The Absolute Fortune Boy is a child encountered by Touma and Mikoto during the Toaru Majutsu no Index Archives 2 Audio Drama. He claims to be blessed with "absolute fortune" (絶対的な幸運 Zettai-tekina kōun?). However this is actually due to an ability that shows people an illusion after speaking certain words. His name was never revealed and he is only referred to as the Green-haired boy (緑髪の少年 Ryokuhatsu no shōnen?) in the audio drama's credits.[3]


The boy has long hair dyed green.[3]


The boy is usually smug and boastful, though this attitude crumbles quickly once things start going wrong for him or when someone challenges his claim of 'absolute fortune'. He talks big and believes his own lies to build confidence, to hide fear and pressure behind. The boy is also quite rude, referring to Touma and Mikoto as oji-san and oba-san respectively.[3]


In the past, the boy didn't get good grades in the Power Curriculum Program. Due to that and being different from other children, he started to develop a complex. At some point, a research group began to use the boy in an illegal experiment.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Archives 2 Audio DramaEdit


The boy's unnamed ability allows him to create illusions within the minds of people who hear him speak (for example, if he tells someone that their attack wouldn't touch him, they would perceive their attack as not having touched him even if it had, while others who hadn't heard this would see what had really happened).[3]


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