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This article covers Accelerator's chronological history in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.


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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Freshmen Arc

Main article: Freshmen Arc

Accelerator reappears after the war with Last Order and Misaka Worst all living in Yomikawa's apartment with an honored deal of releasing those on the Dark side of the Academy with the Board of the Directors. This peace didn't last long as members of the "Freshmen" wanted to eliminate him and Shiage out of jealousy. The attack ends with the return of Touma and the final events of the first novel have him, Touma, and Shiage conversing on Magic and the state of World War III.

Homecoming Arc

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The meeting of three protagonists is moved to Touma's house as suggested by Leivinia Birdway. After temporarily separating from Touma, who got drunk, Accelerator is surprised to see one of his former teammates Musujime with Touma and a dozen other girls.[3] After mid-way through the discussion on Magic, he is surprised once again on meeting another former teammate Motoharu, who gives thanks for being released as a spy for Academy City, only to be annoyed at Last Order and Misaka Worst appearing out of nowhere.[4]

When Radiosonde Castle appears in the sky over Academy City, Accelerator uses his newly acquired knowledge of magic and Feng Shui to locate the crystal "transmitter" which was calling the flying fortress.[5]

Hawaii Invasion Arc

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Baggage City Arc

Main article: Baggage City Arc

While Accelerator doesn't appear in this arc, he was briefly mentioned by Kihara Kagun as being the best anti-Kihara combatant should he have arrived and present in the city when the battle broke out between the Science Guardian and Academy City forces when the event had transpired.[6]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc
Eve of the Festival

Accelerator first appears in Aiho's residence, enjoying his own time relaxing. Here, he is called by Kikyou to deal with Last Order to get to dinner, as he is her guardian, as Last Order was too busy playing a video game with the Misaka Network. Kikyou reminds Accelerator that she cannot stay like a housewife in training, to which Accelerator asks if she has found work somewhere. Kikyou says that she is still making preparations, and states that she has been invited as a special lecturer in a college of science, though it is only temporary as she wants to get back into college. Kikyou says that she wants to be a teacher, and states her enthusiasm into becoming a Student Keeper.[7]

Then, Kikyou remembers that she doesn't have green onions for the flavor of her mizutaki, to which Last Order, who was taking a break from her video game, says that she would be willing to buy them. Seeing this, Accelerator is then told to go deal with her. As Accelerator argues with her regarding which one between him or Last Order holds the reins in their relationship, they fail to notice that Last Order has stopped shouting and has gone off on her own. Kikyou then tells Accelerator to take care of it, much to his irritation.[7]

Accelerator jumps around the city trying to look for Last Order everywhere. Finding nothing, he and Kikyou, who was forced to help him find her as well, head back to their apartment. Much to their surprise, Last Order is already there, eating some chocolate. Last Order explains her little sojourn with Fremea Seivelun, then their eating competition, which reminds both Kikyou and Accelerator that they have yet to eat dinner.[8]

Day of the Festival

Accelerator first appears declining Kikyou to have him deal with Last Order's obstinate attitude on eating her breakfast. As Last Order continues talking about the festival, Accelerator asks her what her plans are about having Last Order go to school. Kikyou gives a researcher-like response, that since Last Order shouldn't technically exist, she cannot go to school, however, she can get all the education she needs through the Misaka Network. Falling silent, Kikyou asks what's up with Accelerator, to which he simply states that she should be prepared to overcome that part of herself. Accelerator then tells Last Order to hurry up and finish eating because they will head out, making an excuse that he just wanted to find some winter boots, and that if there are any schools nearby they can make a stop. Both Kikyou and Last Order fall silent at their surprise, but Last Order breaks it by trying to dash towards the door, prompting both Accelerator and Kikyou to restrain her.[7]

