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The Accelerator (一方通行 (アクセラレータ) Ippō Tsūkō (Akuserarēta)?, lit. "One-Way Road") is the name used to refer to the 1st-ranked Level 5, the strongest esper currently residing in Academy City.

He is the second protagonist of the Science Side in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. First appearing chronologically in Toaru Majutsu no Index as an antagonist, he later becomes the male protagonist of the Science Side after being defeated by Kamijou Touma. His journey to a more "heroic" role in the story progresses after meeting and saving Last Order and is forced into an ironic twist of fate where his life now depends on the Sisters, clones he previously killed by the thousands. He is also a major antagonistic character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.

In his role as a protagonist, he is forced to deal with the cruel Dark Side of Academy City and the secret conspiracies surrounding it. As the most powerful esper of Academy City, his existence and powers are tied to the plans of Aleister Crowley, the founder of Academy City, alongside Kamijou Touma.


Accelerator appears as a skinny teen and has pale skin, moppy white hair, and red eyes. This is caused by his ability, as it blocks ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing his body from producing melanin. His ability also reduces the outside influence so much that it causes a loss of balance in his hormones, giving him what he calls an "androgynous appearance,"[2] although there is definite evidence stated throughout the series that he is a boy.

He also seems to have an affinity for black and white-themed clothing. He changes his initial clothing from a black shirt with white striped patterns to a white shirt with V patterns sometime between Old Testament Volume 5 and Old Testament Volume 8. He starts wearing a choker-style electrode to aid him with mobility, computation, and communication, although he states that it makes up for less than half of his former calculation abilities, and uses a crutch after Old Testament Volume 5.

When he is enraged or excited such as when fighting a strong or amusing opponent e.g Kamijou Touma during their first encounter, he breaks into a wide grin and laughs, giving him a maniacal and sadistic appearance.


Due to the potential of his ability, Accelerator has been targeted by assassins and researchers throughout his life. As a result, he only believes in power and trusts no one. He also became a jolly and mocking yet maniacal person. While fighting, he invokes fear and has a sadistic tone. He willingly joins the SISTER experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared esper so that no one would dare to be foolish enough to challenge him and won't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. The Sisters' memories of his behavior during the experiment may suggest that he is, in a way, a pacifist; because his power won't disappear, the only way he sees an end to the fighting is to be so strong and sadistic that no one would dare to raise a finger against him. He even seems to attempt to frighten the Sisters out of fighting or otherwise encourage them to refuse their battles.[3]

After meeting Last Order, he strives to protect her. He saved her from Amai Ao's plot and from being pursued by the Hound Dogs. He treats Index in a similar fashion, such as when he buys her lunch while searching for Last Order and by protecting her from the Hound Dogs.[4] By Volume 19, he has mellowed out to the point that he actually lectures a child in order to prevent him from getting himself killed after a hostage situation. In spite of this, he does so in a violent way. In volume 15 he styles himself as the perfect villain in contrast to Touma being the ideal hero. However, despite his words, there is no mention in the narration that he has killed anyone and goes out of his way to incapacitate only his enemies up until his battle with Kakine, who challenges his contradictory way of thinking. This contrast with Touma is hinted at throughout the novels after Volume 5 when it is shown that he both idolizes and is slightly jealous of Touma's heroic personality, and is outright shown when he and Touma finally come to blows in Volume 20. By comparison according to Heaven Canceller, Touma and Accelerator are very similar, but their methods are like opposite sides of a coin; Touma is able to protect his loved ones without killing and is able to stand by their side, while Accelerator protects his loved ones through violent methods and even admits that he is unable to stand by Last Order and Yomikawa Aiho's side. Deep down, he is someone that aches for the light, as shown when Yomikawa Aiho was able to walk up to him and slowly take a gun from his hands before he tried to finish off Kakine Teitoku after their fight,[5] and later when he refused to hurt a Misaka Worst clone and tried to heal her wounds after she tried to kill herself.[6] His obsession with heroes and villains is excised after his defeat in his second fight with Kamijou Touma, telling him to reject the confines of heroes and villains and just do whatever he needs to protect those he cares for.

Aiwass has also commented on the differences between Touma and Accelerator – stating how Accelerator craves for the wholesomeness of being a 'hero' like Touma, even to the point that he declared himself evil because he believes he cannot reach that level. He is someone that tries hard to redeem himself.[7]

Accelerator was shown to often underestimate his enemies earlier in the series, which led to his loss against Touma. However, after nearly being killed by Kihara Amata and fighting Komaba Ritoku, he no longer underestimates his enemies. This fact is noted by one of the terrorists in Hula Hoop in Volume 19 as possibly being the most terrifying thing about him: he always uses exactly how much force he needs to in order to defeat his enemy: no more and no less. If he ever underestimated his enemies, it would have given them an opening they could have exploited, but since he didn't, he simply wiped them out.[8]

In Volume 22’s afterword the author states that what Accelerator wants most is not a lover but a family, and states Last Order is like his child he has to take care of. Also in Volume 22, Misaka Worst said half-jokingly she wants the same fatherly treatment he gives to the other Misaka clones.[9]


Young Accelerator

A young Accelerator.

Much of Accelerator's past is unknown, but he mentioned that he once had a "normal name" which has yet to be revealed, and most likely never will, as Accelerator himself forgot it. The novels state that his last name consists of two kanji and his first name three, yet his name had no real meaning in it.[10]

Ever since taking the Power Curriculum Program, and realizing his powers, Accelerator was sent to a "special class", most likely, the Special Ability Institute,[11] and spent much of his childhood there until nine years old, before being moved into another special class. Both of these had him as the only student. It can be presumed that this occurred before the incident involving the military.[12]

When Accelerator was a child, he couldn't fit in with the other children due to his powers, harming those that tried to get close to him. Around at the age of ten, a particular incident with children escalated with Academy City being deployed against him, and he later "gave up", and was sent to a special class.[10] This has made him something of a loner and distrustful towards other people. After some time, Accelerator was discovered by Kihara Amata, who trained him how to control his powers and influenced him enough for Accelerator to adopt his personality. It can be assumed that the Dark May Project started after Accelerator acquired the cool personality he now has from Amata.


Accelerator prior to joining the Level 6 Shift Project.

Accelerator's ability made him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 esper; according to the city's best supercomputer, Tree Diagram, this feat could only be achieved by killing Misaka Mikoto, the 'Railgun', 128 times. However, because it was impossible to create 128 of these 'railguns', due to the 'Level 5 Mass Production Plan' only being capable of producing a sub-standard clone of Mikoto at a power of Level 2-3, a substitute plan was arranged where Accelerator would have to kill 20,000 Misaka clones in a variety of methods. He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared esper so that no one would be foolish enough to challenge him ever again. By the beginning of the Sisters Arc (index), Accelerator has already killed the first 10030 Misaka Clones and during the course of the arc, kills clone 10031 before the experiment is ultimately stopped.

Later it is revealed that he originally wanted this reputation simply so that no one would ever get hurt trying to attack him, resulting in their own destruction, though as he went deeper into Academy City's dark side his goals slowly became more and more twisted.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Main article: Accelerator/Chronology (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

In one of the battles, he kills a clone in a vicinity near Kamijou Touma. This event causes Touma to intervene in the experiment. Touma, using the logic that if the weakest Level 0 (Touma) can defeat the strongest Level 5 (Accelerator) then the experiment will fall apart, as the prevailing condition that Accelerator is the strongest esper would be nullified.

Touma vs Accelerator

Touma defeats Accelerator.

Accelerator is later seen in another fight against Misaka 10032, where he tells her that he wants to gain a status that is beyond simply being the strongest in Academy City - he wants to attain Level 6, so that challenging him would be an unimaginable thought- even a sin. They are interrupted by Kamijou Touma who challenges him to battle just as Accelerator was about to finish the clone off. Initially seeing Touma as a weakling, he later panics and is confused as to why Touma was capable of blocking his abilities. Eventually, Touma is able to beat Accelerator using his street fighting skills, exploiting Accelerator's physical weakness (due to the nature of his power, he always defeated his foes with a single hit and never took damage, he therefore had no experience in hand-to-hand combat as his opponents could never reach him), and ending the experiment.

Three Stories Arc

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LAst Order and Accelerator

Last Order with Accelerator.

After his defeat, Accelerator notices that something has changed within him as evidenced by the lack of his usual aggressive behavior when confronted by delinquents, who now believe that Accelerator is actually weak, attacking him with increasing frequency. During one of his trips to buy coffee, Accelerator meets a hooded figure who had been following him for some time. After an awkward meeting, the figure identifies herself as Misaka Serial Number 20001 or better known as Last Order. She explains that she was released from her incubation tank prematurely and requests for Accelerator's help to contact the researchers, to which he nonchalantly refuses. Despite the rejection, Last Order continues to follow Accelerator where they discover that his room had been severely vandalized by delinquents. Although Accelerator urges her to think twice about staying in his destroyed home, Last Order still persists in accepting his hospitality as she wants to be with someone. This baffles Accelerator, though he allows her to stay.

The next day, Accelerator brings Last Order out to a restaurant for a meal, where he notices Amai Ao, a scientist involved in the Sisters project, acting suspiciously before fleeing after being spotted by Accelerator. Here, Accelerator confronts Last Order over her care-free attitude towards him, reminding her of his role in the Level 6 Shift Project. Here, Last Order gives a psychoanalysis of Accelerator based on the actions he committed and deduces that Accelerator did not join the experiments willingly, therefore she bears no grudge against him and actually thanks him as his existence allowed the clones to be created. Accelerator refutes her claim, stating that his continuous killing of the Sisters proved that he did not care for their lives, but Last Order points out that he attempted to communicate to the Sisters in a harsh manner so as to discourage them from fighting him and believes that he never wanted to hurt them. Slightly disturbed and annoyed by her lecture, Accelerator leaves Last Order in the restaurant although he shows some concern for her as she nearly passes out after their talk.

Walking through the streets, Accelerator finds himself at one of the warehouses used in the Sisters project, confused by his intentions to help Last Order. Inside the facility, Accelerator meets an old acquaintance of his, Yoshikawa Kikyou whom he asks for equipment and instructions to help Last Order. Here, Yoshikawa reveals that Last Order is actually the Administrator of The Misaka Network and Ao has inserted a virus that will cause the Sisters to rampage out of control. Unexpectedly, Accelerator decides to recover Last Order in order to save her but is too late as Ao abducts her. However, Accelerator easily locates and incapacitates Ao before securing Last Order. Suddenly, the virus within Last Order begins to prime itself for activation, surprising Accelerator and Yoshikawa who initially thought the virus would activate much later. Despite Yoshikawa's insistence, Accelerator refuses to kill Last Order and instead uses his Vector Change to control Last Order's bioelectric frequency and delete the virus from within. Accelerator focuses his entire computation abilities on deleting the virus which leaves him defenseless against a recovered Ao, who shoots Accelerator in the head. Despite Ao's shot, Accelerator manages to erase the virus and save the world and the Sisters from each other. Accelerator is brought to a certain hospital where Heaven Canceller tells Yoshikawa that the bullet fragments in Accelerator's skull have damaged his computation, mobility, and language abilities, effectively crippling him. Accelerator is forced to wear a choker-style electrode that connects him to the Misaka Network. This is used to compensate for his language, mobility, and calculation skills as well as his Esper Ability, although it has been stated that he only has less than half of his original processing ability, thus making him weaker. Also, the choker has a rechargeable battery that keeps the terminal on the choker running, but the energy consumption of the choker differs greatly when used normally (a few days) to when used for his vector calculations (15~30mins upgraded).

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

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In the anime adaptation, at the end of the arc Accelerator is seen sleeping in a hospital room with Last Order sleeping on a chair next to his bed.

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

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Accelerator about to deliver the finishing blow to Awaki.

Accelerator sneaks out of the hospital he was in to destroy the remnants of Tree Diagram, as a request by Last Order. He meets with a weakened Musujime Awaki who carries a remnant of Tree Diagram, irritated by the fact that he was forced to help out and his opponent was only a "stupid looking third rate" like her. Although Awaki is aware of Accelerator's weakened state and believed that she could match him now, Accelerator is unperturbed. Simply replying that him being weaker doesn't make her any stronger, he quickly defeats her and destroys the remnants of Tree Diagram, ensuring that it will never be rebuilt.

Academy City Invasion Arc

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Accelerator, along with Last Order, leaves the hospital and moves into the apartment of the Anti-Skill Yomikawa Aiho as a request from her friend Yoshikawa Kikyou. Accelerator was reluctant since having him next to her would put her and others in high danger because of his enemies.

Later on, after a short nap, he realizes Last Order has gone missing, prompting him to search for her. During that time, he bumps into Index, not knowing her connection with Touma, and even treats her with food - costing him all of his pocket money. They separate as Index spots Touma amongst a crowd and runs towards him, just as Last Order runs to Accelerator. Because he wasn't in the mood to search for her again, he tells Last Order to keep quiet but she trips, almost crying because of some scraping on her hands and knees. Accelerator goes for some medicinal bands at a nearby pharmacy, but upon returning he is hit by a black van from the black-ops known as Hound Dogs, who were under the orders of Kihara Amata, the man who discovered his powers.
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E19 15m 40s

Accelerator is initially no match for Amata's reverse punch method.

