The project was created based on Hypothesized Catastrophe 034. Concerning Damages Caused by the Sudden and Coincidental Appearance of Heroes and a Countermeasure against Them Using a Likely Level 0.

The Level 0 chosen by Yakumi Hisako was Fremea Seivelun.

The project itself was created by the Academy City Board of Directors against Kamijou Touma and his allies if they rebelled against Academy City, because they are a security risk.


This is the information that Touma obtained about the project based in the Hypothesized Catastrophe 034.

Uncertain elements referring to themselves as heroes pose a threat to the development of the advanced technology that lies at the core of Academy City. Locating a certain weak individual can solve this problem. It has been statistically proven that an immature girl is most likely to fill the role.

This individual shall be henceforth referred to as the protection target.

This project aims to artificially create a protection target so that the unpredictable heroes will swiftly eliminate each other with a minimum of sacrifices.

Killing a hero with standard means is difficult. They possess a unique ability to suddenly reverse situations where they have an overwhelming disadvantage. However, that ability cannot help them in a conflict between two heroes.

This is not simply a plan to send the heroes against each other to eliminate themselves.

The energy caused by their collision will not always be cleanly cancelled out. It is possible it will instead influence yet another hero.

This can be visualized like a game of billiards.

If the countless heroes are the balls, then the protection target is the cue that strikes the balls. The initial strike can lead to a happy ending, but it can also lead to unavoidable self-destruction.

The balls are already in place. What matters is the cue, the protection target.

A protection target will occasionally appear from within the ranks of the powerful, but statistically they appear overwhelmingly more often from within the weak. An individual who will function as a cue will be chosen from among the Level 0s. This individual must be remade into a spokesperson who will give his or her own opinions as a representative example of all of the weak.

The backup plan using Skill Out, the primary plan using the Freshmen, and the secondary plan using Kakine Teitoku all progressed well. The artificially-created weak individual was confirmed to fill the position of the cornerstone to resolving each of these plans. Details can be found in the corresponding documents.

If “she” is now captured and given a simple card problem that relates to the desired heroes, she will become the cue that hits the balls across the table as we wish.

The protection target’s brain must be destroyed so that she holds no questions about solving the simple problems given. She simply needs the same level of intelligence as a dove so that she can solve the quiz in exchange for food.

Once the project is complete, we can send any and all heroes to defeat each other at the press of a button. With no burden on our part, we can eliminate them to create a world without heroes.

Fremea Seivelun. Once this artificial protection target has been harvested, this project will be complete.


Because heroes act unpredictably and also are able to overcome the adversity, especially if they are at a disadvantage, the Project seeks a countermeasure that could not only remove those heroes but also not cause too many losses, repercussions or revenges.


Not all members of Academy City Board of Directors are approving of the method, which causes a confrontation of Yakumi Hisako and Kaizumi Tsugutoshi.


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