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Academy City Research Exhibition Assembly (学園都市研究発表会 Gakuentoshi Kenkyū Happyōkai?) or Academic Assembly is an annual exhibition for the research done by the top students of Academy City.[1]


The assembly is for the "top students" in academic ability. The exhibition can have lectures and talks, among other things.[1] The Academic Assembly is for presenting pure research progress, and not just on esper powers.[2] Here, they can enter and gain awards for their research. Winners from the previous year can participate again and can be awarded.[3] Because of its nature as an event base of academics, it is not very well attended by people.[2]

Participants can apparently advertise their exhibits a few days before the assembly, as well as bring the paraphernalia needed for it and store them there. Both Anti-Skill and Judgment participate in preparing the security for the venues a few days before it begins.[2] During the current year of the timeline, at least four venues were used for the assembly.[4]