Amata's orders were to retrieve Last Order, but he decides to beat Accelerator to a pulp first, as he knows his powers inside out, including how to turn Accelerator's redirection against him and even negate his wind-based powers. In desperation, Accelerator blasts the captive Last Order away from the Hound Dogs with a wind blast, then manages to escape Kihara and his men by way of a chance distraction by an aloof Index, who came looking for him to return a pack of tissue he gave her. Just as Amata launches a homing missile at Accelerator and Index's getaway van, he is interrupted by Vento of the Front's arrival, letting the two escape.

Accelerator, considering Index dead weight, decides to drop Index off at the hospital where Heaven Canceller works, misleading her into thinking he needed a replacement battery for his choker electrode and having her fetch it (no replacement exists). He then sets off to kill Kihara Amata, crush the Hound Dogs and save Last Order, but decides to just focus on saving Last Order after a jarring conversation with Heaven Canceller, who reveals to him that he knows far more darkness than even Accelerator has encountered. Accelerator attempts to shake off the pursuing Hound Dogs temporarily but eventually resolves to force Kihara Amata into re-evaluating his priorities away from Last Order (and towards eliminating him) by wiping out his Hound Dogs. Unfortunately, after wiping out two whole squads with psychological tactics alone (conserving his remaining 7 minutes of active esper power), he snaps and goes all-out at a taunting, fleeing Hound Dog who manages to seek aid from two surviving Anti-Skills, and ends up on the Anti-Skills' wanted report.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E21 13m 20s

Touma talks to Accelerator about Last Order's whereabouts.

After receiving a call from Touma (whose voice he fails to recognize) regarding Last Order's whereabouts, he gets a lead from a call from Kihara Amata, who now has Last Order captive, and breaks into one of Academy City Board of Directors' homes, digging up Amata's (and Last Order's) whereabouts. He attacks Amata's compound, but runs out of battery charge without being able to bring him down, yet ultimately kills him as he first "awakens,"[13] having an epiphany right as he was to be finished off. This is symbolic because the god that Accelerator`s power just happens to resemble is Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead.

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc
Index v14 291

Itsuwa defends herself from the monster within the scorching hell, Accelerator.

Academy City put Accelerator in charge of the operation to subdue the problem with Terra of the Left in Avignon. Hundreds of HsPS-15 AI suits and eight HsB-02 planes were sent and proceeded to tear apart the city, using speed to create vacuums after the plane's path and sending iron sand into the vacuum to make it explode. Accelerator tells them to change their plans to bomb just the Palais des Papes instead of bombing whole Avignon, the order being approved when the pilot he was with checked with the higher ups.[14]

At the end, Itsuwa sees Accelerator in the middle of the scorching flames caused by a HsB-02. Accelerator is speaking with one of the higher ups of Academy City on the phone, telling them to send troops to come search for Terra's corpse and to run DNA Tests to see if he's really dead. However, he didn't notice Touma and/or as they are covered by the steam. Accelerator leaves soon after to a deeper part of the palace. Itsuwa says she finds Accelerator, who is able to stand in the middle of such flames, to be even more terrifying than Terra.[15]

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

It is unknown how many days Accelerator spent in Avignon for his mission there, though when he returned he was immediately pulled into a mission for GROUP. Before doing so, Accelerator apparently realized the need to acquire the designs for his Calculation assistance device. After Last Order leaves in a taxi after being released from the hospital, the Heaven Canceller goes to a vending machine to get some coffee, to which a gun is immediately pointed to the back of his head by Accelerator, newly arrived from Avignon. He demands from him the designs of the electrode as he is the inventor. He asks why he needs it and asks him why he isn't he letting him fix it if it’s not working, though Accelerator does not tell. Heaven Canceller carries the conversation and tells Accelerator that Last Order wanted to see him, to which Accelerator says it has nothing to do with him. However, Heaven Canceller rebuts this, saying that she was his patient who wanted to see him and arranging that is his job, leading to Accelerator to complain. The doctor takes out from his coat a USB stick and hands it to Accelerator, making him note of his preparedness, leading to the doctor say that is his job to prepare for his patients like Accelerator. As he waits for his cup to fill with coffee from the machine, he tells Accelerator that it'd be difficult to apply its contents as he created the important parts himself, and says that of if he wants to make an identical electrode he needs to manufacture those using machine tools. Accelerator hears but doesn't answer, taking the USB with him and silently departed. The doctor then turns around and finds Accelerator gone as his coffee has been prepared.[16] After the higher-ups have manipulated to have the Anti-Skill swarm in on Family Side, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki are in the Family Side fifteen minutes after the explosion. While Awaki is disappointed with the destruction of evidence, Accelerator appears before them. Motoharu asks if he has finished with his errand, though he tells him to shut up. Accelerator then asks if this was the spot where Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) disappeared to. Motoharu confirms it and tells them that Management is currently being transported for interrogation, though he doubts he can get much from it, as such he sent Etzali to Management's apartment for data but mentions that the third floor was attacked and that the appliances have been taken away, something that Etzali mentioned in his report to him before the explosion. Awaki however points out that not all have been taken away, and shows a microwave oven blackened by the explosion, believing that it was probably not loaded with AI and as such cannot be inputted with additional information. As Accelerator whines about their situation, he kicks on the microwave oven only to discover stacks of money inside it. Awaki notes that the bills have anti-counterfeiting IC chips and that they may get some information from them, and that Etzali protected them from radio signals by using the microwave oven. Accelerator wonders if Etzali hid them and advance. Then Motoharu notices a man stuffed inside a closet and sees that the skin by the right calf leg was torn off, disturbing Awaki. Motoharu then explains the "magic" behind it, but summarizes that Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) has the skill to substitute as other people. Motoharu says to them that Mitsuki is still alive, masquerading as one of those who attacked the apartment and he has no idea where he is.[17] Putting the investigation on Etzali's disappearance on hold and having his fate in his own hands, GROUP continues with their original mission. They later receive word that the paddy wagon that held Management was attacked by an unknown assailant, with only him as a casualty and everyone else knocked unconscious. In their hideout in an empty store at the underground shopping center, GROUP tries to examine the paper money. Using the reader Motoharu had asked from their supplier, the machine starts analyzing. He discovers Management's shopping list, dealing with a single sniper as well a special sniper rifle, Sunazara Chimitsu and his MSR-001. Motoharu relates to them the specifications of the rifle as he continues to swipe the stacks of money for more information. By the fourth one, they find out that IC chips have been damaged, likely from heat or shock of the explosion, the stack having information regarding the business partner that hired the sniper. Giving up, Motoharu swiped the last pile of bills and discovers that they are the plans for the sniping, including the location of the sniping, the School District 7 concert hall. Motoharu notes that the plaza is being chartered for an address by Oyafune Monaka, one of the Board of Directors, and that she may be the target for assassination. He says that if that they should forget MItsuki (Etzali) to prioritize the assassination, and that the lowest "score" in the job will have to go and save him. Accelerator then whines about stopping the assassination, asking why they couldn't just stop the address. Motoharu of course gives the perfect response to this: the address has already started.[18] Motoharu and Accelerator quickly left their hideout using Awaki's Move Point, tiring her out. With Awaki preoccupied with analyzing the rest of the IC chips, Motoharu and Accelerator have to deal with the assassination attempt about to take place. Arriving at the address, they find Monaka completely exposed in the open with only a few security guards around her. Accelerator begins whining again, and then asks why Motoharu goes out of his way to protecting her despite being a member of the Board of Directors. Motoharu then discuss to Accelerator the difference between Monaka and the other Board of Directors, whom Accelerator believes to be all scum, hence the reason Motoharu is willing to protecting her. Motoharu somehow convinces Accelerator with his argument.[19]

Index v15 049

Accelerator and Motoharu noticing the inoperativity of the Wind Defense.

The two then try to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Monaka's security, noting of its Wind Defense technology set-up against sniper attacks. Suddenly, the both of them overhear Last Order talking to someone, actually Uiharu Kazari, saying that she is looking for a "lost child", and somehow managing to end up in the plaza. This irritates Accelerator, but amuses Motoharu. However, he himself becomes serious after seeing a young girl in a maid outfit mixing among the crowd, likely Tsuchimikado Maika, realizing that there may be stray bullets. Then they realize that some of the Wind Defense deployed in the plaza aren't working, shocking Motoharu. Then they actually hear the devices being hit by Sunazara Chimitsu's bullets, scrambled into action. Motoharu tried to get closer to Monaka to relay the danger to her but was unable to do so due to the crowd. With all the Wind Defenses gone, Accelerator was forced into action.[20] Before Chimitsu could shoot Monaka, an explosion at the corner of the concert hall front plaza was deliberately triggered by Accelerator, destroying one of the vehicles carrying a Wind Defense device. The surprise was enough for Chimitsu to miss his mark. He tries to shoot again but Monaka's bodyguards have already surrounded her and took her downstage. He shoots at his moving target but only struck one of the guards, who was knocked down but not killed because of his bulletproof equipment. Now knowing of a sniper the guards completely surrounded Monaka, hiding her behind them.[21]

By the time Motoharu arrived at the hotel room Chimitsu has already left. He later calls Accelerator to report on that fact, but states to him that Chimitsu continuing his sniping is low. Motoharu then tells Accelerator to have Monaka's speech suspended and have it transferred after security measures are set up again. Accelerator then reports to Motoharu on how Musujime Awaki have finished analyzing the IC chips in Management's stacks of cash and tells him that SCHOOL is behind the assassination attempt.[22] It was lunch time as they are in a camper van being driven by one of their grunts. After a few banters between each of them regarding their food choices, Accelerator asks if they have something on SCHOOL. Motoharu says that he tried accessing the Bank but discovered nothing came up other than their name, concluding that they likely have the same secrecy with GROUP. Awaki cuts in, saying that she tried to dig in as well, saying that multiple organization names like SCHOOL and GROUP came out as well, and surprising Motoharu. Awaki summarizes what she knows: GROUP, SCHOOL, ITEM, MEMBER, and BLOCK, all unofficial units created by putting a few people together. Accelerator listens on the conversation between Motoharu and Awaki where they could not confirm that it was SCHOOL that attacked Management's apartment.[23]

The members of GROUP had finished eating their lunches separately and were now discussing their plan for the upcoming investigation, but they were immediately cut off as they receive word that the Virus Isolation Center is being hacked. Accelerator whines on how they shouldn't be the one to deal with it as there are other organizations like them, but Motoharu says that they have different duties so there is no guarantee that the organizations would act, moreover, he says that the others may have betrayed Academy City. Realizing that the hacking may be used to spread a virus from Academy City to the Internet, the External Connection Terminals have all been shut down to prevent leakage, except one, the west terminal in School District 13. Motoharu references that whoever is doing the attack may be luring them to the district. As the driver takes to them to the district, he asks them about the deal with Oyafune Monaka, where he is informed that they'll deal with it later. When asked about saving Unabara Mitsuki, he is informed that they never intended in saving him.[24]

As they head towards the district, they are informed by the driver that there is currently an hacking on a satellite control center belonging to an aerospace engineering laboratory in School District 23. Accelerator frowns at the news as it means the hacker is targeting the Hikoboshi II, a satellite with a large caliber ground-attack laser. Awaki is uneased by the news as well, as the cracking on the Virus Isolation Center is still going. Motoharu points out that they are splitting up the counter-measure team and they just can't ignore one or the other as they don't know which one is a decoy or not. Reaching an empasse, Accelerator says that the answer is obvious. He gets out of the RV while it is moving, already using his powers, to which Motoharu yells at him. Accelerator explains to him that he doesn't like dealing with decoys and that he's going to School District 23 to stop the hacking by destroying the antenna used to contact the satellite. He then tells them to do the odd jobs without him. Accelerator then jumps on a car, pointing a gun to its driver, saying that he'll pay him gas and labor, ordering him to go School District 23.[25]

