The Academy City Mint Bureau (学園都市造幣局 Gakuentoshi Zōheikyoku?) is a governmental agency responsible for producing and circulating the currency of Academy City.


Academy City Yen

Academy City's paper money with IC chip

Rather than using Japan's currency, the Japanese Yen, Academy City produces its own currency. Since it is much more advanced than the rest of the world, the money manufacturing technology from the "outside" isn't trusted, and so, inside of Academy City's paper money, an IC chip is installed in order to prevent counterfeiting.[1][2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP gameEdit

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In Kanzaki Kaori's story, Kanzaki, with Itsuwa as her partner, learn that some nefarious plot is underway involving the Academy City Mint Bureau. They are in turn attacked by Misaka Mikoto and a Sister under suspicion of planning to bomb the Mint Bureau, and then by Stiyl Magnus. They then learn that the Anglican Church has placed magic symbols onto Academy City's bank notes, scheduled for distribution across Japan in response to a counterfeiting scandal.[2]

As they pursue the truck transporting the bank notes, they encounter Oriana Thomson and finally Acqua of the Back, the latter of whom informs them that both Academy City and the Anglican Church installed mechanisms in the bank notes designed to give them control of people's spending habits, with the Anglican magic, potentially able to cause an economic bombing (経済的な爆撃 Keizai-tekina bakugeki?),[Notes 1][3] having been in response to Academy City's plan. After defeating Acqua and putting an end to the scheme, it is also revealed that Academy City caused the counterfeit crisis and had further included a mechanism designed to disrupt a magician's ability to focus their magic.[2]


  1. This is not the first time the term "economic bombing" appears in the Toaru series. Oyafune Monaka explains to Kamijou Touma during the Anti-Academy City October riots that, if the chaos continued for a significant length of time, it could generate an economic bombing, triggering a worldwide panic.


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