Accelerator, Kikyou, and Last Order go out to enjoy the festival, and come upon Fremea Seivelun, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou. While there, Fräulein Kreutune finally comes upon Last Order, and tackles Shiage down just to get to her. She is promptly met by Accelerator, who comes between her and Last Order. Accelerator launches her far into the air. However, Fräulein is implacable and approaches again. This time however, before Accelerator could attack, a shell from the revived Kakine Teitoku's Rhinoceros beetles bends her body, allowing for Accelerator to launch her far away. The shell caused a panic in the area, leaving only Accelerator, Last Order, Yoshikawa Kikyou, Hamazura Shiage, Taikitsubo Rikou, and Fremea Seivelun together. When Accelerator looked towards the direction where the shell was fired from, he sees the beetles surrounding them; Kakine speaks using their wings' vibrations. Kakine asks Accelerator if he remembers him, to which Accelerator answers that it's a voice he doesn't bother to remember. Kakine says to Accelerator that he doesn't care about anyone else, even if they get hurt, as he will only focus on him, much to Accelerator's irritation, as he tries to find a way to protect or not involve others. Accelerator looks towards the roof where Teitokiu is located. To his surprise, several human figures accompany Kakine, his own forms. Kakine reveals that he is able to reproduce his own organs, even his own brain. With that, Kakine tells Accelerator how he made the beetles, but calls them more like cyborgs. He then tells him that the battle will begin, taunting him and then saying that his strength will level him up infinitely. Accelerator then shot out towards Kakine, leaving a hole behind him and the others so they can escape.[9]

Although he managed to eliminate 300 Dark Matter Kakine replicas in only 15 minutes, with the battle getting prolonged, Accelerator was well aware of the fact that the battery power for his electrode was running low. Accelerator has created nonsense calculations in order to throw off Kakine's predictions about him; at the same time, Accelerator takes a power cable from an overpass, and uses the electricity there to recharge it, careful not to overcharge it. With that, Accelerator predicts that his nonsense calculations should have reached Kakine, and that he should be able to beat him if he based his answer off it, unaware that Kakine knows that they are nonsense calculations. Both Accelerator and Kakine predict each other's thoughts on what they will do next.[10]

Kakine leads Accelerator to the underground passageways of the lowest level of the multi-level overpass. Accelerator calls Kakine pathetic, leading him to ask him how far he has come after much has happened to him. Accelerator still calls him pathetic, saying that if he truly did gather everything for what he lacked, then he shouldn't care about that issue. Accelerator said that he had enough, and that despite all Kakine had done to gain his power, he is still pathetic.[11]

However, Kakine then references the location they were in. He asks if the location they were in is familiar to him, but Accelerator could not answer. Laughing, Kakine reveals that this was one of the stages for the Level 6 Shift, where Accelerator once mercilessly killed Sister clones. Before Accelerator could react, Kakine has already created a change. Before them were several Misaka clones, speaking, acting, and moving like the Misaka clones that was there when Accelerator killed them an uncounted number of ages ago.[11] Kakine reminds him that they aren't actually them, as he forced his will upon them, turning towards Accelerator. He tells Accelerator that he cannot completely fix someone who has died, nor he can make something completely identical. He explains to him that he uses his Dark Matter to take information from an area, like a form of Psychometry, and give the information form.[11]

Hesitation comes upon Accelerator, and Kakine notes that it is actually working, much to Accelerator's anger. Kakine relates on how esper powers are controlled using high level calculation ability, even unknowingly, and that throwing it out of order can be useful, like making him lose his reflection. However, Kakine notes his interest in seeing those wings, and asks Accelerator to at least make himself be worthy of testing his ability.[11] The Dark Matter Misaka clones are ordered to attack him, something that should not be a problem for him. However, instead of taking them down head-on, Accelerator dodges their attacks. It was due to him not wanting to hurt them, as they reminded him of his sin. Seeing his actions, Kakine says that he is full of openings. He turns his arm into a giant wing, and shoots out sharp feathers towards him, hitting the Sisters on the way like spears. Accelerator was unable to evade in time, and his thoughts were unable to fully implement his reflection. He is wounded by one of the spears and thrown into the air, though he managed to break his fall. Before him, Accelerator's anger boils, as the Sisters try to enact their orders despite being torn apart by the spears Kakine has shot out. Accelerator could not help but remember the sins he has committed, as Kakine continues to toy with him.[12]

