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Agnese Sanctis (アニェーゼ=サンクティス Anyēze Sankutisu?, Yen Press: Agnes Sanctis) is a Roman Catholic Church nun who leads a paramilitary force called Agnese Forces. A girl with a troubled past, her devotion to her religion makes her out to be a totally ruthless leader against enemies. She is first introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index as an antagonistic character, but later reforms and joins Necessarius, and is a representative of Roman Catholicism in England.

After the war, with better relations between the Churches and after much effort by the Agnese Forces, the group returns to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.


Agnese is the Italian form of Agnes, derived from the Greek Hagnḗ (Ἁγνή, meaning "pure" or "holy"). Several Christian saints bear the name, most notably the martyr Saint Agnes of Rome, after whom Agnese Sanctis was named.[2] Sānctīs is the dative and ablative plural of the Latin noun sānctus, which means "Saint," and used as prefix for real-life Christian saints in Late Latin.


Agnese looks a year or two younger than Index, but still around the same height. She appears extremely thin, as her slim waist was even slimmer than Index's, who was rather thin herself.[1]

Her reddish hair is tied into with multiple pencil-thin braids, which from a distance bear an uncanny resemblance to dreadlocks. She wears the standard Roman Catholic Church robes. The sleeves being so long that it nearly covers her fingers, the hem of her robes however is short enough for her thighs to be exposed, this is due to the fact that she unzipped and removed the rest of lower of half of her robes, zippers being part of the ensemble.[1]

She wears platform shoes called chopine which have 30cm thick soles. She usually wears them over her usual form of footwear and during combat they can be removed to enable better movement.[3] Despite walking on it, she insists on wearing them as she says that it is her sense of beauty.[4]

Agnese also wears a Roman Catholic cross on her neck.[5]


Childish nature

Touma awakens to find Agnese sleeping on top of him.

Agnese, when not on duty, acts like other girls her age. She is clumsy, particularly due to her choice of footwear, which she refers to as her own style;[4] she gets embarrassed when something lewd happens to her, such as when Touma fell between her thighs;[6] and is afraid of slugs.[4] Like many people from the magic side, she is intimidated and somewhat impaired by technology, such as when the washing machine she uses goes haywire after stuffing an entire futon into it.[7]

Agnese also does not like the idea on having to converse with someone who is a foreigner using the foreigner's native language, opting that she would rather have them converse in other tongues. Indeed, Touma describes her way of speaking Japanese as strange,[4] and is referenced as a mix of Japanese polite honorifics and rude words, and is thought by Stiyl Magnus as someone who has learned Japanese from talking mostly to detectives or police officers.[1]

She also apparently sleeps in her underwear, and walks and talks in her sleep, though this has only been seen once.[4]

As the leader of the Agnese Forces

She is extremely devoted to the cause of her Church, using deceit on others such as when she tricked Touma and the Anglican Church to handing Orsola Aquinas to her, and blindly following the dogma of her Church, such as when she puts Orsola through a mock Trial of Sin.[8] She despises all magicians despite them being present and calling magic as Christian Black Magic,[9] though uses magic as well, justifying her magic as part of her Church's history, and deems all non-Roman Catholics as animals.[8] Orsola references this as part of her doubts and superstitions as being a Roman Catholic, which extends to all of the members of her group.

Orsola references that Agnese actions are based on doubts not on faith and trust.[8] Indeed, after being cornered by Touma, Stiyl Magnus with his Innocentius, and the Amakusa-Remix Style of Church, there was doubt in the Agnese Forces if they could turn the situation to their favor, and doubted Agnese capacity to defeat Touma, whom hesitated with her actions.[3]

She is a ruthless leader when it comes towards enemies of the Church, whose followers has shown to be loyal to her completely, willing to cause mutilation,[10] and beat a defenseless woman for her.[8] Despite her doubts and their faults, she has a kind of trust towards each other, especially to Lucia and Angelene, knowing that they will do their job. With regards to allies from other sects or organizations, she has no problem in deceiving them, giving limited information, and embellishing the truth.[8] Her personality against enemies make her out to be a sadists who loves toying and making others suffer,[8] as experienced by both Orsola and Touma.[3]

As member of Necessarius

She reforms later after being defeated and then later saved by Touma, after the events of the La Regina del Mare Adriatico. She joins Necessarius, and remains the leader of her forces, as well as remain Roman Catholic, severing her connection with Vatican which scapegoated them and then use them as tools. Now, she has shown that she is more carefree, befitting that of a child. She is shown that she can be strung along with other girls' shenanigans, such as Orsola suggesting that they wash the clothes that they are currently wearing,[11] play cards with her friends,[12], as well as being referred to as a girl who likes flipping others' skirts but hates getting her's flipped.[13]

Despite this, she still have shades of sadism as one Knight of England discovers, but more importantly, her loyalty to her comrades remain intact.[13]


Agnese suffered a childhood of loneliness and doubt before finding the church.

