AIM bomb

The missile that contains the warheads made up of Janie's hair.

The AIM Bomb was a bomb constructed by STUDY and to be used as a last resort by them for their Silent Party to kill all espers. It was utterly destroyed by Misaka Mikoto after using her Railgun, using a large mecha as ammunition against it.[1]


Using 5,000 filaments of Janie's hair, whose hair can be used as a transmitter for her ability,[2] the missile is released into the atmosphere over Academy City. There, Janie's Diffusion Ghost will then run wild and cause a fissive chain reaction of all AIM Diffusion Fields in Academy City. The missile travels at a speed of 7 kilometers per second.[1]

The missile was hidden upon Endymion's orbital station, 35,000 kilometers above the earth's surface, and then the missile's warhead will then split into 5,000 smaller warheads when it is 30,000 kilometers above the earth.



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