Aalborg (オールボー Ōrubō?) is a large city found in the northern part of the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark. It is 40-50 kilometers south of Hjørring. It is notable for the short operation conducted by the Roman Catholic Church's Agnese Forces during the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's attempts to kill Othinus.

Prior to the start of the operation, the combined forces of the three great churches, Roman, Anglican, and Russian, arrive in Denmark, though only the Roman Catholic Church forces represented by the Agnese Forces made any attempt against Touma and Othinus while the others only observed. This would be the only time that all of the representative forces of the international coalition against Touma and Othinus would be together in the same place at the same time. From then on each member of the coalition would try to do their own plan against Touma and Othinus one after the other.

Background[edit | edit source]

The city is described as having colored the hue of brick, with everything from apartments to the fire station made of stone. There are several factories near the waterfront. The population of Aalborg is packed together in this one area with buildings of varying sizes. Many buildings in the city are centuries old and are made of stone or brick. Statues of the traditional depictions of the Norse god Odin can be found in the city as well.[1] The city has an airforce base as well.[2]

Apparently unique to Aalborg is that since it had the misfortune of being destroyed by war a few times in Danish history, the people secretly dug underground passageways all over the city, stretching out like a spider web

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • Virgin Anne's Street: Known in Danish as Jomfru Ane Gade, is a street in the city which was originally developed as a large-scale prostitution district in the city. It is now filled with bars.[1]
  • Aalborg Tower: Is 100 meter tower found in the city. Apparently, one can view the whole city from the tower.[3]
  • Ansgar Church: It is a church located in the same greenbelt as the Aalborg Tower and the modern art museum. An underground passageway runs down the church.[4]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Magic God Othinus Arc[edit | edit source]

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

VS The World[edit | edit source]

Agnese Forces operation in Aalborg[edit | edit source]

The Anti-GREMLIN Alliance creates a combined offensive against Othinus and Kamijou Touma, with the Roman Catholic Church sending the Agnese Forces to deal with the Magic God threat, while the Anglican and Russian churches send out their elites. The United States then provides them with the means of transportation through the use of their stealth bombers that are faster than the ordinary transport planes. The international coalition forces later arrive at an emergency landing field airport near Aarhus. Apparently knowing Touma and Othinus location, they planned to land in the airforce base in Aalborg, but due to the meteorite crash a while ago (Accelerator crashing in Hjørring after being shot out of a satellite's cannon to face Touma), the were forced to land in Aarhus as Denmark wanted to absolutely keep everyone out of there airspace there.[2]

As the forces disembark, Agnese reports to someone about where they are and why they landed in Aarhus instead, and then demands to send an official complaint to Academy City, knowing that the "meteor" earlier was of Academy City's doing. She then complains about the conditions of their getting transported using stealth bombers and the condition of the airport. The personnel there begin preparing transportation to use in order to find Othinus and Touma, as well as each members of the three major churches sharing information with each other, and how to utilize the information they had with the other churches interfering or aiding each other in mind. Seeing this, Agnese concludes that the biggest reason for all the suspicion and distrust among the three major churches is because of the power of their opponent. The stakes were high for them, betting the fate of the world or the right to steal and analyze the power of magic god which could influence the fate of the world. Agnese then orders her forces that they will be following the information they attained and head for Aalborg. She orders that the Pope should be asked to make preparations on his end. She notes that the other forces will most likely lay in watch on the alternate routes and watch what they will do. As they have the greatest numbers, she says that the other churches' members will probably view them as bait or something to scare Touma and Othinus out of hiding. She however says that if they get a bite the others might come rushing in.[2]

Agnese Sanctis, wanting to give Touma a chance, later sets up the Fish of the Supper spell, designed to work against Touma's Imagine Breaker. The Agnese Forces later occupy the streets of Aalborg in search for them, with Agnese setting their base of operations in Ansgar Church. However, their operation was not obstructive at all to the flow of traffic,[5] and the spell itself was harmless to anyone except for Touma and Othinus.

Touma and Othinus hitchhike their way to the city. They are given aid from an RV that was converted to a food cart that was to take advantage of the outpouring of curious bystanders that have come to look at ground zero of the "meteorite" crash. The two of them later arrive at the city half an hour later. There they try to buy some coats to protect themselves from the cold but started arguing.[1] Agnese and the others, detecting their presence,[5] announce to the entire city to them not to fight back and surrender at Ansgar Church with the intention of retrieving Touma from the fight by making him surrender and then destroying Othinus afterwards.[3]