Kakine tells Accelerator that he did much research regarding him, and that even though it looks like he has atoned for what he did, and that Last Order has forgiven him, it does not mean that he has been completely forgiven. Continuing, he tells that despite him viewing the Sisters as an aggregate whole in the Misaka Network, he also believes that the Sisters' individual personalities should also be recognized, that should mean the overall will that has accepted doesn't matter, as "only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," and that, there is no longer any way he can determine if he has truly been forgiven. However, Kakine tries to trick Accelerator even further, telling him that the clones that he has formed are the final piece that would allow Accelerator to determine what those he killed thought, but also tells him that no one would know of his sins if he killed them here.[12]

His words pierce through Accelerator, hurtling his mind into disarray, and weakening his calculations. Not only was he unable to control his power, but he was not even properly carrying out the calculation. And with that, Kakine attacks. However, a beam of heat and light pierces through into the underground passageways, killing one of the clones. It is Mugino Shizuri, who has come to the lowest depths.[12] She berates Accelerator for his actions, enraging him. She tells him that he is being angry at the wrong person, and references Kakine's words on how "Only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," is correct but states that the clones Kakine made in here aren't really them. She continues that it is not the likes of them, people who have killed others, to even begin to understand what the dead feel as it is not their purpose. She states that Accelerator is incredibly naive to fall for Kakine's tricks, and asks if he thought that they might come back to life and that his crimes for killing them would be undone. She says that she has read about the clones, and that his reasons for killing them was not worse than her killing others for no reason. She tells him that they are both going to hell, but there are things he needs to do before he goes. She asks what he will do, telling him that she doesn't care if he allows himself to get killed, or retrieves the dead's dignity and peaceful rest from the desecrater before him; it is his choice.[12]

Accelerator acknowledges this, regardless however, the clones before him are the final proof that those he killed ever existed. Mugino replies that it is all the more reason, and if he finds it acceptable for someone to steal and control the dead, then he should just let himself be killed as she will take care of everything. She then feels uneasy and tells Accelerator that he has to dirty his hands to give the dead a clean end. She references what Kakine said again, and says that only the living can act based on their feelings for the dead, and rejecting that and running away is neither being honest or pacifistic, but plain cowardice. And with that, Accelerator is released from his stupor and tells her that he will destroy, that he will be the remnant to prove that those people he killed really existed.[12]

Kakine finally reacts after listening to them, and asks if they will stop thinking how the dead feel and stop thinking about it. Mugino tells him that he will never understand, for he is someone who puts words in the dead's mouth for his own benefit and runs away from his feelings regarding the dead himself. She tells him that he is pathetic even though he is powerful, and it would've been better if he had remained dead, for he would've been merely the esper that defeated her. Then, she tells him the reason she was in there with them. On how someone who pretended to be Frenda attacked her last night, and suspects him for it for he was the biggest factor from the Dark Side of Academy City active at that time and the interest in playing with the dead was the same. She tells him that she doesn't know what his purpose was with what he did, and tells him that she will make him pay for disturbing her grave.[12]

NT Index v06 006-008

Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri confront Kakine Teitoku.

And with that, their battle begins. Mugino used her beam on Accelerator for his use, redirecting it to all the false clones Kakine created at once, destroying them. Here, Accelerator finally decides to no longer chase after Touma, and focus on him. He will take a different path from Touma, where he could do things Touma could not. Accelerator directs his attention towards Kakine, and uses his vector powers to destroy all the Dark Matter spears he created. As he twitched, Mugino fired at him, obliterating the top half of his body and most of his legs. However, Kakine appears upon a wall, saying that he can recreate himself. Mugino asks if he moved his flesh and blood organs into the floor before her attack. Kakine redirects the question, and hints many possibilities now that he can replace and create practically anything with his power.[13]

Accelerator does not care however, ripping apart the countless spears and redirecting the signals in the center point in the puddle, but to no avail, as Kakine states the network of his Dark Matter expands and information is sent faster without direct wiring than he can destroy it. Despite this, Accelerator continues to try and destroy his Dark Matter, as Mugino continued to assist him. Kakine then asks how much battery time Accelerator has left, and is curious about the wings that no theory can explain. Kakine just brags on how time is running out, and that he has no problem taking down Mugino. They continued attacking destroying his head, but it is of no avail, as he tells them that he simply has an infinite supply of Dark Matter, and his inspiration is boundless, telling them that to reach him, they need to climb over the wall of infinity that continues on eternally. He then shoots out countless Dark Matter spears towards them.[13]

NT Index v06 320

Kakine Teitoku breaks apart.

