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The apartment building where Accelerator's room is located.

The Accelerator Residence was Accelerator's place of residence up until after the events of August 31 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline. It is located in School District 7, a small walk away from the Kamijou Residence. It is at the third floor of an apartment building in room 311.[1]


It is similar to any ordinary student apartment, similar to Touma's room. It is a single room, with partitions for the kitchen and bathroom. Accelerator had a sofa, a table, and a bed in his room.[1][2]


Three Stories Arc

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It is only seen once in the entire series, after going outside in the middle of the night to buy coffee and meeting Last Order, Accelerator returns to his dormitory, which is in complete disarray as someone broke in and vandalized it.[1][2] Accelerator however, is unperturbed by this, and does not care for having Judgment and Anti-Skill to investigate what had happened, and sleeps on the sofa with Last Order on the bed afterwards.[2] After leaving it the next day on August 31st, Accelerator is presumed to have never returned to it again, mostly, staying with Yomikawa Aiho in Family Side.