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Kihara Gensei using Aero Shooter to make footholds

Aero Shooter (風力使いエアロシューター Fūryoku Tsukai (Earo Shūtā)?, lit. "Wind Power User", Yen Press: aeroshooter) is an esper ability that can fire vacuum blades. The intricacies on how the ability works is unknown, but maybe related to Aero Hand, a similar wind manipulation esper ability.[1]

The ability appears in the hands of an esper that is supporting Musujime Awaki, who plans on stealing away the Tree Diagram's Remnant for an outside organization.[1] However, in the hands of Kihara Gensei as part of his Multi-Skill, he can use it to alter the trajectory of incoming flames,[2] suffocate people, and make air footholds by compressing the air.[3]