47 Portals of Japan

The 47 Portals of Japan as seen in the manga adaptation.

The 47 Portals of Japan are a series of magical man-made portals located all around Japan as depicted in the Great Japanese Coastal Map. The spell that is used by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church to access these portals is called the Miniature Pilgrimage.[1]


The Great Japanese Coastal Map (大日本沿海與地全図 Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu?) is where Ino Tadataka, the Japanese surveyor and cartographer who completed the first map of Japan created using modern surveying techniques, plotted the 47 portals, knowing full well that the source and the duplicate will affect each other. These portals did not originally exist in the Japanese islands but became realized after Ino's plotting of the portals, which should allow people to come and go into the portals as they please.[1]

In the entire history of magic, he is the only person who has been able to add something to the duplicate that the original didn't have while maintaining a perfect balance between the duplicate and the original. However, out of the 47 portals created, only 23 of them have been identified. The special magic teleportation properties plotted upon the Great Japanese Coastal Map cannot be used completely freely as it is limited to specific times due to the fact it was mapped and measured to the location of the stars. Although the location of the portals that Ino set do not change, the development of the city changes everyday. Because this, some portals may be located within certain rooms in certain condominiums or even in avault in a certain bank, making it impossible to use some for teleportation.[1]

Currently, the only location that is shown to have one of the portals is Parallel Sweets Park.


In the early 19th century, Ino Tadataka worked to complete the first map of Japan created using modern surveying techniques. He died in 1818 and three years later an atlas collecting all of his survey work, the Great Japanese Coastal Map was published. The locations of the 47 portals were plotted within it.[1]

The Amakusa-Style Remix of Church somehow managed to gain information regarding the portals. According to Index, it may have been due to Ino or the Dutch from that period.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Orsola Aquinas ArcEdit

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To escape the Agnese Sanctis and her 200-strong Battle nuns, Tatemiya Saiji and his church try to use the portal located in Parallel Sweets Park with Orsola Aquinas. However, due to Index's presence, the nuns were able to determine their location, as well as prepare and time their assault on the park, making the Amakusas unable to use the portal as they were preoccupied in the battle there.[1]


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