A Lovey-Dovey Date on the Eve of the Tournament!? (大会前夜のラブラブでーと!? Taikai Zenya no Rabu-rabu Deto!??) is a bonus manga bundled with the limited editions of the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game), released on February 15, 2018. It is included in Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On no Subete. It is illustrated by Hibipon who also illustrated the manga adaptation of the original Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On novel.

The story follows Touma and Index getting into an argument following a dispute of whether or not they are on a date on the eve of the Vooster's Cup tournament.


Touma and Index are outside enjoying the nightlife as the city prepares for the Vooster's Cup. Index is especially excited as she is on a date with Touma, though he denies and calls the "date" as him babysitting her which infuriates Index. Then Furashina Ririn appears, and she and Touma discuss Virtual-On. She and Touma later creates a rapport with one another and Index notices this, after Ririn blushes because of Touma. Index excuses herself that she is going to a convenience store. This perplexes Touma as she leaves behind the food she was holding.

He tries following her and finds her in an arcade playing an arcade version of Virtual-On. Index ignores Touma, and seeing this, Touma challenges her to a game. Index however wins, much to his disappointment. However, Touma later sees a glimpse of Index's eyes and finds how sad she is as she calls him an idiot. Index continues playing games, while Touma looks on, realizing that Index may have been serious with the date. Ririn later calls and hears of Touma's predicament. She then calls Index herself and gives her a piece of advice for her.

Touma waits outside, where he meets Index again. Now, however, Index has a change of clothes and is a bit embarrassed by it, stating that it was Ririn's idea. Touma is however amazed by Index's appearance and compliments her, stating that it suits Index, making her blush. Ririn then calls Touma telling him to take the initiative. Blushing, Touma does so, asking Index to a date with him and she wholeheartedly agrees. She takes his hand and they earnestly go on a date together.


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Cultural referencesEdit

  • When Index tries to convince Touma they are on a date, an image of what appears to be Adam and Eve appears.
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