While in the car, Accelerator attempts to contact Anti-Skill to ask information about the satellite that is under electronic attack but the "Man on the Phone" who usually gives instructions to GROUP interrupted so Accelerator asked him instead. Accelerator asks for information about the Hikoboshi II laser, including its range. Getting all that he need from him, Accelerator hangs up. However, as soon as he does, he gets a call from Etzali. He tells Accelerator that he is currently in disguise. Accelerator assumes that he is hiding behind SCHOOL's back and says that he is busy dealing with the satellite hacking as such he can't answer his plea for rescue. Etzali clears to him that he is not with SCHOOL but with BLOCK and that they're the one who is doing the hacking. Accelerator references SCHOOL's attempted assassination with Oyafune Monaka, which surprises Etzali as he had no idea it had happened. Etzali continues with his report and says that BLOCK is the one behind the attack of teh Virus Isolation Center and one of the External Connection Terminals, doing so in order to confuse the City's network counter-measure team. Etzali says that the Hikoboshi II will fall into the hands of BLOCK in 20 minutes. Accelerator asks why School District 23 hasn't temporarily frozen the satellite control center, to which Etzali believes that the freezing it takes over an hour. Accelerator then asks Hikoboshi II, to which Etzali then concludes that they are using the laser to strike a target—School District 13, specifically the kindergartens and elementary schools. Both of them knew that attacking a district where children resided would be disastrous to Academy City, a city of schools that needs children to operate. Accelerator asks Etzali if he could stop them from where he is, to which he said he wouldn't have called. He then asks if he can evacuate the residents of School District 13, but says that it would cause panic and unfeasible as the children are outside due to the holiday. Accelerator insults Etzali for his uselessness and whines on how he has no choice but to destroy the antenna that communicates with the satellite. Etzaki agrees and says that he will continue to gather information and pass it to him when he can. Etzali then hangs up. Accelerator then tells the driver to hurry up.[26] The convertible Accelerator was riding in stopped near the terminal station in School District 23. After handing some money to the driver, he decides to use his powers to get to the antenna as it was still far away. However, he is then attacked from behind by Saraku before Accelerator can use his choker. Accelerator is injured but manages to get the upper hand and shoots behind is back, injuring Saraku, though without Accelerator's knowing, he manages to mess with the sight. When Accelerator turns to look at his attacker, he saw that Saraku is injured. Accelerator asks if he is from BLOCK, to which Saraku says that he is from MEMBER and that he is there to stop him from destroying the antenna. Accelerator then turns on his choker, activating his powers. As he turns around, he discovers that Saraku is already behind a railroad worker, and uses him as a hostage, using a saw to his neck. Accelerator gives a laugh, discovering the true nature of his power, that he cannot manage true teleportation's calculations and uses the positioning of other people to calculate where he can teleport. Accelerator mocks him, prompting Saraku to say that he doesn't want to hear that from him who uses a choker. Saraku says that Accelerator won't abandon the hostage as evidenced by the fact that he wouldn't have come to School District 23 in the first place to stop the Hikoboshi II. Accelerator, having now dubbed him as Kill Point, says to Saraku that he has no aesthetics of a villain and points his gun on him. Saraku however reminds Accelerator that there might be something wrong with the sights of his gun. Realizing that he might hit the hostage instead of Saraku, Accelerator did the next best thing, he shot himself in the temple and using powers, calculated and redirected the trajectory of the bullet. This method easily fells Saraku, making him bleed on the shoulder. Accelerator then motions the railroad worker to leave. Saraku continued to face Accelerator, though tried to look around using only his eyes to find someone to teleport behind. Seeing this, Accelerator mocks him as Saraku's is consumed by fear. Accelerator then says that he will now teach him of the aesthetics he lacked and what a true first-class villain really is. Accelerator then shoots at him several times enough to incapacitate him.[27]

Accelerator later arrives and faces against the Anti-Skill, defeating them all without killing them, and then destroys the antenna.[28] According to the Professor, Saraku apparently survived as Accelerator didn't kill him, and advises Yoshio Baba to retrieve him if he has the time.[29]

After the massacre near the outer wall, Motoharu and Awaki later joins up with Etzali and Accelerator. After Motoharu explains to them on how they destroyed the center of the western External Connection Terminal, Awaki asks Etzali a question if BLOCK was behind everything despite SCHOOL behind the assassination attempt of Oyafune Monaka. Etzali answers that they probably have their own plan as they caused separate incidents and that they just happen to have a point of contact with Management. Accelerator references MEMBER as well. GROUP then moves on to the area near the outer wall where the massacre happened and comes upon a survivor of the onslaught of the Six Wings. Motoharu demands answers from the man on what they were going to attack using 5,000 mercenaries. After some hesitation, the man says that they were planning on attacking School District 10, specifically the Reformatory. Hearing this, Awaki demands to know why as her comrades are being kept in the facility as well. The man tells her that they were after Move Point. Hearing her ability name being mentioned shocks her. The man says that they had information that Move Point's companions are being held in the Reformatory, and that if they capture her comrades they can negotiate with her. As she asks herself why they had to single her out, the mercenary reveals that it is because she is the guide to Aleister Crowley's Windowless Building. He says that BLOCK acquired information that the guide is Move Point despite the identity of the guide being confidential and had her investigated in order to find materials to use in a negotiation. Motoharu asks him what they were going to negotiate with the guide about, to which he says they wanted information on the route through which materials are brought into the building as so they can blow it up using a Synchronous Multilayer Bomb. The mercenary says that the chaos in the world needs to be stopped before War comes. The man continues by saying that negotiating with Move Point would be difficult, and that they worked under the assumption that she wouldn't help them. Awaki agrees, and asks if he knows who he is talking to. Horror dawns upon the man as he realizes this, before he could utter his surprise Awaki finishes cuts off, driving metal stakes all over his body, though it seemed he was still alive. Motoharu urges the others to go to School District 10 to stop BLOCK.[30]

Traveling in an ambulance to School District 10, GROUP discusses the layout of the Reformatory, discovering that there are secret rooms for the likes of Awaki's comrades, as well as its esper countermeasures such as the AIM Jammer. Motoharu warns that they can use their powers in spite of the AIM Jammer but says that it is possible to have their powers go out of control, especially those that use complex calculations, making it dangerous for the likes of Accelerator and Awaki.[31]

When GROUP arrives at the Reformatory, they notice that eerie lacked of gunfire. As the pass through the gate and came to a traffic circle for vehicles that shuttered prisoners around, Accelerator notices the slightly painful effects of the AIM Jammer. Luckily however, it doesn't hinder his walking, though he notes he should avoid switching over to esper mode. His thoughts on the devices used in the facility against esper facilities is cut off after they find the strange state of corpses of BLOCK mercenaries. Motoharu comments on how they all lost their lives to their own weapons, to which Etzali asks if it was suicide. However, he realizes something, but before he could speak of it there was a voice behind them. It is Xochitl, who calls out to Etzali who was in the guise of Unabara Mitsuki. Seeing this, Accelerator thinks she's from BLOCK, but she says that she is from MEMBER, though she just used them and had no intention of joining them. Etzali reacts to Xochitl, asking for who she is, to which Xochitl responds and says his real name. Etzali was shocked and then Xochitl finally removed her disguise. Xochitl states that she needs to thank BLOCK on account of the esper powers being halved in the Reformatory as so she doesn't need to worry with his companions getting in the way. Etzali then asks why she's there, telling her that she's not supposed to have a spell that can do what she did (regarding the mercenaries getting killed by their own weapons). Etzali says that Xochitl was supposed to be in a position in their cabal that kept her away from any dirty work. She tells her reasons and that is to kill him as he had defected to Academy City. Hearing of this Tsuchimikado Motoharu realizes Etzali's situation. Etzali tells the rest of GROUP that he will deal with Xochitl while they go on ahead. He then tells to them her name is Xochitl, an Aztec magician who also belonged to the organization he was in before coming to Academy City. Xochitl then says that she only came for Etzali and doesn't care if they go off. However, she then says on how she wonders if "they" will let them. At that moment gunshots are heard, prompting Accelerator and Motoharu to take cover. Motoharu discovers that BLOCK's mercenaries were waiting to see what would happen between them, and asks Xochitl if they really have to deal with them but she just ignores him.[32]

After Etzali later successfully takes ownership of the grimoire that took over Xochitl's body, he meets up with the rest of GROUP, all of whom were not unscathed.[33]

Due to BLOCK's collapse things have settled down. Motoharu was taking care of wrapping things up, Awaki was taking care of her wounds, and Etzali was safe and likely took Xochitl to a hospital.[34] Meanwhile, Accelerator went back to School District 7. He later receives a call from the GROUP liaison, though as usual he doesn't receive him well. He thanks Accelerator and GROUP for his efforts against BLOCK, saying that he is fortunate to have such capable subordinates. This however annoys Accelerator. The liaison points out however that he is thanking him from the bottom of his heart, and to prove it, gives him useful information related to Last Order's life.[35]

Accelerator finds Kakine Teitoku torturing Uiharu Kazari for information to where Last Order's whereabouts where. After Uiharu defies Kakine, Accelerator throws a ATM vending machine at Kakine. Despite Accelerator's attack, it barely made a reaction on Kakine, saying that he was hurt. He however, says that he was irritated and that it was only right for him to come and kill him first. Accelerator mocks him however for talking and then taking a hostage (Uiharu Kazari). Kakine replies that Uiharu was only a little insurance as no one would fight Accelerator fairly. Kakine then mocks him for believing that protecting weaklings made him out as a good guy. Accelerator however states that Kakine still doesn't understand, and that he will show him on how even villains have standards. With that the two of them clashed in the city. Kakine is knocked back by this and then smashed into a cafe. Despite this, Kakine is fine and comes out of the cafe. He notes Accelerator's power of controlling any vector and asks him what would happen if he was smash into a large mass that can't be moved regardless of all the vectors he can gather, though says that it would likely not work. He tells him that as long as his vectors aren't being controlled it is meaningless. Not only is Kakine unhurt, he was apparently enveloped by six wings like that of an angel's. Now spread behind him, Accelerator mocks him for being unoriginal, though Kakine says that he doesn't have to worry about it as he already knows.[36]

Index v15 299

Kakine battling Accelerator above Academy City.

And thus they do battle once more, and upon the air they meet. As Accelerator gets close, Kakine references the particles that make up the world, and then states that kind of knowledge doesn't apply to his Dark Matter, as it is is something that doesn't exist in the world. Despite the wings that defied the laws of physics, Accelerator's will is unshaken, and continues to come close, declaring that he will blast him and his Dark Matter as well. But Kakine says that Accelerator still doesn't understand, and then his wings projected out a light that hurt Accelerator, surprising him for he believed he could reflect all his vectors with his ability. Kakine says that it was the diffraction of sunlight through the unseen gaps of his Dark Matter wings, changing the light's nature and use it to attack him. Kakine asks him how it felt to be burned by sunlight. However, Accelerator calls Kakine a fool, saying that no matter how he diffracts sunlight, it doesn't change its nature into something like a beam of light that kills. Kakine says that would be the case for normal physics of the world, but not for his Dark Matter. With that boast, he blew a gust at wind at Accelerator, who tried to subdue the wind through the use of his reflection. As he pondered on what to do, he found Kakine smiling, saying that his reverse calculations are complete. Then, his wings struck and felled him in spite of his power. Kakine says that Accelerator is wrong that he can reflect everything as Accelerator tries to fly towards him, but his wings were ready to meet him. Kakine gives examples as he presses his advantage over Accelerator, injuring him. Here he says on how not everything is reflected by him, explaining to him that he has a subconscious filter that reflects anything that could harm him. He says that he using the energies that are infused by Dark Matter like the sunlight or the wind, he can choose which energy is the most suitable in bypassing his filter after he had analyzed it. This complicates things for Accelerator as even if changed the rules of his reflection, Kakine would merely inspect the change his Dark Matter and then continue his attack. Despite this they continued to clash. Accelerator made four tornadoes through his power, and wing by wing, Accelerator and Kakine's blew and swept each other apart. As they continued to attack each other, wreaking havoc upon their surroundings. Kakine mentions on how killing him, the #1, is the fastest method in accomplishing what he wants, which is to directly speak with Aleister himself. As they exchange blows, Kakine reasons that since Aleister has a web of plans up his sleeve, he needs to destroy all other plans, allowing him to the only viable plan left for him, the so-called "Spare Plan".[36]

The two of them stood face to face, gauging each other. Accelerator thinks that there must be some truth to what Kakine has said about Aleister having many plans, and wonders what tragedy has struck him in the Dark Side of Academy City that shaped him to what he is to push him to what he does. Accelerator however mocks what Kakine said, to which Kakine says that despite Accelerator having the right to directly communicate with Aleister he doesn't use it and that he has no right say that to him. He tells Kakine that that the moment he spoke those words of his, he became common filth passing themselves as a great villain. Kakine however is unconvinced, giving his explanation as to why, saying he doesn't want to touch normal people, and if he's in a good mood, he'd let bad guys live, though all in all he doesn't really care whether they live or die. He tells Accelerator that they are the same as in their battle he asks him how many bystanders got hurt by their attacks. Accelerator says that including the person (Uiharu Kazari) that shielded Last Order, they are all the same, and that Kakine, someone who kills bystanders has no right to lecture him, and that Kakine is not exempt from his own ideals. As Kakine doesn't believe this, Accelerator shows to him why he is #2 and he is #1, why there is an impassable wall between them. Here Kakine discovers, much to his disbelief, that despite the destruction caused by their battle, no bystander was hurt due to the efforts of Accelerator, everything was under his control from the beginning of the battle. Here Accelerator tells him that what he is what should be called a villain. Angered by Accelerator, Kakine increased the power of his six wings and prepared to do battle once more, confident that he has no way to defend himself as he knew about his filtering system, though Accelerator is unintimidated. Accelerator admits on how his Dark Matter can work against his reflection, to which he tells Kakine that all he needs to do is add Dark Matter into his calculations, using his ability to control Dark Matter. Kakine laughs at this prospect. After a couple of banters, the two clashed once again.[36]

Accelerator defeats Kakine Teitoku, taking control of his white wings and stabbing him with it. Though terribly injured, Kakine still lives. As Accelerator was not one of those "good guys" and since Kakine willingly involved civilians and Last Order, he prepares to execute the unconscious Kakine with this. Yomikawa Aiho appears before Accelerator and begs him to put down his gun and spare Kakine. Accelerator points a gun towards Aiho, as even though she was one of the "good guys" she impeded in what Accelerator believes to be his "path of evil". Accelerator hesitates, to which Aiho says that he can't do it, as he hasn't "rotted" that much. With Accelerator unable to fire, she slowly takes the gun from Accelerator's grasp and took away its ammunition. As Accelerator stared blankly after what had happened, he suddenly hears something: Kakine Teitoku has stabbed Aiho. Accelerator is in shock as Kakine restores his white wings and mocks Aiho's words to Accelerator. Afterwards Kakine rants on about the darkness and on how the both of them are still the same, unable to protect anybody, and will continue on killing. Kakine stands up and uses his powers to step upon Aiho. Accelerator begs to stop, but Kakine continues to torture Aiho, wanting him to push him to the edge, wanting him to be as low as him, mocking him for becoming soft. And thus, Kakine shatters the pillar that supported Accelerator.[5]

Accelerator's Black Wing

In anger, Accelerator's Black Wings come again.