Hearing the announcement and ponders what to do, with Othinus believing that since the announcers didn't choose a sneak attack then they must be confident that they can defeat a Magic God like her. Wanting to know who they were up against before they can make a decision on what to do with their ten minute time limit, Touma takes a peek into the larger road and discovers that they are against the Roman Catholic Church. Touma tells Othinus that they shouldn't fight them because of their sheer numbers and advises that they should escape the city. Othinus says that they are just a mob of weakling and asks why they couldn't just beat a few of them and continue on their way, to which Touma says that there is nothing his right hand can do if there are repeated attacks in every direction at once. With this, they try to escape Aalborg but the nuns likely noticed them moving about. Seeing as the roads have not been blocked off, Othinus says that they can jump onto the back of a truck and quickly leave the city. However, the 10 minute time limit has was over, and without any warning, the nuns made use of the Fish of the Supper spell on them. Touma uses his right hand on the laser-like attack, but so great was the force that it twisted his right shoulder and knocked him down.[5]

With the time limit up, the nuns can now use the Fish of the Supper spell on Touma to knock him out. Meanwhile, Othinus drags Touma to an alley and later fixes his dislocated shoulder. She says that the spell passes right through the walls, which means it is clearly meant to target only them while they are in the city.[6] Needing to destroy the spell, and believing that the nuns act as they eyes and ears of the "cannon" of the Fish of the Supper spell, Touma and Othinus considered the layout of Aalborg and where a "cannon" would be put in order to attack a target from anywhere in the city. They later conclude that it might be in the Aalborg Tower. Touma tries to go out on his own and tells Othinus to hide, much to her consternation.[3] However, Touma explains to her that since the warning to them was in Japanese and was primarily addressed to him, and since that the spell is an effective countermeasure against his Imagine Breaker, it can only mean to him that they are targeting him. He expands on this by saying that their enemy shouldn't be giving them a chance to surrender now as the situation is far more urgent that what happened in Tokyo Bay. He concludes that they are trying to take him out of the fight early as they don't know if he truly is an enemy, and as such they are taking him away from Othinus and then attack her.[7] After hearing Touma's explanation, Othinus explains to Touma that if he intends to destroy the cannon, then he needs to get close. Although Touma is worried, Othinus divulges to him that there are underground passageways in Aalborg and tells him how to get to his intended destination.[3]

Touma tries to get to Aalborg Tower, still believing that the nuns are merely the eyes and the ears of the "cannon". He mixes in the crowd as to avoid standing out. Here he ponders once again about the message that was directed at him and why the Roman Catholic Church is giving him a chance, asking to himself if he is against someone he knows. He then enters into the main road, where he is by a nun that immediately attacks him with the spell, which he evades. Touma flees, believing his conjecture that they are giving him a chance to be wrong. As he runs, more and more nuns appear in the alleyways connecting to the main road. Still believing the "cannon" to be from Aalborg Tower, he is surprised to discover that an attack from the spell bursts forth from his side at close range, disproving his and Othinus' conjectures. As he could not evade in time, Touma uses his right hand again, but the force is once again too great that it knocks him down. In tremendous pain, Touma continues to run as beams come from every directions. Touma is later forced to find an opening of the underground passageways that Othinus told him about and jumps into it as several beams collide in the spot.[7]

Now knowing that their conjecture that there is a "cannon" in Aalborg is false, Touma travels through the underground passageways to the most likely place where the "breaker" of the spell should be hiding: Ansgar Church.[4] Back with the nuns, after they see Touma disappears, Lucia orders the nun to stop, and fearing the worst that they've killed Touma instead of just simply taking him out. When the nuns gathered at the spot where Touma disappeared, Angelene asks why there was a square hole in the stone-paved road. Lucia later reports to Agnese who was still in Ansgar Church that Touma used the underground passageways dug and built under the city for times of war. Agnese then tells Lucia to contact the gas company, the water department, and the subway contractors in order to get records of the tunnels. Lucia then says that they already doing so, but asks if they will make it time. Agnese says that she should stop asking questions that only God knows the answer to as nuns are forbidden to test the lord. Agnese then cuts communication from Lucia.[4]

Agnese Sanctis' secret negotiation with Kamijou Touma[edit | edit source]

