ATARIMAE no Kyori (アタリマエの距離 Reasonable Distance?) is a song sung by Sachika Misawa that can be found in her polaris mini-album. Written, composed, and arragned by fu_mou, in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion, it is not actually sung by Meigo Arisa but is played during her photoshoot, which was then unceremoniously cut-off when the Automaton begins bombing the mall where it was held.


Japanese English
Chuu ni ukanda kimi no kotoba wa itsumo
Atarimae ni boku o sukutte kureta
Iron'na kakudo de mita kimi no me wa
Odayaka ni massuguni mae muite
Something that you said always runs through my mind
And saves my like it was completely natural
I've seen your eyes from every angle that there is
They're always so gentle and looking straight ahead
Narande aruku itsumo no michi mo
Kimi ga tonari ni ite kurerukara kagayaku no
Even the same old roads we walk down every day
Feel like sunshine because you're walking next to me

Tsudzuite iku merodi egai teta yume o tsunagu

kimi no motoe omoi no se todoke kono haato biito

The melody keeps playing on, bringing our dreams closer together...


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