Seeing the black wings, Kakine deemed to be made from Dark Matter. Impressed by its power, Kakine that Dark Matter is only suitable as a spare plan, though he says that it doesn't meant it's all decided. With that his wings spread out and glowed, Accelerator and Dark Matter, black wings and white wings, the organic and inorganic, the One Who Wields the Power of God and the One Who has Touched the Territory of God, face to face. Then an unprecedented power expanded within Kakine, perfectly mastered his power. Kakine laughs at the implications of what would happen now, as he waved his completely awakened six wings down at Accelerator. As he tries to test his new powers on Accelerator after seeing him as no longer a threat. Immediately after Kakine is splattered onto the asphalt and his right hand torn from the shoulder. Despite his injuries, Kakine is too shocked to take in what happened, believing he was untouchable and believing that Accelerator changing vectors and energies of some sort to redirect it towards him as an attack was impossible. Torn apart and unable to do anything, Accelerator walks toward Kakine and slaughters him.[5]

Accelerator continues to go on a rampage with his black wings, forcing Anti-Skill to respond. Luckily, Aiho was able to survive, and tries to stop Accelerator after she comes to. However, she is stopped by Saigou Ryouta, who tells a great distortion is taking place with regards to the AIM Diffusion Fields. She breaks from Ryouta's grasp, only to discover several armored Anti-Skills and armored vehicles. Aiho demands them to put their guns down, and tells that it is their duty to protect Accelerator. Aiho tries to come close to Accelerator, though because she is injured, blood spurts from her mouth, and is restrained by Ryouta. However, their last hope, Last Order, appears, coming out of the crowd at great speed towards Accelerator. As his black wings continued its rampage, Last Order approaches, and says that she has finally found him. However, Accelerator tries to attack, and though everyone flinches believing that Last Order has fallen to her demise, the black wings stop before Last Order. But Last Order is undeterred as it shows that Accelerator is still has control. An Anti-Skill opens fire without permission while Accelerator is distracted, responding to this his black wings try to attack, only for Last Order to plead him to stop, and he does. Last Order holds out her arms and says that all is all right now and there is no need to do what he is doing. As if to blow apart those words, the black wings try to again but once again stops before her, his conflicted heart consuming his action. He continues to scream in turmoil, and finally he roars and the sounds of the black wings wave once more. They try to attack the unperturbed Last Order, all of which miss its mark. And then it swelled up greater than it has ever been and tried to strike down Last Order again. It reached in front of Last Order, Accelerator's movements have stopped. With his head lowered, the black wings disappear and Accelerator falls, all of his strength leaving his body. Last Order catches Accelerator with arms wide open, and held him with all the strength she could muster. With that Last Order whispers to Accelerator's ear of her relief. Finally the lost child is found.[37]

After Accelerator's triumphant battle against Kakine, the liaison calls him to remind him of the gravity of his actions in the battle. He tells him that he was the one who gave him the information regarding Kakine in the first place and as such won't be too hard on him. Accelerator asks him what his penalty is, though the liaison wonders as both increasing his debt and killing him just is inappropriate, his tone irritating Accelerator. Then the liaison asks an unexpected question, asking him if he has not given up on coming back to the "warmth" after falling that far and declaring that he will stand at the very top of the darkness. Accelerator answers that he still hasn't and asks him if he is going to stop him. The liaison answers that he will give them right to struggle, though he cannot guarantee him that he has the right to grant him that. Accelerator, satisfied with his answer hangs up on him, swearing that he will outwit the darkness.[34]

At some unknown point in time later in an unknown location, Accelerator, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali), and Musujime Awaki gathered together. Motoharu shows the Tweezers that he had recovered from the confusion after Accelerator's fight with Kakine, shocking him that he was hiding among the onlookers. Motoharu references on how SCHOOL was able to collect a nanodevice known as UNDER_LINE and store it inside the Tweezers in order to examine it. Accelerator becomes suspicious on how much Motoharu, and realizes that he may have been taking secret actions of his own. Motoharu shows to them the information inside the UNDER_LINE, the core of Aleister's direct communications network. Seeing that it was all a bunch of information they were able to get on their own, and that it was just information the higher-ups are gathering to keep an eye GROUP's actions, they become dismissive of it. However, Motoharu reveals that there is one more, and says the last one the list of information displayed on the Tweezers’ screen is the word DRAGON. After all that fighting, they made at least one little discovery, a key that they could potentially use.[34]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

After the aftermath of the events in Volume 15, he is hired along with the other members of GROUP to take on a rogue group called "Spark Signal" in Academy City. After Accelerator wipes out their main force, they find info on DRAGON, a mysterious force. When Accelerator tried to get close to the 5 remaining members of Spark Signal to gain information on DRAGON, the bodyguard of Director Shiokishi killed the remaining members and told Accelerator to stay out of Shiokishi's businesses if he doesn't want to regret it. He runs into Takitsubo Rikou lying in a bad state when Hamazura Shiage, who misunderstands Accelerator's intentions, arrives. Shiage tries to fight him but doesn't stand a chance, yet Accelerator leaves them both after watching how determined Shiage was and because Rikou caused him to feel compassion.

After he left the place, GROUP negotiated with Director Oyafune to help Accelerator take down another director that was after GROUP. When Shiokishi was defeated, he remarks he 'unfortunately' does know the truth about DRAGON, and it might have been better if he didn’t know in the first place. When GROUP asked him what DRAGON was, he replied “DRAGON is everywhere" and then everyone else, including GROUP, except for Accelerator, got knocked unconscious. Before losing consciousness as well due to blood lost, Shiokishi exclaimed the one behind them that did this wasn’t Fuse=KAZAKIRI like Accelerator thought after Etzali's comment about DRAGON could be used as a meaning for an "angel".

In front of Accelerator appears Aiwass, a higher dimensional super-being, the true author of the Book of Law and Crowley's mentor summoned to the physical plane of existence by Aleister himself. Aiwass keeps Accelerator conscious out of curiosity. Aiwass then explains that when AIM entities like itself are manifested, Last Order is heavily strained and may die/collapse if left untreated. Accelerator finally got provoked and tries to strike down Aiwass, but he suddenly receives a heavy wound on his upper body when charging in. It turns out Crowley had embedded an auto defense into Aiwass's appearance to prevent suicide. Accelerator then lost completely to Aiwass even after unleashing his Black Wing. However, in the end he used his cane to block the Misaka Network, thus making Aiwass to be slowly disintegrated. He then pulled out his gun and shot the core in its head.[38] Unfortunately, Aiwass was unscathed and Accelerator laid on the floor bloody and unable to move. As he struggled, Aiwass praised his attempt, said that would have taken it out if it were on the same level as Fuse=KAZAKIRI. An angel's halo then appeared above its head and Aiwass said "It seems I can transform," before knocking Accelerator unconscious.[39]

Taking Last Order with him and hiding themselves in a freight train, Accelerator headed to Russia, specifically toward the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, after Aiwass suggested not even Heaven Canceller could heal Last Order this time. Aiwass said him that he could find a completely different set of laws that he has never seen before there and to remember the term "Index Librorum Prohibitorum", because, though that itself was not actually there, important item dealing with it was. Accelerator crushed his cellphone, erasing his last link to Yomikawa Aiho, Yoshikawa Kikyou, GROUP and then began his search for a means to save Last Order in Russia.[7]

World War III Arc

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Index v20 037

Accelerator talking to Last Order.

While riding a train carrying military supplies to Russia, Accelerator spends a few moments talking to a barely conscious Last Order. This conversation is cut short when 10 unmanned Powered Suits attack the train, Accelerator covers Last Order's eyes with a handkerchief before engaging them. It seems the goal of the machine soldiers wasn't Accelerator or Last Order, but various parchments with spells on them. Accelerator easily annihilates the forces Academy City sent troops for and then studies the parchment.

As of Volume 20, he is currently in Russia, where he has a brief encounter with some Russian mages, and some of Academy city's new streamlined, and high-speed Powered Suits. It is also during this encounter where we learn that his ability not only works on magic (although incompletely, as the magic is dissipated instead of redirected) but also on teleportation as well. Accelerator also has an encounter with one of the new Level 4 Misaka clones, dubbed Misaka Worst, where he learns of Crowley's plans to make a new network with the new line of clones, and eliminate Last Order who has now become obsolete. Despite being far more powerful than the clone, he is at a disadvantage since he cannot bring himself to hurt another clone after the Level 6 experiment, and sustains minor injuries. Misaka Worst then proceeds to taunt and mentally traumatize him, telling him about the Sisters' hatred of him, and how Last Order's emotions for him are false. She ultimately forces Accelerator to choose between protecting Last Order and upholding his vow to never hurt another Misaka clone.

This causes Accelerator to have a mental breakdown, losing all reason when he awakens and goes berserk. He proceeds to beat Misaka Worst into the ground, becoming even more cruel and barbaric than his old personality from the days of the experiment. Despite having lost all faith in humanity, he still saves her when she attempts suicide as a way of showing the scientists who doubted him, that he does have the capacity to save people (alternatively, he only did it to annoy the ones who thought up this plan, telling them they've failed in their calculations). He then continues his rampage in front of an injured Misaka Worst, who notes that being around by him and seeing this state causes her to feel a lot of fear and regret for pushing him too far.

Later he sees Kamijou Touma passing in a military convoy along with Elizalina's forces. Accelerator, angry that the supposedly "invincible hero" is not willing to help Last Order in her time of need, attacks him out of the blue. He starts by causing a massive explosion that knocks down Touma, who miraculously survives. Accelerator then realizes that frequent battles must have given Touma some kind of supernatural instinct, an incomplete form of precognition for sensing AIM fields in some way, and thus reacting to the minute movements of his opponents.

Touma then proceeds to get up and exchange words with Accelerator, showing that Accelerator both idolizes and is jealous of Touma and his heroic personality because he cannot attain such a personality himself. Touma rebuts Accelerator's hero-villain ideals, stating that heroes are not necessary and telling Accelerator to realize that choosing good and evil and being heroes and villains are all unimportant - what really matters is the desire to protect someone.

Accelerator then summons 100 wings and strikes Touma with them, only for Touma to use his Imagine Breaker to grab one of his empowered wings and throw Accelerator off-balance. Touma then proceeds to punch Accelerator in the face, knocking him down. The second defeat at the hands of Touma triggers another big change in Accelerator's mentality, as Touma shattered Accelerator's ideals and the power of the black wings that he gained by submitting himself to the dark side. Accelerator's villainous rationale that had been his pillar of support was "killed" by Touma.

Touma also uses his Imagine Breaker to stabilize Last Order, although it was only a temporary fix, and then leaves him a note informing him to look for "Index Librorum Prohibitorum" to inquire about the lambskin Touma saw Accelerator had, though Accelerator mistook it for a note telling him to look for Index if he wants to save Last Order, since he heard about Index from Aiwass. Accelerator is later seen in a convoy traveling along with Elizalina's troops searching for a way to heal Last Order.

He currently has possession of a lambskin document sought after by Academy City, and may turn the tide of the war. He acquired it from a Russian military convoy he was hiding in, and when Academy City forces attacked, he thought they came after him while it was for the lambskin document. Accelerator then took the report, thinking of using it as a bargaining chip for Last Order's safety - if Academy City wants it so badly they would mobilize the same forces they'd use to fight a Level 5 esper, then it should be useful.

In Volume 21 the lambskin is revealed to be the last piece for Fiamma of the Right to fill the gap between Index's knowledge of all magic and allow him to access magic of Divine origins. Because of this, Gabriel attacks him and he is forced to defend himself. He and Fuse=KAZAKIRI, after initially fighting each other, were able to defeat Gabriel due to the combined efforts of Acqua of the Back and Kamijou Touma; taking away 50% of Gabriel's power and removing Gabriel from Fiamma's control respectively.

Index v22 216

Accelerator saying goodbye to a cured Last Order.

To save Last Order, he and Misaka Worst analyzed Index's song that was stored on the Misaka Network, using his vector abilities to understand it and perform the spell. He was severely damaged by it, but completely cured Last Order. Soon after, Fiamma blasted a huge amount of telesma from the Star of Bethlehem as a last ditch effort to complete his goals. Sensing the attack coming, Accelerator fully "awakens," changing his wings from black to white and gaining a halo over his head. After saying goodbye to the recently cured Last Order, he went to intercept the telesma. He succeeds, and was later picked up by an Academy City retrieval unit. After the retrieval, he forcefully negotiates with Academy City to free everyone from the darkness.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Freshmen Arc

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Accelerator reappears after the war with Last Order and Misaka Worst all living in Yomikawa's apartment with an honored deal of releasing those on the Dark side of the Academy with the Board of the Directors. This peace didn't last long as members of the "Freshmen" wanted to eliminate him and Shiage out of jealousy. The attack ends with the return of Touma and the final events of the first novel have him, Touma, and Shiage conversing on Magic and the state of World War III.


