A Certain Church is an unknown church in Scotland, where Aleister Crowley married Rose Edith Kelly.[1][2]


The building is described as a small church, with a set of double doors at its front. There is an electric light near the entrance.[1]

The chapel has a central aisle leading to a lectern (which has a bible on it), with pews either side. A large cross is located on the back wall.[1] There are stained glass windows near to the chapel and a light switch is located near its entrance.[1] There is also a pipe organ somewhere in the church.[1]


The church's layout is largely the same as it was when Aleister's marriage took place. A copy of the bible is kept on the lectern. There is a gap between the wall and the pipe organ where lost change is located, a fact remembered by Aleister.[1]

The soft electric light outside the entrance might be connected to a home security system.[1]


In the past, the church was the site of Aleister Crowley's marriage to Rose Kelly.[1]

In the century since Aleister's wedding, some details changed but the church was maintained and remained largely in its form from that time.[1]


Coronzon ArcEdit

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During the events surrounding the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom and the emergence of the recreated Golden Dawn, Orsola Aquinas travelled to Scotland in order to set up a relay point for a temporary magical communication network and after arriving by helicopter, set up a temporary base in the nearby church (unaware of its history) before surveying the land to locate the local ley line and stabbing a rod into the ground above it to establish the communication point.[3]

Shinyaku v21 401

Aleister and Orsola in the church chapel

Shortly after Aleister crashed into a nearby field following the reproduced Mathers' interception, she found herself in front of the church, where Aleister had married Rose more than a century earlier. Seeing the bloody Aleister, Orsola dragged her inside the church despite her objections (though Aleister made sure to turn off the lights before entering the chapel) and treated her wounds with a first aid kit, while trying to offer advice. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before Mathers arrived and that Orsola and the church might suffer because of it, Aleister asked Orsola if she thought sins could ever be forgiven and Orsola answered as best as she could, despite the pain of her previous mistake. Aleister then borrowed the church's bible and stepped outside to face Mathers.[1][2]

Shinyaku v21 412-413

Aleister VS Mathers outside the church

As Aleister had predicted, Mathers was approaching the church as she stepped outside. After a short exchange of words between the two, they used their own methods derived from the Son of God to strengthen their bodies before beginning their inevitable battle.[2] During their duel, both used various powerful Christian spells against one another before turning to their fists. The church wasn't damaged during their magical exchange despite the destructive power they brought to bare against each other. Though heavily wounded,[4] Aleister's body synchronized to the point where she acquired stigmata and she ultimately succeeded in inundating the surrounding area with enough energy to disrupt the flow of power to the tarot-based grimoires forming the bodies of the reproduced Golden Dawn, causing Mathers and the others to come apart and revert to cards.[5][6]


  • In real-life, the marriage of Aleister Crowley and Rose Kelly didn't happen in a church or near the Scottish border. Their marriage took place in Dingwall, much further into Scotland, and didn't involve a church ceremony, merely the registration of the marriage at the local office.


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