Kakine continues his assault, but time is running out, and Kakine simply taunts them as his Dark Matter attacks continue to shoot out. But then, something happened; he stopped. Mugino becomes curious, threatening to kill him. But Kakine does not answer, as he too is confused. He then asks what Accelerator did, believing him to be the culprit. Then, Accelerator realizes something. He tells Kakine that this was the effect of him being "infinite," and tells Kakine that it wasn't him.[14]

He did not know, but Beetle 05, the rogue beetle that Kakine ignored, was beginning to take over. As the system begins to transfer authority to Beetle 05, Kakine begins to crack, who cries on how it is not possible for a power that he brought to betray him. Accelerator then tells Kakine that it is no longer matters who was the first Kakine, as he obtained the infinite. Mugino too began to understand. She laughs at his problem of being too powerful, saying that when a network made up of flexibly replaceable equipment has a portion become isolated from the rest, the isolated portion becomes a small network of its own. Accelerator concludes that the one who stopped Kakine Teitoku was now the Kakine Teitoku. Accelerator is impressed on Dark Matter's capabilities, and mocks him for being unable to wield it. Mugino however notes that he might not be the core Kakine as he had scattered his mind over the system, and the one before them was closest to the surface, though it says of nothing that what showed itself in the surface was the true nature of Kakine Teitoku. Mugino then asks if they were just battling the outer layer of his mind, and states that it wasn't easy doing it. Here, she is impressed by Kakine Teitoku, being not a normal person, but not the one before her right now.[14]

Slowly, despair overtakes Kakine and slowly more cracks form. Accelerator comments on how there will probably be nothing left to prove that he was here, and even if a massive amount of data is left concerning Kakine Teitoku, it will not refer to him. In his darkest hour, Kakine recalls Takitsubo Rikou being part of the group when he attacked them for the first time. He also recalls that she had the ability to track others' AIM Diffusion Fields, and that she also had the hidden possibility of using others’ AIM diffusion fields to distort their Personal Realities. A person he deemed to have been capable of becoming the eighth Level 5. There, Kakine realized that she might be the one, consciously or subconsciously, that had incited the change in Beetle 05. Kakine is enraged greatly. He shouts his fury in that underground passageway with only Accelerator and Mugino as his audience. Accelerator however, had enough, and pierced his center of the thing before them, completely shattering it, and the Dark Matter dissolved into the air, leaving nothing behind.[14]

Accelerator comments that it is over, but Mugino just shrugs, saying that they still have a long way to go for people like them.[14] While leaving the underground passageways, Mugino asks if he intends to do anything about Fräulein Kreutune, to which Accelerator replies that he doesn't care, but is intrigued by the fact that someone he knows wants to protect her and risked herself to stop him from killing her. As they got out into the open, Mugino sees Fräulein eating something which she presumes to be a human brain, and witnesses Accelerator's near rampage as he produces wings after he presumes it was Last Order she was eating. However, Last Order calls out to her, proving that she is alive and well. Fräulein was eating a candy brain made out of the spare ingredients of Cendrillon's body, as conceived by Kamijou Touma.[15]