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The meeting of three protagonists is moved to Touma's house as suggested by Leivinia Birdway. After temporarily separating from Touma, who got drunk, Accelerator is surprised to see one of his former teammates Musujime with Touma and a dozen other girls.[40] After mid-way through the discussion on Magic, he is surprised once again on meeting another former teammate Motoharu, who gives thanks for being released as a spy for Academy City, only to be annoyed at Last Order and Misaka Worst appearing out of nowhere.[41]

When Radiosonde Castle appears in the sky over Academy City, Accelerator uses his newly acquired knowledge of magic and Feng Shui to locate the crystal "transmitter" which was calling the flying fortress.[42]

Hawaii Invasion Arc

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Baggage City Arc

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While Accelerator doesn't appear in this arc, he was briefly mentioned by Kihara Kagun as being the best anti-Kihara combatant should he have arrived and present in the city when the battle broke out between the Science Guardian and Academy City forces when the event had transpired.[43]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Eve of the Festival

Accelerator first appears in Aiho's residence, enjoying his own time relaxing. Here, he is called by Kikyou to deal with Last Order to get to dinner, as he is her guardian, as Last Order was too busy playing a video game with the Misaka Network. Kikyou reminds Accelerator that she cannot stay like a housewife in training, to which Accelerator asks if she has found work somewhere. Kikyou says that she is still making preparations, and states that she has been invited as a special lecturer in a college of science, though it is only temporary as she wants to get back into college. Kikyou says that she wants to be a teacher, and states her enthusiasm into becoming a Student Keeper.[44]

Then, Kikyou remembers that she doesn't have green onions for the flavor of her mizutaki, to which Last Order, who was taking a break from her video game, says that she would be willing to buy them. Seeing this, Accelerator is then told to go deal with her. As Accelerator argues with her regarding which one between him or Last Order holds the reins in their relationship, they fail to notice that Last Order has stopped shouting and has gone off on her own. Kikyou then tells Accelerator to take care of it, much to his irritation.[44]

Accelerator jumps around the city trying to look for Last Order everywhere. Finding nothing, he and Kikyou, who was forced to help him find her as well, head back to their apartment. Much to their surprise, Last Order is already there, eating some chocolate. Last Order explains her little sojourn with Fremea Seivelun, then their eating competition, which reminds both Kikyou and Accelerator that they have yet to eat dinner.[45]

Day of the Festival

Accelerator first appears declining Kikyou to have him deal with Last Order's obstinate attitude on eating her breakfast. As Last Order continues talking about the festival, Accelerator asks her what her plans are about having Last Order go to school. Kikyou gives a researcher-like response, that since Last Order shouldn't technically exist, she cannot go to school, however, she can get all the education she needs through the Misaka Network. Falling silent, Kikyou asks what's up with Accelerator, to which he simply states that she should be prepared to overcome that part of herself. Accelerator then tells Last Order to hurry up and finish eating because they will head out, making an excuse that he just wanted to find some winter boots, and that if there are any schools nearby they can make a stop. Both Kikyou and Last Order fall silent at their surprise, but Last Order breaks it by trying to dash towards the door, prompting both Accelerator and Kikyou to restrain her.[44]

Accelerator, Kikyou, and Last Order go out to enjoy the festival, and come upon Fremea Seivelun, Hamazura Shiage and Takitsubo Rikou. While there, Fräulein Kreutune finally comes upon Last Order, and tackles Shiage down just to get to her. She is promptly met by Accelerator, who comes between her and Last Order. Accelerator launches her far into the air. However, Fräulein is implacable and approaches again. This time however, before Accelerator could attack, a shell from the revived Kakine Teitoku's Rhinoceros beetles bends her body, allowing for Accelerator to launch her far away. The shell caused a panic in the area, leaving only Accelerator, Last Order, Yoshikawa Kikyou, Hamazura Shiage, Taikitsubo Rikou, and Fremea Seivelun together. When Accelerator looked towards the direction where the shell was fired from, he sees the beetles surrounding them; Kakine speaks using their wings' vibrations. Kakine asks Accelerator if he remembers him, to which Accelerator answers that it's a voice he doesn't bother to remember. Kakine says to Accelerator that he doesn't care about anyone else, even if they get hurt, as he will only focus on him, much to Accelerator's irritation, as he tries to find a way to protect or not involve others. Accelerator looks towards the roof where Teitokiu is located. To his surprise, several human figures accompany Kakine, his own forms. Kakine reveals that he is able to reproduce his own organs, even his own brain. With that, Kakine tells Accelerator how he made the beetles, but calls them more like cyborgs. He then tells him that the battle will begin, taunting him and then saying that his strength will level him up infinitely. Accelerator then shot out towards Kakine, leaving a hole behind him and the others so they can escape.[46]

Although he managed to eliminate 300 Dark Matter Kakine replicas in only 15 minutes, with the battle getting prolonged, Accelerator was well aware of the fact that the battery power for his electrode was running low. Accelerator has created nonsense calculations in order to throw off Kakine's predictions about him; at the same time, Accelerator takes a power cable from an overpass, and uses the electricity there to recharge it, careful not to overcharge it. With that, Accelerator predicts that his nonsense calculations should have reached Kakine, and that he should be able to beat him if he based his answer off it, unaware that Kakine knows that they are nonsense calculations. Both Accelerator and Kakine predict each other's thoughts on what they will do next.[47]

Kakine leads Accelerator to the underground passageways of the lowest level of the multi-level overpass. Accelerator calls Kakine pathetic, leading him to ask him how far he has come after much has happened to him. Accelerator still calls him pathetic, saying that if he truly did gather everything for what he lacked, then he shouldn't care about that issue. Accelerator said that he had enough, and that despite all Kakine had done to gain his power, he is still pathetic.[48]

However, Kakine then references the location they were in. He asks if the location they were in is familiar to him, but Accelerator could not answer. Laughing, Kakine reveals that this was one of the stages for the Level 6 Shift, where Accelerator once mercilessly killed Sister clones. Before Accelerator could react, Kakine has already created a change. Before them were several Misaka clones, speaking, acting, and moving like the Misaka clones that was there when Accelerator killed them an uncounted number of ages ago.[48] Kakine reminds him that they aren't actually them, as he forced his will upon them, turning towards Accelerator. He tells Accelerator that he cannot completely fix someone who has died, nor he can make something completely identical. He explains to him that he uses his Dark Matter to take information from an area, like a form of Psychometry, and give the information form.[48]

Hesitation comes upon Accelerator, and Kakine notes that it is actually working, much to Accelerator's anger. Kakine relates on how esper powers are controlled using high level calculation ability, even unknowingly, and that throwing it out of order can be useful, like making him lose his reflection. However, Kakine notes his interest in seeing those wings, and asks Accelerator to at least make himself be worthy of testing his ability.[48] The Dark Matter Misaka clones are ordered to attack him, something that should not be a problem for him. However, instead of taking them down head-on, Accelerator dodges their attacks. It was due to him not wanting to hurt them, as they reminded him of his sin. Seeing his actions, Kakine says that he is full of openings. He turns his arm into a giant wing, and shoots out sharp feathers towards him, hitting the Sisters on the way like spears. Accelerator was unable to evade in time, and his thoughts were unable to fully implement his reflection. He is wounded by one of the spears and thrown into the air, though he managed to break his fall. Before him, Accelerator's anger boils, as the Sisters try to enact their orders despite being torn apart by the spears Kakine has shot out. Accelerator could not help but remember the sins he has committed, as Kakine continues to toy with him.[49]

Kakine tells Accelerator that he did much research regarding him, and that even though it looks like he has atoned for what he did, and that Last Order has forgiven him, it does not mean that he has been completely forgiven. Continuing, he tells that despite him viewing the Sisters as an aggregate whole in the Misaka Network, he also believes that the Sisters' individual personalities should also be recognized, that should mean the overall will that has accepted doesn't matter, as "only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," and that, there is no longer any way he can determine if he has truly been forgiven. However, Kakine tries to trick Accelerator even further, telling him that the clones that he has formed are the final piece that would allow Accelerator to determine what those he killed thought, but also tells him that no one would know of his sins if he killed them here.[49]

His words pierce through Accelerator, hurtling his mind into disarray, and weakening his calculations. Not only was he unable to control his power, but he was not even properly carrying out the calculation. And with that, Kakine attacks. However, a beam of heat and light pierces through into the underground passageways, killing one of the clones. It is Mugino Shizuri, who has come to the lowest depths.[49] She berates Accelerator for his actions, enraging him. She tells him that he is being angry at the wrong person, and references Kakine's words on how "Only the one who was killed can understand the feelings of the one who was killed," is correct but states that the clones Kakine made in here aren't really them. She continues that it is not the likes of them, people who have killed others, to even begin to understand what the dead feel as it is not their purpose. She states that Accelerator is incredibly naive to fall for Kakine's tricks, and asks if he thought that they might come back to life and that his crimes for killing them would be undone. She says that she has read about the clones, and that his reasons for killing them was not worse than her killing others for no reason. She tells him that they are both going to hell, but there are things he needs to do before he goes. She asks what he will do, telling him that she doesn't care if he allows himself to get killed, or retrieves the dead's dignity and peaceful rest from the desecrater before him; it is his choice.[49]

Accelerator acknowledges this, regardless however, the clones before him are the final proof that those he killed ever existed. Mugino replies that it is all the more reason, and if he finds it acceptable for someone to steal and control the dead, then he should just let himself be killed as she will take care of everything. She then feels uneasy and tells Accelerator that he has to dirty his hands to give the dead a clean end. She references what Kakine said again, and says that only the living can act based on their feelings for the dead, and rejecting that and running away is neither being honest or pacifistic, but plain cowardice. And with that, Accelerator is released from his stupor and tells her that he will destroy, that he will be the remnant to prove that those people he killed really existed.[49]

Kakine finally reacts after listening to them, and asks if they will stop thinking how the dead feel and stop thinking about it. Mugino tells him that he will never understand, for he is someone who puts words in the dead's mouth for his own benefit and runs away from his feelings regarding the dead himself. She tells him that he is pathetic even though he is powerful, and it would've been better if he had remained dead, for he would've been merely the esper that defeated her. Then, she tells him the reason she was in there with them. On how someone who pretended to be Frenda attacked her last night, and suspects him for it for he was the biggest factor from the Dark Side of Academy City active at that time and the interest in playing with the dead was the same. She tells him that she doesn't know what his purpose was with what he did, and tells him that she will make him pay for disturbing her grave.[49]

NT Index v06 006-008

Accelerator and Mugino Shizuri confront Kakine Teitoku.

And with that, their battle begins. Mugino used her beam on Accelerator for his use, redirecting it to all the false clones Kakine created at once, destroying them. Here, Accelerator finally decides to no longer chase after Touma, and focus on him. He will take a different path from Touma, where he could do things Touma could not. Accelerator directs his attention towards Kakine, and uses his vector powers to destroy all the Dark Matter spears he created. As he twitched, Mugino fired at him, obliterating the top half of his body and most of his legs. However, Kakine appears upon a wall, saying that he can recreate himself. Mugino asks if he moved his flesh and blood organs into the floor before her attack. Kakine redirects the question, and hints many possibilities now that he can replace and create practically anything with his power.[50]

Accelerator does not care however, ripping apart the countless spears and redirecting the signals in the center point in the puddle, but to no avail, as Kakine states the network of his Dark Matter expands and information is sent faster without direct wiring than he can destroy it. Despite this, Accelerator continues to try and destroy his Dark Matter, as Mugino continued to assist him. Kakine then asks how much battery time Accelerator has left, and is curious about the wings that no theory can explain. Kakine just brags on how time is running out, and that he has no problem taking down Mugino. They continued attacking destroying his head, but it is of no avail, as he tells them that he simply has an infinite supply of Dark Matter, and his inspiration is boundless, telling them that to reach him, they need to climb over the wall of infinity that continues on eternally. He then shoots out countless Dark Matter spears towards them.[50]

NT Index v06 320

Kakine Teitoku breaks apart.

