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An AIM Burst (幻想猛獣AIMバースト Gensō Moujū (AIM Bāsuto)?, lit. "Illusion Beast") is a phenomenon in which the AIM Diffusion Fields of espers connected to the Level Upper Network are merged together and takes a physical form.


The consciousness of the espers connected to the fetus.

Its existence is similar to that of Kazakiri Hyouka, as it is formed through the AIM Diffusion Field of the espers that are connected to the Level Upper Network. However it seems to be more primitive in its actions than Hyouka. Like any infant it uses emotions to perform decisions or rather it is an amalgamation of the subconscious emotions of the people connected to the network and it lets out a screeching sound as if it was crying.[1]

Because it is connected to the Lever Upper Network when it appeared it caused convulsions on the comatose Lever Upper users, it is also shown to manifest the voices of the subconscious of the espers of the network. It is unknown if networks that are similar in function to the Level Upper Network are able to recreate this phenomena.

It is similar to an artificial angel just like Fuse Kazakiri.


The phenomenon initially took form of a giant levitating fetus with a halo upon its head and tentacles-like green wings, its body was bluish in color and was covered in a nearly transparent brown layer. Whenever it is injured it would always regenerate, however its body does not retain its transparency and the body becomes a grotesque mass, becoming larger every time it regenerates.

The AIM Burst has a triangular prism core within it similar to Hyouka's, that keeps it together even if the network is disabled.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

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The AIM Burst screams after it is born.

The AIM Burst first appears after Kiyama Harumi loses control of the Level Upper network and causing the birth of the creature.[2][3] It was noted by Uiharu Kazari to be in pain and seemed to attack only when provoked, it was also a very dangerous creature having the ability to regenerate. Misaka Mikoto does battle with it to distract the creature as it was heading for a nearby nuclear power facility long enough for Kazari to disable the Level Upper Network, it then loses its regeneration abilities and is subsequently defeated by Mikoto by using her "Railgun" to destroy its core.[4][1]


The AIM Burst is a powerful being which is able to give hard time even to a Level 5 such as Mikoto. It can be seen as an primitive artificial angel, though since the network it is born from is mostly formed by low level espers, regardless of how many more are added to the network, it still cannot match those with truly decisive powers.

The most fearsome feature of the AIM Burst is its regeneration power that allow it to quickly recover from damages and to grow in size after any regeneration.[5] It possesses tentacles which it utilizes in different ways depending on their size and shape: it uses its small tentacles to catch its target or to crush it using an invisible attack, seemingly after an eye appears on the tip of the tentacle, and it uses its big tentacles ending with pointy edges to impale or crush the opponent.[5][4] It can even twine the huge tentacles to form a bigger clawed one.[5] The AIM Burst can also emit destructive energy projectiles which it scatters from a sphere of energy created by pointing his wings in a single spot.[5] Finally, being connected to the Level Upper Network, it can use the the same abilities collected by Harumi with the Multi-Skill, such as creating ice, manipulate water and set up an isolating barrier.[5][4]

Concept Art

Design Evolution

Haimura states that he had aimed for the AIM Burst to be something like Giygas of Earthbound (Mother 2) fame, where the character cannot fathom what it is but knows that it is something terrible, as well as a younger version of Fuse Kazakiri.


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