to transfer the information sent to one of the five senses to a different sense. Simply put, he could make someone feel the pain of burning by showing them a picture of fire. Used correctly, that ability held quite a bit of destructive power, but many materials used together in the right way were needed to give a more accurate and long-lasting illusion.[6]

Character Art Designs[]

Design Evolution[]

Currently appearing only in a single volume, Útgarða-Loki's remains the same. According to Haimura, he wanted to design him to look stranger to indicate that he lost his "humanity".[7]



  • (To Kihara Ransuu from NT Volume 4): "Don’t make!! An illusion specialist!! Like me!! Have to!! Do any!! Physical work!!"
  • (NT Volume 4): “Ha ha ha!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! I won dammit. I finally have my safety. I’ve returned to the world of the living! I! Am! Alive!!”



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