Kakine continues his assault, but time is running out, and Kakine simply taunts them as his Dark Matter attacks continue to shoot out. But then, something happened; he stopped. Mugino becomes curious, threatening to kill him. But Kakine does not answer, as he too is confused. He then asks what Accelerator did, believing him to be the culprit. Then, Accelerator realizes something. He tells Kakine that this was the effect of him being "infinite," and tells Kakine that it wasn't him.[51]

He did not know, but Beetle 05, the rogue beetle that Kakine ignored, was beginning to take over. As the system begins to transfer authority to Beetle 05, Kakine begins to crack, who cries on how it is not possible for a power that he brought to betray him. Accelerator then tells Kakine that it is no longer matters who was the first Kakine, as he obtained the infinite. Mugino too began to understand. She laughs at his problem of being too powerful, saying that when a network made up of flexibly replaceable equipment has a portion become isolated from the rest, the isolated portion becomes a small network of its own. Accelerator concludes that the one who stopped Kakine Teitoku was now the Kakine Teitoku. Accelerator is impressed on Dark Matter's capabilities, and mocks him for being unable to wield it. Mugino however notes that he might not be the core Kakine as he had scattered his mind over the system, and the one before them was closest to the surface, though it says of nothing that what showed itself in the surface was the true nature of Kakine Teitoku. Mugino then asks if they were just battling the outer layer of his mind, and states that it wasn't easy doing it. Here, she is impressed by Kakine Teitoku, being not a normal person, but not the one before her right now.[51]

Slowly, despair overtakes Kakine and slowly more cracks form. Accelerator comments on how there will probably be nothing left to prove that he was here, and even if a massive amount of data is left concerning Kakine Teitoku, it will not refer to him. In his darkest hour, Kakine recalls Takitsubo Rikou being part of the group when he attacked them for the first time. He also recalls that she had the ability to track others' AIM Diffusion Fields, and that she also had the hidden possibility of using others’ AIM diffusion fields to distort their Personal Realities. A person he deemed to have been capable of becoming the eighth Level 5. There, Kakine realized that she might be the one, consciously or subconsciously, that had incited the change in Beetle 05. Kakine is enraged greatly. He shouts his fury in that underground passageway with only Accelerator and Mugino as his audience. Accelerator however, had enough, and pierced his center of the thing before them, completely shattering it, and the Dark Matter dissolved into the air, leaving nothing behind.[51]

Accelerator comments that it is over, but Mugino just shrugs, saying that they still have a long way to go for people like them.[51] While leaving the underground passageways, Mugino asks if he intends to do anything about Fräulein Kreutune, to which Accelerator replies that he doesn't care, but is intrigued by the fact that someone he knows wants to protect her and risked herself to stop him from killing her. As they got out into the open, Mugino sees Fräulein eating something which she presumes to be a human brain, and witnesses Accelerator's near rampage as he produces wings after he presumes it was Last Order she was eating. However, Last Order calls out to her, proving that she is alive and well. Fräulein was eating a candy brain made out of the spare ingredients of Cendrillon's body, as conceived by Kamijou Touma.[52]

After the events of the arc, Accelerator returns with Last Order and Kikyou, considering not telling what had transpired during the day to Aiho. Accelerator is deep in thought, feeling restless about the convenient solution that has transpired during the events, as well as the secrets of Academy City, thinking that he could sacrifice himself and expose the rottenness of the City's core. As Last Order enters the room Accelerator is in, he discovers Last Order has been possessed by an existence which he refers to as the "Will of the Whole Misaka Network". Here, the existence berates Accelerator for thinking that he could go the easy way out, destroy the peaceful life he has, and then go to hell once everything is put in order, by throwing himself into a fight to approach the secrets of Academy City. The existence tells that his anxiety regarding forgetting what he needs do by growing relaxed in his new life is unfounded. As he is a monster, the existence tells him that it is most comfortable for him to have an easy conflict, violence, and victory, that it is only natural for him. However, the existence states that his calculation power was not loaned to him just so he can take the easy way out.[53]

The existence states that he must struggle for someone's sake, struggle in the way that is most difficult, and threatens him that if he took the easy road and become a monster, then the existence will throw him into a hell several sizes larger than his imagining. The existence concludes that despite leaving Last Order and Misaka Worst with him, the existence is much more interested with Touma and is concerned for his well-being as of late. With that, the "e-mail" ends and Last Order collapses to the floor.[53]

Agitate Halation Arc

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Accelerator first appears near the end of this arc. Because of the movements of the city's darkness which led to these events and presumably also being one of the "heroes", Accelerator arrives at Learning Core at the scene of action. He first flies at high speed with tornadoes to the spot with the largest concentration of heroes and not far away from where Mugino Shizuri was fighting. When he lands, he blows away about 1000 people, yet nobody dies because he made sure with his supreme vector control. He acts a bit disappointed when seeing he defeated them so easily, and asks whether they thought he would only act if "that brat" was involved. He then adds that when the darkness of the city makes a movement to this extent he cannot ignore it. Yet, after intercepting information about the events with Tsuchimikado Motoharu, another reason for him is making a preemptive strike in case the flames spread to him. Afterwards, Accelerator spots Touma, realizing he had escaped the shockwave created by Accelerator's arrival. He asks the boy if he knows what he has to do, which Touma confirms. Accelerator tells him to go, as he is not the protagonist here; Touma is. While Touma gets away, he warns Accelerator that the heroes are controlled by the Agitate Halation Project, but Accelerator only asks who he thinks he's talking to. After Touma disappears, new enemies surround Accelerator. They noticed the underground route Touma has taken and are now planning to use it to go and save Fremea. Accelerator smiles in scorn, and claims that he will use his bloody hands to test whether the "heroes" are worthy of that title.[54]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, it is Accelerator instead who saves all 20,000 Sisters, along with Last Order and Misaka Worst after stopping the Level 6 Shift Project.[55] Here, Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator have solved both their issues and are first seen accompanying Last Order and a few clones chasing after a paper airplane in the park where Othinus puts Touma in after creating the world. Seeing this, Touma admits that he couldn't save over 10,000 clones, and wishes he realized the events surrounding them sooner that there might have been a different option. He begins blaming himself for accepting that the incident with the Sisters have been resolved. His self-deprecation allows Othinus to continue to break Touma, with him eventually realizing that his very existence and choices may have caused great tragedy to befall people.[56]

Later, after Touma's spirit has been finally broken and is trying to decide on how he should have himself killed, Last Order, several of the Sisters, and Misaka Worst are in the festival in the Academy City accompanied by Accelerator, Yoshikawa Kikyou, and Amai Ao. Accelerator complains on being in the festival, to which Kikyou states that there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited, as someone who saved every last one of the 20,000 plus Sisters deserves at least that much for him. Ao however, comments on how it costs a lot. He points to Accelerator on how the clones are staring restlessly on food stands, while Misaka Worst is egging them on.[55]

VS the World

As one of the seven Level 5s of Academy City, he is one of the recipients of the email giving an order to kill both magic god Othinus and Touma, much to his annoyance and questions what Touma is doing.[57] He is then sent to space to Hikoboshi II as a cargo for the S5 cannon, though unbeknownst to him, it was ordered by Kihara Yuiitsu.[58] Though Accelerator goes to Denmark to face Touma, because of his concern for him he does not intend to win against him.[59]

He is later fired towards the area where Touma and Othinus are in Denmark. A mushroom cloud forms at the blast site and just as Touma expects another attack, a violent gust of wind rips the mushroom cloud apart and there they see standing on the blast site Academy City’s #1 Level 5.[60]

NT Index v10 047

The One who Bears White and Black Wings and Opposes the World.

Touma becomes very cautious and knocks over Othinus to her back. Just as Touma is doing that, Accelerator gently taps his transport device and it flies at a tremendous speed toward Touma but he dodges it. Four tornadoes then springs up from Accelerator’s back and he proceeds to touch Touma’s side in order to reverse his blood flow and electric signals. Touma dodges it and punches Accelerator to his face only to find out that he is able to withstand it better than before. He then asks what Touma is even doing and playing hero with no thought of his interest is nothing new but he is showing lack of vision this time to which Touma responds the same. Accelerator then tells Touma that when he is using his power, he doesn’t have any crazy idea about saving the world and they strike each other fist to fist. He then tells Touma that he will only bother looking after the people in his cell phone’s memory and that Othinus is a threat to the safety of mankind and among those six or seven billion are people he knows and that is an enough reason for him to fight her. He also tells Touma that he can’t go down the path he is on, but it is not a reason for him to feel inferior to Touma. White wings then bursts from Accelerator’s back and swings them down toward Touma like blades, while they are pressing their fists. Touma then manages to intercept the wings by redirecting them. Accelerator then tells Touma that if killing Othinus is the most absolute way of ensuring the safety of the people he cares for, he will not hesitate to do so and he won't easily be swept by pointless emotions and getting stabbed in the back for the process but he is even less of a fan when someone else’s back is getting stabbed. He then asks Touma his reasons for protecting Othinus to which Touma responds that while it’s true that Othinus is not worth saving, he still might as well protect her since it is more fun to let her join the group rather than throwing her around. Then several dozen wings froze in place and Accelerator tells him that he isn't even trying to convince him, to which Touma responds that it is how true motives work and that he does not expect for him to understand immediately so they will fight until they reach an understanding. Accelerator then flies at an altitude of 5000 meters in an instant and charges at Touma at a tremendous speed. Just as Accelerator is charging toward Touma, Touma picks up a rock and prepares to counter. Accelerator doesn't think of evading since he is well aware on what Touma’s right hand could do and that as long as he remains conscious and could continue to do his calculations he will be able to crush him. Touma then betrays Accelerator’s expectations and first made a cross counter just as he expected aiming for his chest. He then suddenly swings up the rock with his left hand. Touma first neutralizes his reflection with his right hand then applied a tremendous force to Accelerator’s heart causing Accelerator to pass out by slamming the rock on his hand.[61]

After some time, Accelerator wakes up buried in snow and notices that Touma and Othinus are already nowhere to be seen. A clone then shows up in front of him, which turns out to be the Will of the Whole Misaka Network borrowing a Sisters clone's body. She says that she was very worried for about Touma and had used her ticket to take control of the clone but it discovers much to her relief that it already has been resolved. She also concludes that Accelerator didn’t go all out during their fight and that if the news about the #1 Level 5 of Academy City was defeated spread, the others would not bother attacking Touma anymore due to the higher-ups fear of losing the rest of the Level 5s. She also comments that Accelerator has matured enough knowing that he can also gain something by losing. Accelerator then asks her how long will it be next time he would see her again, to which she responds that she has no physical body and she mustn’t be presumptuous enough to think about actually joining in. She then tells Accelerator the difference between him and Touma that he looks at the clones as representatives of good while Touma just sees them as people, and that he needs to do something about it first. With that, the Will leaves the body and the unconscious clone falls on Accelerator. He then wonders what he is supposed to do with an unconscious girl, much to his annoyance.[59]

Salome Arc

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On December 5th, Accelerator was approached by Salome, who was targeting members of the Kamijou Faction, and provoked him into a fight.[62] When Salome noticed Kamisato Kakeru and the Kamisato Faction attacking Touma, she led Accelerator in their direction, briefly making him hesitate with the possibility of one of the children he cared for getting caught in the crossfire, preventing him from catching her before arriving.[63] On reaching the Kamisato Faction, Accelerator dropped into their midst and caught them in a tornado, allowing Salome to escape with Touma.[64]

Aleister Crowley Arc

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On December 11th, at some point just after the incident at the Windowless Building, Accelerator noticed signs that someone had been spying on him.[65]

Processor Suit Arc

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Late on December 11th, Accelerator pursued the Processor Suit and A. O. Francisca, running into Hamazura Shiage (who had been placed into one of the suits by A. O. Francisca as a decoy) and Mina Mathers several times along the way.[66][67][68][69][70][71]

On the morning of December 12th, Accelerator was involved in the battle at Heaven Canceller's Hospital and briefly faced Index, whose John's Pen Mode had been activated by Coronzon, before she was relocated towards Kamijou Touma.[72][73] After the battle, Accelerator approached Aleister Crowley, now in the form of a young girl, and threatened her with his gun, with a disagreement between himself, Shiage and Touma. Once Shiage had made his demands, Aleister made a single deviation from the plan and walked up to Accelerator, giving him an opportunity to do as he wished. Seeing that shooting her then and there would be meaningless, Accelerator declared that he would settle things after reminding Aleister of true fear.[74]

Return to England Arc

Following the evacuation of Academy City, Accelerator accompanied Aleister and Touma on their journey to the United Kingdom in order to deal with Coronzon's influence there and grasp the demon's achilles heel.[75]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Sisters Arc

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Accelerator first appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, where during another session of brutally killing a Misaka clone, he meets an enraged Misaka Mikoto who tries to get revenge on him after she witnesses him killing Misaka 9982. However, Mikoto is powerless against Accelerator due to his abilities. He later figures out that she is the original Misaka Mikoto and becomes disappointed that although both are Level 5's, Mikoto is very weak compared to him, and, wanting to speed up the experiments, opts to kill her. He is prevented from doing so by the arrival of several Misaka clones, who tell him that he should follow the protocols; killing Mikoto would cause discrepancies in the calculations. Accelerator accepts this explanation and leaves Mikoto alone after telling her his name.

In the Railgun Manga, Accelerator appears in a daydream by Nunotaba Shinobu that hopes that by putting "fake emotions" into the Sisters, she could possibly move his heart. This is because she apparently believes that even he wouldn't kill the Misaka clones who would be crying because of their emotions in that hypothetical situation. She is one of the few people who in addition to Last Order seem to believe that Accelerator would stop the experiment if he realized that the clones behaved like/were actual humans.

Accelerator reappears briefly in his battle against Misaka 10031, where Mikoto accidentally sees how he reverses the clone's blood with his vector powers on a monitor. Later, he reappears in another experiment with the clones; this time he has to defeat Misaka 10032, but is interrupted by the arrival of Kamijou Touma. Many of the scenes featured have the fight featured in Accelerator's perspective and shows as well the beginning of the Experiment with a younger self. Right before Touma delivers the final punch, he questions what he has been doing this whole time.

