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Academy City
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One of the defining aspects of Academy City is its advanced technology and scientific knowledge,[1] with the city said to be 30 years ahead of the rest of the world.[2][3]

This sub-page details Academy City's technology and scientific applications, both generally and for specific fields, as well as a list of the city's various technologies and products of their application.


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Academy City is referred to as Experiment City (実験都市 Jikken Toshi?) as several experiments occur within the city established by numerous universities and research laboratories. These experiments range from vending machines to Security robots,[4] to scientifically grown animals and plants.[5]


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Hard Science

One of the things that makes Academy City special technologically wise is their ability to make ground breaking technology that completely sweeps away "all mystical darkness" with the power of science,[2] in other words, they create machines possessing specs that were completely thought of as impossible before and thus are basically a "myth buster", this specialty of Academy City is known with the term known as Hard Science (自然科学 Shizen Kagaku?, lit. "Natural Science").[2]

Academy City mainly uses this as a serial number to their most advanced machinery regardless of "what it is for", which translate in equipment having an Hs within it's serial, such as the HsSSV-01 "motorcycle" powered suit or the HsAFH-11 attack helicopter or the HsF-00 supersonic fighter.[6][7][2] It should be noted that to the reader most of the technology produced by the "Hard Science" has been put into practice for the sake of creating new weapons.

Specific Fields

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Aerospace (Space program)
Biological (Genetics (Cloning, Biohackers, Birthday, Chemicaloid Project, Others))
Cyborgs, Powered Suits, Nanodevices), Security (Acid)

Esper-related Technology

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Power Curriculum Program materials/tools, Anti-Esper technology (AIM Jammers, Rensa, Others), Esper-influenced technologies (Five Over, Rensa, Coffin, Exterior, Others)

List of Academy City Technologies

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This section lists technology from Academy City. For non-Academy City technology, see here.

Name Type Field(s) Details

Specific Examples

Name Type Field(s) Details



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