After cutting communication with Lucia and as she ponders what to do, Agnese Sanctis receives a surprising visitor. The floor opens up below her to reveal a square hole from which appears Touma. Surprised, Agnese asks if Touma has a grudge against her. Touma replies that Agnese should ask herself that and references the Fish of the Supper spell, asking if the spell multiplies her magic by two billion and if it is called inflation. Agnese is too shocked by Touma's sudden appearance, and when she comes to her senses tries to scan the room for her Lotus Wand. She tells him to wait and asks him to give him a break, asking him what he was going to do if she really was planning to kill him. Touma states that she wouldn't try to kill him after she warned him in Japanese and telling him the name of the church. He says that once he knew that the spell had everyone function as a cannon, it narrowed down to the leader definitely staying in a church. Touma says that he knew he would find someone who knew him if he came to the church but says the nuns got a carried away and almost vaporized him on the way. Agnese asks why Touma is there, to which he says that he will explain his reasoning and requests for her to overlook them. Agnese replies that she may not agree. Touma says that Agnese is the breaker for the Fish of the Supper spell, referencing his knowledge of other Roman Catholic spells like the Croce di Pietro, La Regina del Mare Adriatico, the Document of Constantine, and the Star of Bethlehem. He says that none of those spells were made with completely parallel functions as they always had a leader in the center and everything was made evenly parallel blow that. Agnese does not reply, but Touma continues to speak. Touma says that Agnese is the breaker in case the others lose control of the spell, but that also makes her the spell's Achilles' heel. Touma threatens Agnese that if she refuses to cooperate, then he'll have to destroy their magic and leave the rest to Othinus. Agnese says that she doesn't understand, asking why Touma is relying on Othinus now. Hearing this, Touma asks if Agnese truly is willing to listen to his explanation. Agnese says that she'll probably regret it but she allows it, though mentions on how Touma seems to have an air of someone speaking about their sweetheart or pet.[4]

With that, Touma begins by asking Agnese if she can believe that a great amount of time took place between his arrival on Sargasso and the attack on Othinus but no one realized it. Agnese admits that she would have a hard time in believing it. Hearing this, Touma tells Agnese to explain why Othinus suddenly changed her plan and head to Denmark despite being able to destroy the world if she had completed the lance at Sargasso. Now that Touma mentions it Agnese begins to take Touma's argument seriously. With that Touma successfully initiated his psychological trick. Touma tells Agnese that Othinus is trying to give up her power and that she needs something in Denmark to do it, and continues by saying that it disarming her would be more constructive than what they are trying to do. Agnese replies that what Touma is saying would be ideal, but says that she doesn't see why Othinus had a sudden change of heart, and then asks if Touma seduced her. Touma knowing that Agnese will never be able to accept that Touma and Othinus spent a very long together says that Othinus was afraid of her power. Agnese counters that if what Touma says is true then why is that Othinus filled the world with chaos just to obtain that power. Touma says that it was because she obtained it. He divulges that Othinus has already completed the lance by the time they arrived in Sargasso using a different method than they accepted. However, he says, that during that time Othinus learned the true extent of her magic god of powers which did not delight her. Touma tells Agnese the truth that Othinus left Sargasso to give up her power as a magic god, but says that GREMLIN will view that as a betrayal, though she is willing and prepared to deal with that and has come this far. He says that they can avoid a clash that would be a worst case scenario for the world and Othinus if they acted now. There, Touma says that he wants to bet on the possibility of both saving the world and Othinus.[4]

She falls silent for a while, but then asks Touma what he will do if she still refuses. Touma replies that he has no choice then but to fight, but says that she of all people, someone who was once his enemy, knows that he won't go down easy when he has someone to protect. Agnese then snatches the Lotus Wand and demands for Touma to show her that fact again. She then attacks, destroying the church's floor.[4] Agnese reports to her subordinates that Touma came in the Church and attacked him with the Lotus Wand, though it didn't do much and says that he may have escaped. She tells them to expand the circle to find him. Furthermore, he says that Touma showed his intent to fight and escape, and says that they should abandon to knock him out of the fight early, and tells them to tell the outsiders as well, the elites of the other churches. Agnese Sanctis concludes to them that Touma is wholly on the side of Othinus and it would be impossible to separate them, saying that there is no way to target her without killing him. And thus she ends her communication with her subordinate with a sigh. It was but a ruse as Touma is still under the floor of the church. Agnese then tells Touma to actually start escaping. Touma apologizes for all the trouble he has caused, to which Agnese says that he should be as she played a role in aiding an enemy. Touma then says that he will repay her for what she had done for him, to which Agnese says that it would be difficult for him now and explains on how the Fish of the Supper works through the common hatred of Othinus, and that since the world's fear is gathered around Othinus not a single person would think of trying to protect her. Despite this, Touma is determined to put the madness that has engulfed the hearts of the peoples of the world to an end. Agnese could only scratch her head at what Touma just said, knowing full well that she was in a similar to that of Othinus not so long ago, and that it may have aided her to understand Touma and Othinus' plight, because she has the experience of an enemy and an ally to Kamijou Touma. Agnese thinks that if Touma pulls off what he is determined in doing then he may be worthy of a statue in a public square.[8]

Before Touma leaves, he apologizes for looking up her skirt the whole time, leading to Agnese attacking him in retaliation.[8] The Roman Catholic Church later makes no attempt again to catch and hunt down Touma and Othinus.

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