Silent Party Arc

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A still recovering Accelerator briefly appears on September 2, while undergoing a drip lying down on his hospital room's bed, looks at the sky from the room's window together with a Last Order seated on a chair next to his bed.

Daihasei Festival Arc

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An already crippled Accelerator is first seen wandering an alleyway when he is approached by a liaison, whom Accelerator apparently knows, and is aware of his connections to the Level 6 Shift. The liaison, somehow asked by the Daihaseisai Student Committee, which was tasked by the Board of Directors themselves, to have the Level 5s promote the Daihaseisai. Accelerator being the number 1 ranked esper is a foregone conclusion. Accelerator spares not a moment of time towards the liaison, telling him that he is not interested in anything that he is offering, attacks him, and warns him to go away. Before the liaison can even start telling him that he is wanted in the Daihaseisai, he is attacked by Accelerator, who leaves, telling him that he is too busy taking care of the brat, Last Order.[76]

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

Accelerator is first seen reading a book while still recovering from his headshot that he received from Amai Ao until after the Disciplinary Action Anti-Skill member captured Estelle Rosenthal and left which is when he shut the book he was reading, sat up, and yawned before picking up a photo that was on the floor that was apparently dropped by one of the people that was involved in the incident mentioned that was of Last Order prior to clicking his tongue, grabbing his modern-cane styled crutch and throwing a paper on to a notebook that had its cover written on by Last Order previous to walking out of the hospital, confronting the DA member and saying to him to hold up and leave the luggage he has as in Estelle where she is because he had something to ask her.[77]

Other appearances

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Accelerator movie

A snapshot of Accelerator's trailer debut, showing the scene of Accelerator arriving at the base of Endymion.

Accelerator appears in two trailers from the upcoming theatrical release of the movie.

In the movie, Accelerator appears in the hospital, still recuperating after getting shot in the head. Last Order later gets information relayed to her from the Sisters through the Misaka Network after overhearing Touma's conversation, that the there is great peril upon Endymion. Accelerator is annoyed by her noise-making and tries to go back to rest. However, later, when the need was dire, Accelerator arrives at the base of Endymion before one of the explosive bolts, most likely after Last Order was relayed information to her that it must be destroyed in order to "terminate" or "purge" Endymion. Accelerator is once again annoyed by this, to which Last Order says that they have come because the world is in danger, though Accelerator replies that he does not care for such a thing. In the end, he destroys the explosive bolt, deeming it good exercise for rehabilitation, at the same time as Mikoto and Stiyl destroy the other two.

Misaka misaka fly

Last Order comments that she is flying as she is carried by Accelerator away from Endymion.

As the Endymion terminates, Accelerator leaves and carries away Last Order in his arms as he jumps through the air. Last Order comments on how she is flying, to which an annoyed Accelerator says he won't be doing this for Last Order ever again.

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

Accelerator reenacts his battle with Touma in the second episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan. He reappears in the final scene of the special, reenacting the scene where he creates plasma. During that scene, he exaggerates his laugh and comments on how he no longer has a weak voice and is no longer an amateur as he won an award for his voice work (referring to his seiyuu). He later apparently kills Touma after an explosion which uses the dust explosion scene from the regular anime.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun MMR: Much More Railgun

He appears in the third episode. In one sketch, his seiyu takes over his role and complains to Misaka 9982 on how only the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise gives him a long-running series role, much to her and the other seiyuu's chagrin as despite the fact that he has little roles in anime that are not long-running, he instead get many roles instead in short late night anime. In the next sketch, Accelerator humors Mikoto in her complaints on girls like her liking childish things, to which he concludes that girls who are into those things are fine, but not with her, prompting her to charge towards him.

Video game appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

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Accelerator appears as a playable character in the game. One notable aspect of his appearance is that he has already incurred brain damage and has to use the Misaka Network to do his calculations, though he retains his black shirt with white stripes and lacks his cane (as he tosses it away in his battle intro, making it seem that his powers are a bit more intact similar to pre-‘’Toaru Majutsu no Index II’’).

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

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Accelerator is one of the playable characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game. His associated Virtuaroid is RVR-87/VSL Specineff “Rusty Blood".[78]

Non in-universe appearances

Video game appearances

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus

Accelerator appears in the game as a boss character; here he is already in his weakened state and using his cane, which allows the players to hit him. He is however, still powerful, able to use Redirection at certain times and uses Plasma Storm as his primary attack. He can also move very fast to close in on a character player. He also has a one-hit knockout move, where he touches the players and using his vector abilities to knock them out.

Accelerator Lunatia

Accelerator as seen in Lunatia.


The Accelerator is one the NPC characters that will assist the player in the Japanese version of the Korean MMORPG Lunatia.[79]

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

Accelerator is one of the supports added to the game. His first assist makes Last Order appear, as she wanders confused into the stage. If an enemy attack hits her Accelerator will appear, blocking the attack and using his Dark Wings to swipe at the enemy. His second assist consist of Accelerator stomping the ground, creating a fissure that damages the opponent and causes them to bounce between the ground and the top of the screen a few times.


The Accelerator

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Accelerator has to rely on a choker connected to the Misaka network.

Accelerator is named after his ability. It creates a thin field of AIM around him, which allows him to modify the vector values of anything he touches. After the events of Volume 5, his brain has been damaged, and he has to rely on a choker-style electrode that connects him to the Misaka Network. The brainwave network allows him to use language, as well as making up for his lost ability to make calculations, although it is stated that it's less than half of what he once had. Furthermore the network enables Accelerator to reflect ultraviolet rays even when he isn't in esper mode.[80] When using the network in esper mode, the battery of the electrode initially only lasts fifteen minutes. That changes in when he joins GROUP and its technical team cranks his time up to thirty minutes. He does not need the Misaka Network to use his abilities when in an awakened state.

He is shown to be far stronger than any other Level 5 in Academy City, being able to easily defeat the #2 Level 5 esper Kakine Teitoku without the use of his black wings. It should be noted that this fight took place after Accelerator's brain was damaged and he was forced to rely on the Misaka Network to do his calculations, which reduced him to having less than half of his former calculation abilities. Accelerator has stated that as long as he has experienced it, he can analyze forces unknown to him, by following the vectors that have been applied, almost similarly to the immune system. He used this ability to understand Aiwass' "inexplicable laws."


Rather than creating a vector from nothing, Accelerator may instead alter the vector of an object that he touches. This aspect of his power is versatile offensively and defensively; not needing conscious control, Accelerator may deflect or redirect bullets that strike him, or the pressure wave of an explosion without requiring his awareness of the threat. Accelerator may apply this ability consciously however, to such effect as reversing the blood flow within someone's body by touching an open wound. Accelerator must consciously choose which vectors naturally interact with him-- including the vector forces acting on him from gravity or incident light. Because of this 'reflection' of light, unnessesary ultraviolet light is deflected by Accelerator, contributing to his albino appearance as his body ceases to produce melanin. The defensive power of this ability is impressive, but if negated or worked around through some other means, Accelerator himself is quite fragile and easily beaten down.


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He acquires black wings towards the end of volume 13 when he has an epiphany before being nearly killed by Kihara Amata, and fully awakens in his fight against the #2 level 5, Kakine Teitoku in Volume 15, during which he displays a massive superiority in power. Whenever he awakens, Accelerator usually loses almost all control of himself and begins to speak in the language of the angels. He gains the ability to understand laws that are hitherto unknown and unexplainable to him, and no longer needs contact with vectors in order to control them. When under tremendous emotional pressure, he manifests massive black wings, stated to be made of the same "Dark Matter" that Kakine Teitoku creates with his ability. These wings do all the vector-related calculations for him, implied to be much faster than his original capabilities, and as a result he does not need the Misaka Network to manipulate vectors in this state. In volume 22, due to his pillar of support being changed after his second defeat by Touma, he manifests white wings and a halo and is able to block a massive amount of Telesma that Fiamma of the Right launches from the Star of Bethlehem. The angelic nature of his ability is described as "The One Who Wields the Power of God" (「神にも等しい力の片鱗を振るう者」 Kami nimo hitoshii chikara no henrin wo furuu mono?).


Accelerator has demonstrated the ability to use magic. In volume 22, he used his vector ability to interpret the song used by Index to save Last Order and repeated the breathing method, casting the spell. As this was a pure magic spell, he suffered serious harm but saved Last Order. This is a possible factor that lead to Accelerator gaining White Wings, replacing his Black ones.[81] After an explanation on the theory of magic provided by Leivinia Birdway, Accelerator displays his extreme delicate control over magic to having a side effect of using magic as unnaturally sweating rather than rupture of blood vessels and organ damage.[82] An example of this is even when he has only a rough idea what Feng Shui was, he is able to use a limited magic detection and then combine it with his knowledge of group psychology to increase its accuracy.[82] However, Magic still presents a great foil to Accelerator, as when he was tricked into fulfilling the conditions to perform a spell by magician disguised as a Trident member he suffered from the rejection reaction without having taken steps to lower the damage beforehand, which caused the blood to burst from his right arm. The extreme pain involved lowered his calculation ability to a point where he was unable to use his Reflection ability, leaving him helpless.[83]

Other abilities

  1. High-level Intellect: Accelerator has shown frequently to possess a very high intellect. For starters, his esper ability is shown to require complex calculations to function, with him being skilled enough in this field to come up with a new application on the fly during his battle against Touma. He also appears to have a very good memory, as he memorized the codes for Last Order's default mind state and was able to remotely return her to that condition, thus erasing the virus planted into her by Amai Ao. Later, he also starts to display clever strategies in battle, as when he was able to take out the Hound Dogs using firearms, which he utilized for the first time against them, along with exploiting his immediate environment and his enemies' psychological state to his advantage, without using his esper ability. Even with less than half of his calculation ability, it is great enough to allow Accelerator to calculate and analyze all the 25,000 different kinds of energy of Kakine Teitoku's Dark Matter, while fighting on par with him and protecting bystanders. Finally, he was able to figure out a way to block the signal used to shut off his electrode and to figure out ways to diminish the harmful influence magic has on his body as an esper, which is a feat only one other individual has accomplished so far. He is also fairly skilled at identifying spies; as well as being a skilled interrogator, as he was seen to easily break a Russian spy with Misaka Worst's help.
  2. Machine Ingenuity: Accelerator is also quite competent with machinery and technology, evident in when he modifies his cane with various gravity sensors and small motors to help better support himself. He also implants in it a mechanism to overcome the Board of Directors and their subordinates' means to shut off his choker-style electrode by memorizing the wavelength they use and blocking that wavelength afterwards.
  3. Marksmanship: After his fight with Kihara Amata, Accelerator realizes that he can't consistently rely on his power. As such, he trains with firearms and is shown to be extremely proficient in their usage. With his left, weaker hand, he is able to finish off a round of practice in 70 seconds. He commented that his reloading of a pistol in two seconds with just one hand and his teeth is too slow, even though he was simply testing the gun.
  4. Driving skill: Accelerator displays enough skill to drive a motorbike, seemingly without issues.[84]


  • Choker-style electrode: After he was shot by in the head, Accelerator, despite having survived, had his frontal lobe badly damaged and lost his ability to walk or use his motor skills, as well as his verbal and calculation abilities, preventing him from properly reading and speaking. This unique electrode, which is attached in his head, connects him with the Misaka Network and thanks to the limited connection to the brainwave network he has gained enough calculation ability to think normally, understand and speak, walk, etc. The choker has three modes: off, normal mode, and esper mode, where the battery runs out in 15 minutes after entering this mode. This was later modified to 30 minutes, but it was also tampered with at the same time with a safety device that allows for someone to remotely prevent the device from switching to esper mode.
  • Modified crutch: The crutch Accelerator always uses to support his body when he is in normal mode contains a small motor and weight distribution sensors that allows it to determine Accelerator's center of gravity. Instead of ending a single leg like a regular crutch, it ends with four legs attached to the end like a microphone stand, which, according to the narration, "holds the ground" helping Accelerator to get up when he is down. The staff along with the four legs can be retracted in and out of the cuff. However, its more important feature is a component inserted by Accelerator that blocks other interference devices. The crutch allows for Accelerator to block specific wavelengths after successfully analyzing it and, using the equipment in the crutch, generate an interfering wavelength specifically engineered to block the original wavelength.


Last Order

After the Level Six Shift experiment ended, Last Order approached Accelerator to ask him for help. Although reluctant at first, Accelerator eventually decided to protect Last Order with his life. It has been stated that Accelerator is a parental figure for Last Order, and their interactions are like that of father and daughter. Near the end of World War III Accelerator admitted that he always wanted to be with her, as he wants to protect his family.

Misaka Worst

After defeating Worst in volume 20, Accelerator asks her for her help to protect Last Order, and after the war she moves into Yomikawa Aiho's apartment with him and Last Order. Accelerator views Worst as mostly a nuisance, finding her very annoying. Despite this he does not hesitate to rely on her for help whenever they are in a dangerous situation.