After the events of the arc, Accelerator returns with Last Order and Kikyou, considering not telling what had transpired during the day to Aiho. Accelerator is deep in thought, feeling restless about the convenient solution that has transpired during the events, as well as the secrets of Academy City, thinking that he could sacrifice himself and expose the rottenness of the City's core. As Last Order enters the room Accelerator is in, he discovers Last Order has been possessed by an existence which he refers to as the "Will of the Whole Misaka Network". Here, the existence berates Accelerator for thinking that he could go the easy way out, destroy the peaceful life he has, and then go to hell once everything is put in order, by throwing himself into a fight to approach the secrets of Academy City. The existence tells that his anxiety regarding forgetting what he needs do by growing relaxed in his new life is unfounded. As he is a monster, the existence tells him that it is most comfortable for him to have an easy conflict, violence, and victory, that it is only natural for him. However, the existence states that his calculation power was not loaned to him just so he can take the easy way out.[16]

The existence states that he must struggle for someone's sake, struggle in the way that is most difficult, and threatens him that if he took the easy road and become a monster, then the existence will throw him into a hell several sizes larger than his imagining. The existence concludes that despite leaving Last Order and Misaka Worst with him, the existence is much more interested with Touma and is concerned for his well-being as of late. With that, the "e-mail" ends and Last Order collapses to the floor.[16]

Agitate Halation Arc

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Accelerator first appears near the end of this arc. Because of the movements of the city's darkness which led to these events and presumably also being one of the "heroes", Accelerator arrives at Learning Core at the scene of action. He first flies at high speed with tornadoes to the spot with the largest concentration of heroes and not far away from where Mugino Shizuri was fighting. When he lands, he blows away about 1000 people, yet nobody dies because he made sure with his supreme vector control. He acts a bit disappointed when seeing he defeated them so easily, and asks whether they thought he would only act if "that brat" was involved. He then adds that when the darkness of the city makes a movement to this extent he cannot ignore it. Yet, after intercepting information about the events with Tsuchimikado Motoharu, another reason for him is making a preemptive strike in case the flames spread to him. Afterwards, Accelerator spots Touma, realizing he had escaped the shockwave created by Accelerator's arrival. He asks the boy if he knows what he has to do, which Touma confirms. Accelerator tells him to go, as he is not the protagonist here; Touma is. While Touma gets away, he warns Accelerator that the heroes are controlled by the Agitate Halation Project, but Accelerator only asks who he thinks he's talking to. After Touma disappears, new enemies surround Accelerator. They noticed the underground route Touma has taken and are now planning to use it to go and save Fremea. Accelerator smiles in scorn, and claims that he will use his bloody hands to test whether the "heroes" are worthy of that title.[17]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc
Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, it is Accelerator instead who saves all 20,000 Sisters, along with Last Order and Misaka Worst after stopping the Level 6 Shift Project.[18] Here, Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator have solved both their issues and are first seen accompanying Last Order and a few clones chasing after a paper airplane in the park where Othinus puts Touma in after creating the world. Seeing this, Touma admits that he couldn't save over 10,000 clones, and wishes he realized the events surrounding them sooner that there might have been a different option. He begins blaming himself for accepting that the incident with the Sisters have been resolved. His self-deprecation allows Othinus to continue to break Touma, with him eventually realizing that his very existence and choices may have caused great tragedy to befall people.[19]

Later, after Touma's spirit has been finally broken and is trying to decide on how he should have himself killed, Last Order, several of the Sisters, and Misaka Worst are in the festival in the Academy City accompanied by Accelerator, Yoshikawa Kikyou, and Amai Ao. Accelerator complains on being in the festival, to which Kikyou states that there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited, as someone who saved every last one of the 20,000 plus Sisters deserves at least that much for him. Ao however, comments on how it costs a lot. He points to Accelerator on how the clones are staring restlessly on food stands, while Misaka Worst is egging them on.[18]

VS the World

As one of the seven Level 5s of Academy City, he is one of the recipients of the email giving an order to kill both Magic God Othinus and Touma, much to his annoyance and questions what Touma is doing.[20] He is then sent to space to Hikoboshi II as a cargo for the S5 cannon, though unbeknownst to him, it was ordered by Kihara Yuiitsu.[21] Though Accelerator goes to Denmark to face Touma, because of his concern for him he does not intend to win against him.[22]

He is later fired towards the area where Touma and Othinus are in Denmark. A mushroom cloud forms at the blast site and just as Touma expects another attack, a violent gust of wind rips the mushroom cloud apart and there they see standing on the blast site Academy City’s #1 Level 5.[23]

NT Index v10 047

The One who Bears White and Black Wings and Opposes the World.

