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AIM Jammer in the Reformatory.

The AIM Jammer (AIMジャマー AIM Jamā?, Yen Press: IDF Jammer) is an anti-esper technology. It is a device that dissolves an esper's concentration in an attempt to weaken them. Along with 27 other types of anti-esper technology, the AIM Jammer is used in the Reformatory.[1]


The purpose of this technology is to disrupt the concentration of an esper, leaving them with thoughts that will allow a Psychometer to easily track them. It will weaken the esper to a degree, but not to the extent where their use of their power is eliminated. However, in these conditions, it is also possible for an esper's power to go out of control. Powers that use complex calculations are especially susceptible, such as Accelerator's vector control and Musujime Awaki's Move Point.[1]

A normal esper would end up just being injured, but it would be extremely dangerous if this happened to more powerful espers.[1] This is exemplified with Awaki's foot once again being stuck in a wall when she tried to use her teleport powers.[2] Indeed, the closer the proximity the esper is to the machinery, the more painful it is to them without even using their powers. The pain described by both Accelerator and Awaki is that of a headache. Even weak espers like Tsuchimikado Motoharu can feel it if they are close enough.[3]


The Reformatory has anti-esper equipment installed all throughout its facility. The AIM Jammers there are seen as a number of thin wires stretched out between the almost 15 meter walls covering the entire facility.[3] The deeper in the facility, the stronger the AIM Jammer.[3] They emit a special electromagnetic wave to diffusely reflect an esper’s AIM diffusion field causing the esper to interfere with his own power. The device likely needed a lot of power and processing power, which is the reason why Anti-Skill does not make use of the technology as it could only be used in a limited area.[3]


Shiokishi of the Academy City Board of Directors utilizes a powerful anti-esper technology in his base. At the top of his circular shelter is a metal sphere like a basketball that's like an omnidirectional radar that disrupts the AIM diffusion fields of an esper. As his base has a dome, the main body of the device is likely part of the dome. According to Accelerator, the one that Shiokishi uses is a special one that uses a reverse calculation of a target esper's AIM diffusion field to send out specialized disruptive electrical waves. With that, the device could at least force the abilities of powerful espers, specifically that of Musujime Awaki, to go berserk and even redirect them.[4]

Private Juvenile Hall

Concept art of the AIM Jammer in the Private Juvenile Hall.

The private juvenile hall has over a dozen AIM Jammers, positioned so that their combined areas of effect completely cover the area within the facility's outer wall and approximately 20 meters outside the wall. There is also a pinpoint long-range jammer which can be used against targets outside the range of the standard jammers.[5][6] The standard jammers consist of a sphere, vaguely resembling a disco ball, encased within a translucent pyramid on top of a platform, with several rods holding the sphere above the platform from below, over a round hole.[7]

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