The Sisters

"It’ll be all right. If you need something to prove you existed, I will be that remnant. I will dig deeply into this world to leave behind an indelible mark that will prove that you were here as the ones who were sacrificed to the monster that I am. These twisted records are no longer needed. I just have to return you to a place where the dark side of science like me can’t reach you. I will end it all!!"
―Accelerator's conviction before facing Kakine Teitoku[src]

During the Level Six Shift experiments, Accelerator was openly cruel and sadistic towards the Sister Clones. He constantly berated every Sister with taunts before and during their battles as well as formulating brutal and horrifying methods against them. However, Last Order theorizes that his actions were intended to scare the Misaka Sisters and demoralize them from continuing the experiments, thus implying that he never wanted to hurt them, but Accelerator dismisses her theory.

After his reform, Accelerator expresses remorse for the atrocities that he has committed and devotes himself to protecting the lives of the Sisters. The guilt on his conscience was substantial enough to push him to an emotional breakdown in his confrontation with Misaka Worst, stating that he would never bring pain or fear upon the Sisters again.

The Will of the Whole Misaka Network states that the difference between him and Touma is that he views The Sisters as the epitome of good while Touma views them as normal humans.

Kamijou Touma

After Touma defeated him, ending the Level Six Shift Experiment, Accelerator hated Touma with a passion. Just the sight of him was enough to send him into rage, such as when he saw him during the events of SS1. He also subconsciously admired him and was jealous of his heroic personality. Aiwass says that Accelerator is "chasing after" Touma and wants to be like him. After World War III, Accelerator has calmed down about Touma and befriended him, fighting alongside him in the invasion of Hawaii and trusting him enough to lend his powers to his ideas. During the Agitate Halation Project, Accelerator even goes as far as to say to Touma: "Do you know what you need to do?" and when Touma replied: "Yes." Accelerator declared: "Then go. I’m not the protagonist here." Touma replies: "These ‘heroes’ are being controlled by a project called Agitate Halation. Be careful." Accelerator finishes the conversation by saying: "Who do you think you’re talking to?" Here, it appears as if Accelerator has already managed to become confident in regards to his strength in relation to Touma's. However, Accelerator also acknowledges that he will never be quite like Touma and therefore lets Touma take the spotlight.

During NT10 it is shown that Accelerator now cares about Touma to the point that he lost to him on purpose so that Academy City and the other level 5 espers won't come after him, since defeating the strongest one of them would mean that it would be impossible for the weaker level fives to win.

Hamazura Shiage

Because he killed the first leader of Skill Out, Komaba Ritoku, Hamazura Shiage was originally hostile to Accelerator. When he was escaping with Takitsubo Rikou, which was when Accelerator first met Shiage face to face, Shiage had mistakenly thought that Aleister Crowley had sent Accelerator to kill him. Because of this, Shiage attacked Accelerator but failed to defeat him, and the fight ended after Accelerator was able to clear up the misunderstanding. After World War III, both Hamazura Shiage and Accelerator returned to Academy City and later worked together to save Fremea Seivelun. When both had met Kamijou Touma, the two were introduced to the magic side of the world and were told of the existence of GREMLIN.

Yomikawa Aiho

After he saved Last Order and was crippled, the researcher Yoshikawa Kikyou took both Last Order and Accelerator to Aiho, where they lived with her as freeloaders. It is stated that she is one of the few people which Accelerator sees as his family. In Vol. 15 he used his Black Wings to protect her because Kakine had hurt her badly and was about to kill her. After his fight in Russia he, Last Order and Misaka Worst are living now together with Yoshikawa, one of the few examples of their close relationship could be seen in NT 1, where she punched Accelerator after he came back from WW3 and hugged him tightly directly after.

Character Art Designs

Design evolution

Accelerator's character design is perhaps the most colorful of all characters in the series, though not because of revisions on his basic design but due to the changes the character goes through in the course of the novels. Haimura Kiyotaka designed Accelerator during the course of his designing of the characters for volume 2; due to an editor's mistake, the plot of Volume 3 was sent to him along with the full text of Volume 2. Much to his surprise, Accelerator's basic design was approved. As volume 3 rolled into the corner, Accelerator's design began to be improved to fit his villainous role in volume 3. His design is based off Eric Draven from The Crow, the Joker from the Dark Knight, as well as a mouse. Accelerator's shirt is based off a face in Devilman and in Berserk (most likely the Hellhound).

For his redesign as the fledgeling protagonist, Haimura had Accelerator with a tokusatsu theme, specifically, Ultraman. His coloration is the most obvious change, from black and white originally to gray and white. According to Haimura, the design of his shirt is supposed to be something like a simplified representation of a bird of prey soaring from the sky after its prey, and the change of colors symbolize his change in personality after meeting Last Order.

For his winter appearance, Haimura uses an old design back from volume 16, in which he imagines what Accelerator would like with a winter outfit on. The general design remains but is further finalized in his second draft for Accelerator's winter design. Going for an gray alien appearance, Haimura had Accelerator's jacket made up of reflective materials and lamé. Here, Haimura designs a tentative pattern for his new undershirt that would appear in later volumes, but would be hidden for the arc it was designed for. Later, the shirt was redesigned a little for the 3rd New Testament volume, Accelerator's hair became even longer, and he gained new python pants.



  • Accelerator noticed after initiating a dust explosion in his fight with Touma that the temporary lack of oxygen almost killed him. Because of this he realizes that even if he took on a direct blast from a nuclear weapon, he would then die from the lack of oxygen it caused. But in the novel, he subjects the idea that he could use an oxygen tank to remedy that situation, as some are made the size of hairspray bottles.
  • Accelerator is the first known character who has managed to fill Index's stomach. Even when Maika cooks for Index, she only manages to fill 1/3 of Index's stomach according to Motoharu.
  • Although Tree Diagram predicted that in a fight between him and Misaka Mikoto, she would die in 185 moves, the version of the SISTERS Arc in the Railgun manga shows that she would have been killed just by reflecting her strongest move, the Railgun, in 3 moves. Of course, this prediction is probably based on Accelerator's tendency to play with his opponents.
  • His voice actor, Okamoto Nobuhiko, won twice in the Annual Seiyuu awards for his role as Accelerator. He first won Best Male Rookie in 2008 for his role in Index, and he also won Best Supporting Actor in 2010 for Index II. These achievements were both pointed out in the Index-tan specials.
    • The Seiyuu also later play the same type role as Karma Akabane which was thought to be strongest of all but later defeated by main protagonist, Nagisa on a duel at Assassination Classroom.
  • When spoilers on Volume 20 was first released, there was the misconception that Accelerator had somehow managed split the country Russia into two halves. Later this is found to be false, stemming from a mistranslation in the narration at the part where Accelerator has just defeated Misaka Worst.
  • He is shown to enjoy coffee as there are instances in the light novel of him buying / wanting to buy coffee. He enjoys the same brand of coffee that Touma likes (black coffee without sugar), and at least once (Volume 5 light novel, before encountering Last Order and after his defeat from Touma) he actually bought every coffee can left in the store, "foiling" Touma's attempt to buy coffee the next day (another possible joking nod to Touma's "misfortune") .
  • Due to his unusual introduction to Last Order and his equally unusual reaction to seeing her naked, not to mention their close relationship and the way he attracted Index's attention in Volume 12-13, fans have been joking that Accelerator might secretly be a lolicon. Misaka Worst lampshades this in New Testament Volume 1, because Accelerator is looking to help Fremea Seivelun.[85]
  • The character Add from the Korean MMORPG Elsword bears a striking resemblance to Accelerator. Although looking similar to Add, KoG confirmed that they had no intention of giving Add a same personality as Accelerator, confirming the only thing similar between the two is the voice actor.
  • One other possible trait that Add shares with Accelerator aside from his appearance and slightly close psychopathic personality is that one of his jobs/paths/classes are called Diabolic Esper, which is a reference to the Toaru world involving espers.

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Main article: Accelerator/Quotes
  • (To Misaka 10032 in Vol 3)"I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!"
  • (To Last Order in Vol 5)"People have done this much to you. Sorry for taking so save you".
  • (To Amai Ao in Vol 5)"That's right, I killed over 10,000 of the Sisters, but this doesn't mean that I should just leave the remaining 10,000 to die. I know that these words are hypocritical, I know that I have no right to say such words, but no matter how much of scum bags we are, no matter how many excuses we put forward, those can't be the reasons to kill this brat!!!"
  • (To Musujime Awaki in Vol 8)"You’re really pitiful. Listen, I’ll tell you one thing. That day, my brain was damaged alright. Looking at me now, you should know, right? That I can only use the electrodes and let the calculation work be done by others, right? If I enter a place where I can’t receive the clones’ electrowaves, I can’t let the clones do the calculation work for me. And even after therapy, I can’t even get half of my power. The battery of this thing can only allow me to fight for 15 minutes——But then again, just because I’ve gotten weaker, it doesn’t mean that you got stronger, RIGHT?"
  • (To Yomikawa Aiho in Vol 12) "It's impossible for me to show anyone good will. It's futile. What good is it to pay back a single yen on a one hundred million yen debt? I have no intention of paying out any good will if it will be crushed under nothing but the interest. It's ridiculous to even think about a joyous day when I've finished paying back it all. It gives me chills"
  • (To the maintenance crew member in Vol 14) "They may all look the same to you, but there are different kinds and different levels of evil. A first-class villain doesn't target honest lives."
  • (In Vol 14, referring to Academy City's troops) "Someone needs to tell those assholes there's such a thing as too much force. Using a blade for severing continents on a flesh-and-blood human is just wrong. I mean, how am I supposed to confirm the remains? Well, since the riots stopped after the blast, I guess the objective was carried out."
  • (To Tsuchimikado Motoharu in Vol 15, referring to Last Order) "What's with that brat showing up in a situation like this!? That 'God' bastard sure is messing around!"
  • (To Kakine Teitoku in Vol. 15) "Fine, now is a good time to teach you something: even Villains have standards!"
  • (When asked who he is in Vol.19) “A Villain that’s no better than a piece of shit.”
  • (To child in Vol.19) "I’m the Strongest Level 5, I don’t need brats worrying about me. Listen, even if someone is suffering before you, the kind of person that can take up arms without hesitation to shoot down the villain is no better than a villain himself. The kind that doesn’t care about others, doesn’t give 2nd chances; someone that kills if given a reason, is definitely not a hero. You don’t have to become that kind of person. That’s my specialty. Only I have to go through that"
  • (Vol. 20) “You god damn fucking pieces of shit!! You rotten fuckers look down on me thinking my powers can only be used to kill!! I’ll show you right now!! Just like when I saved that brat from Amai’s virus back then, I’ll show you that I have the power to proteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccccccccccccccccccctttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!”
  • (To Touma in Vol. 20) “It’s ridiculous that a villain who was no better than a piece of shit like me was guarding her!! No matter how you think about it something must have been wrong!! How could I possibly be a hero!! No matter what, I can only choose the blood-stained path!! Why do I have to do all these things!! If a hero like you had shown up earlier, then something like this mix-up of position wouldn’t have happened!! That brat would not had to have suffered as much this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • (Vol. 21, talking about Last Order chapter 8) "AAH!~ Fuck, I admit it! I want to protect her! I don't want to lose her!! I don't even want to think about the possibility of losing her!! I will face anything in order to protect this dream of mine!!!!"
  • (To Last Order in Vol. 22) "I wanted to be with you forever, too."
  • (Vol. 22) "I get it... this is what it means to fight to protect."
  • (Vol. 22) "This is not a negotiation, a suggestion, a deal, an entreaty, an agreement, a compromise, or a capitulation. It’s my triumphant return, you fuckers."
  • (NT: Vol. 1) "It’s true I have no real reason to protect her, but that’s no reason to just let her die."
  • (To Fräulein Kreutune, from NT6): "Fly"
  • (To Mugino Shizuri, about the Dark Matter Sisters, from NT6): "I know…I know that. I know I’m just licking my own wounds. I know they only look like the real thing because I’m superimposing my own wounds over them. But even so…That is…They are the final proof that those I killed ever existed. No matter how horrible a method they are being used for, they are still the final evidence that the lives I stole were ever here!!"
  • (To the "heroes" he is fighting, from NT7): "Interesting. Then let’s put you to the test, heroes. I’ll use these bloody hands to see if you are worthy of that name!!"
  • (To Touma, about Othinus, from NT10): "I'm only gonna bother looking after the people in my cell phone's memory. But that person you have behind you might destroy everything in the world and kill off all of mankind. Among those six or seven billion are the few I know, so that's a good enough reason for me to fight her. I won't let you say otherwise."
  • (To Touma and Aleister Crowley, from NT19): "You can’t just write off everything they’ve done because ‘all’s well that ends well’. Whether you were blinded by greed or were nudged in that direction by someone, everyone is carrying something like that. We’re living on despite the suffering. You can’t just set that burden aside because it’s heavy!! You have to face it! Face yourself, you son of a bitch!! If you can’t do that, I’ll grab you by the hair and make you look! It’s the same damn thing you’ve done to so many other people!!"


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The Seven Level 5 Espers of Academy City

Accelerator Kakine Teitoku (Anime) Mikoto Misaka Mugino-Railgun
#1 - Accelerator #2 - Dark Matter #3 - Railgun #4 - Meltdowner
Misaki06 Template Placeholder other GunhaRailgunT
#5 - Mental Out #6 - Unknown ability #7 - Unknown gemstone ability

Motoprofile Accelerator Etzali (Anime) Musujime Awaki
Tsuchimikado Motoharu Accelerator Etzali Musujime Awaki
GROUP liaison

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