Touma becomes very cautious and knocks over Othinus to her back. Just as Touma is doing that, Accelerator gently taps his transport device and it flies at a tremendous speed toward Touma but he dodges it. Four tornadoes then springs up from Accelerator’s back and he proceeds to touch Touma’s side in order to reverse his blood flow and electric signals. Touma dodges it and punches Accelerator to his face only to find out that he is able to withstand it better than before. He then asks what Touma is even doing and playing hero with no thought of his interest is nothing new but he is showing lack of vision this time to which Touma responds the same. Accelerator then tells Touma that when he is using his power, he doesn’t have any crazy idea about saving the world and they strike each other fist to fist. He then tells Touma that he will only bother looking after the people in his cell phone’s memory and that Othinus is a threat to the safety of mankind and among those six or seven billion are people he knows and that is an enough reason for him to fight her. He also tells Touma that he can’t go down the path he is on, but it is not a reason for him to feel inferior to Touma. White wings then bursts from Accelerator’s back and swings them down toward Touma like blades, while they are pressing their fists. Touma then manages to intercept the wings by redirecting them. Accelerator then tells Touma that if killing Othinus is the most absolute way of ensuring the safety of the people he cares for, he will not hesitate to do so and he won't easily be swept by pointless emotions and getting stabbed in the back for the process but he is even less of a fan when someone else’s back is getting stabbed. He then asks Touma his reasons for protecting Othinus to which Touma responds that while it’s true that Othinus is not worth saving, he still might as well protect her since it is more fun to let her join the group rather than throwing her around. Then several dozen wings froze in place and Accelerator tells him that he isn't even trying to convince him, to which Touma responds that it is how true motives work and that he does not expect for him to understand immediately so they will fight until they reach an understanding. Accelerator then flies at an altitude of 5000 meters in an instant and charges at Touma at a tremendous speed. Just as Accelerator is charging toward Touma, Touma picks up a rock and prepares to counter. Accelerator doesn't think of evading since he is well aware on what Touma’s right hand could do and that as long as he remains conscious and could continue to do his calculations he will be able to crush him. Touma then betrays Accelerator’s expectations and first made a cross counter just as he expected aiming for his chest. He then suddenly swings up the rock with his left hand. Touma first neutralizes his reflection with his right hand then applied a tremendous force to Accelerator’s heart causing Accelerator to pass out by slamming the rock on his hand.[24]

After some time, Accelerator wakes up buried in snow and notices that Touma and Othinus are already nowhere to be seen. A clone then shows up in front of him, which turns out to be the Will of the Whole Misaka Network borrowing a Sisters clone's body. She says that she was very worried for about Touma and had used her ticket to take control of the clone but it discovers much to her relief that it already has been resolved. She also concludes that Accelerator didn’t go all out during their fight and that if the news about the #1 Level 5 of Academy City was defeated spread, the others would not bother attacking Touma anymore due to the higher-ups fear of losing the rest of the Level 5s. She also comments that Accelerator has matured enough knowing that he can also gain something by losing. Accelerator then asks her how long will it be next time he would see her again, to which she responds that she has no physical body and she mustn’t be presumptuous enough to think about actually joining in. She then tells Accelerator the difference between him and Touma that he looks at the clones as representatives of good while Touma just sees them as people, and that he needs to do something about it first. With that, the Will leaves the body and the unconscious clone falls on Accelerator. He then wonders what he is supposed to do with an unconscious girl, much to his annoyance.[22]

Salome Arc

Main article: Salome Arc

On December 5th, Accelerator was approached by Salome, who was targeting members of the Kamijou Faction, and provoked him into a fight.[25] When Salome noticed Kamisato Kakeru and the Kamisato Faction attacking Touma, she led Accelerator in their direction, briefly making him hesitate with the possibility of one of the children he cared for getting caught in the crossfire, preventing him from catching her before arriving.[26] On reaching the Kamisato Faction, Accelerator dropped into their midst and caught them in a tornado, allowing Salome to escape with Touma.[27]

