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Following the battle against Coronzon in the United Kingdom, Accelerator received a master code list for Academy City and the full authority of the Board Chairman from the dying Aleister Crowley.[3] Accepting the responsibility which came with this position, Accelerator asserted himself as the new Board Chairman before the Academy City Board of Directors on his return to the city.[4]

Seeking to completely eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City, Accelerator devised Operation Handcuffs and as part of this plan, turned himself in to Anti-Skill for his past crimes. Though likely to be imprisoned for the rest of his life, Accelerator intends to move the city from behind bars and has placed his trust in the good people of the city to act in his stead, to change Academy City for the better.[5][6][7]


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Christmas Eve Arc

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Accelerator speaks with Yomikawa Aiho in the windowless room

In preparation for his plan to eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City, Operation Handcuffs, Accelerator turned himself in to Anti-Skill for his previous actions, deeming it a necessary action, not making an exception for himself as the Board Chairman and intending to take the scorn for the crimes of the Level 6 Shift Project which would come to light so that the Sisters would able to live freely.[7] Confined in a 'windowless room' in a certain Anti-Skill station yet moving things as Board Chairman,[7][5][6] Accelerator met with Yomikawa Aiho on the morning of December 24th to discuss the plan which was about to begin.[5][6]

At the same time as the final preparations for Operation Handcuffs were underway, individuals seeking to preserve the city's dark side, led by Director Neoka Norito, attempted to kidnap Last Order to use as a hostage against him. Although Accelerator could have easily broken out and saved Last Order himself, he chose to remain and believe in the city he was to lead.[6] After Kamijou Touma defeated 'Maidono Hoshimi' and rescued Last Order together with Misaka Mikoto, Index and Misaka 10032, Accelerator was taken aback when Misaka 10032 brought Last Order to the station he was in.[8]

Following Neoka Norito's defeat, after having seen that he could move the city while behind bars and rebuffing Qliphah Puzzle 545's tempting question, Accelerator listened as a tearful Last Order accepted his decision and promised to visit him.[9]

Christmas Day Arc

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Following the events on Christmas Day, having caused considerable damage in the city, Anna Sprengel visited Accelerator's holding cell to accomplish her next objective after finishing with Kamijou Touma.[11]


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