Accelerator using Vector Change to manipulate the winds of Academy City

Vector Change (向き変換 (ベクトルへんかん) Muki Henkan (Bekutoru Henkan)?, lit. "Direction Change") is the esper ability to manipulate vectors. It is the ability of Academy City's strongest Level 5, Accelerator.

This ability requires huge amounts of calculation, due to the fact that it takes into account even the invisible and inaudible forces.[1] Accelerator's original calculation and analytical ability was said to be so great that the MISAKA network (composed of roughly 10,000 Level 3 espers) isn't enough to compensate for even half of it.[2]

This ability has both passive and active aspects:[3][4]

  • Redirection (反射 hansha?, lit. "Reflection") is the Accelerator's automatic defense power. It is done subconsciously by filtering all the necessary forces to survive and redirecting everything else.[5] It is said to even be able to reflect teleportation vectors in the 11th dimension, though a strange phenomenon would occur in the 3-dimensional world.[6] As of Volume 15, Accelerator's vector shield algorithm was updated into that of a new world that includes Dark Matter.[7]
  • Vector Control (ベクトル制御 bekutoru seigyo?, lit. "Vector Control") is the offensive aspect of Accelerator's ability to manipulate vectors. It has an infinite amount of uses, due to the fact that Accelerator consciously manipulates not only the direction, but the magnitude of the vectors involved.

Related Research Projects/Facilities

Because the standard measurement is the worth of the ability to the ongoing research,[8] this ability is considered the most valuable ability in the entire Academy City. This ability is of great interest to the researchers, as evidenced by the large amount of research projects involving it.[1][3]


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