Aleister Crowley Arc

Main article: Aleister Crowley Arc

On December 11th, at some point just after the incident at the Windowless Building, Accelerator noticed signs that someone had been spying on him.[28]

Processor Suit Arc

Main article: Processor Suit Arc

Late on December 11th, Accelerator pursued the Processor Suit and A. O. Francisca, running into Hamazura Shiage (who had been placed into one of the suits by A. O. Francisca as a decoy) and Mina Mathers several times along the way.[29][30][31][32][33][34]

On the morning of December 12th, Accelerator was involved in the battle at Heaven Canceller's Hospital and briefly faced Index, whose John's Pen Mode had been activated by Coronzon, before she was relocated towards Kamijou Touma.[35][36] After the battle, Accelerator approached Aleister Crowley, now in the form of a young girl, and threatened her with his gun, with a disagreement between himself, Shiage and Touma. Once Shiage had made his demands, Aleister made a single deviation from the plan and walked up to Accelerator, giving him an opportunity to do as he wished. Seeing that shooting her then and there would be meaningless, Accelerator declared that he would settle things after reminding Aleister of true fear.[37]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the evacuation of Academy City, Accelerator accompanied Aleister and Touma on their journey to the United Kingdom in order to deal with Coronzon's influence there and grasp the demon's achilles heel.[38]

Accelerator remained with Aleister following the initial landing and their journey to the capital, where he witnessed her fight with Kanzaki Kaori and the Knight Leader.[39] Splitting off part-way, he found and interrogated Holegres Mirates on Nelson's Column before sending the knight flying into Big Ben.[40] He later had the weakened artificial demon Qliphah Puzzle 545 make a contract with him and arrived in the graveyard of Westminster Abbey as Touma and Aleister were being confronted by the Golden Dawn, being disgusted by the words of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers.[41]

Shinyaku v21 032

Touma and Accelerator facing Mathers

After a failed attack on Mathers, he helped Aleister and Touma escape Westminster Abbey and accompanied them on their flight to Piccadilly Circus and then the former Isis-Urania Temple, where he played a key role in revealing the true nature of the reproduced Golden Dawn by focusing an orbital laser strike onto Mathers and breaching his automatic defenses. During these events, he secretly made use of the newly contracted Qliphah Puzzle 545.[42][43]

When the group set their sights on the real grave in Edinburgh Castle, as the reproduced Golden Dawn moved to pursue the evacuated British Royal Family to prevent the barrier on the grave being broken, Accelerator made his own way to Scotland, separate from Aleister and Touma.[44]

NT Index v21 472-473

Kamijou Touma facing Coronzon, Accelerator with Qliphah Puzzle 545, and Hamazura Shiage

After Aleister managed to disrupt the supply of power to the reproductions' grimoires, and Coronzon escaped her seal in Academy City, Accelerator used his newly acquired knowledge to free the Qliphah Puzzle 545 from her creator.[45]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc
NT Index v22R BW3

Accelerator at the pub meeting

Following the initial incident at Windsor Castle, Accelerator and Qliphah Puzzle 545 met up with Kamijou Touma's group (including First Princess Riméa) and Hamazura Shiage's group in a pub in Windsor to discuss the situation concerning the other Touma and to plan their next course of action.[46] Before the meeting started, Accelerator got into a fight in the toilets.[46]

They were subsequently involved in the struggle with the manipulated defenders of Windsor Castle in order to allow Touma to enter the castle and defeat his doppelganger, with Accelerator clashing with Queen Elizard and the Curtana Second, ultimately emerging victorious using his newly acquired tools as Academy City's Board Chairman together with his ability.[47]

NT Index v22R BW7

Accelerator takes his seat as Academy City Board Chairman

After returning to the recovering Academy City and briefly reuniting with Last Order, accompanied by Qliphah Puzzle 545, Accelerator tracked down the hidden meeting room of the Academy City Board of Directors and took his seat as the new Board Chairman before the stunned board.[48]


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