Agnese lived in Milan, Italy during her childhood. Her parents were killed for reasons unknown during a very young age, and became a street urchin living on whatever scraps of food she could find. She was later taken in by the Roman Catholic Church along with a number of other girls, where she eventually meets with Lucia and Angelene and became close friends with them. Here, she becomes devoted to Roman Catholicism, and decides to make the Church they were in more comfortable.[14]

It is unknown how, but Agnese later gains or forms a unique Roman Catholic paramilitary force named after her. A great achievement at her young age, and somehow takes hold of the Lotus Wand.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Touma finishes the battle against the Agnese's forces by defeating Agnese with a powerful blow.

She is assigned by the Roman Catholic Church to work with Stiyl Magnus to resolve the case regarding the members of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church and Orsola Aquinas. Unbeknownst to Stiyl, Agnese's forces are there to terminate Orsola Aquinas if they have retrieved her from the Amakusa.

After deceiving the representatives of the Anglican Church (Stiyl and Index) and Touma into defeating the Amakusa, Agnese takes Orsola to the church that was constructed on Orsola's behalf. There, she physically abuses Orsola for being problematic.

Touma later defeats her singlehandedly with the help of Stiyl, Index, and the Amakusa Christians (who agreed to assist them). She and the rest of her forces are later used as scapegoats by the Roman Catholic Church to divert the blame from them, and make it seem that the Agnese Forces on their own.

Moreover, the Lotus Wand was later confiscated by the Amakusas.[15]

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

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Because of her shortcomings in her previous mission, she is tagged as a Sinner by the Roman Catholic Church. She, along with the entire Agnese Forces, is held captive with several others in the fleet of ice ships maintained by The Queen of the Adriatic Sea spell, which Bishop Biagio Busoni acting as overall commander.

She is given special privileges throughout her stay in the fleet like the ability to travel between ships freely. However, she is in fact actually a prepared sacrifice for the spell "Rosary of the Appointed Time", a spell designed to manipulate certain aspects of "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea," a spell the Roman Catholic Church planned to modify and use on Academy City to completely erase its influences on science.

With the help of her friends Lucia and Angelene, Touma and Orsola, along with Index and the Amakusa Christians, razed the entire fleet and she is rescued before "Rosary of the Appointed Time" is put into effect.

Orsola arrives with Agnese Sanctis in the Anglican Women's Dormitory.

After her rescue from the Roman Catholic Church, she is absorbed by Necessarius, and is now living together with Kanzaki Kaori, Orsola Aquinas, Sherry Cromwell, and others in Necessarius Women's Dormitory.

Academy City Invasion Arc

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The girls of Necessarius view a certain washing machine's work.

Despite being a member of Necessarius, the 0th Parish of the Anglican Church, Agnese and the rest of her forces remain follow the tenets of Roman Catholicism but is not controlled by the Vatican. Here, in London, she forms a Roman Catholic branch, and makes her and the Agnese forces the representative of Roman Catholicism in England.[11]

She remains silent throughout Kanzaki Kaori's ordeal with the high tech washing machine Academy City has gifted to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. Here, she complies with Orsola using the clothes that they are currently wearing to test the machine. She and the rest of the girls, later discover Kanzaki Kaori wearing no underwear under her yukata, after being drenched by the washing machine.[11]

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

Main article: Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

As two great Churches discuss their position in the War that is about to come. She, and the rest of her group stay in the women's dormitory.

Here, she is first seen putting an entire futon into the washing machine, and prays the price as it goes haywire, and is half in tears in the changing room. But her mood completely changes as Orsola Aquinas tell that it's time for breakfast, speeding away from the changing room, and later joining Lucia, Angelene, and the rest of the Agnese forces in the dining hall. As food is prepared, Kanzaki talks about the problematic washing machine, but Agnese tries to change the subject, telling her that they should focus on the food. She later witnesses Angelene try one of Kanzaki's umeboshi, whom is overwhelmed by its sour taste.[7]

Agnese and the rest of the girls of the Necessarius dorm meet with a flustered Sasha.

She, Lucia, Agata, and Caterina, are later seen playing cards as Kanzaki introduces Sasha Kreutzev to them, who wants to know what sides they are going to take in the war.[12] Agnese later listens to Orsola as she gives her opinion regarding the matter to which she says that they will do remains the same, and that is to help people even if there is war, and references Touma being able to save people even without power. Orsola concludes that it is not up to the whole to decide which path to take, but it is up to the individual members, and states that there should be a third option where there is a happy ending where no one is defeated, for the sake of Touma's expectations.[16]

Agnese later returns to the changing room to face the terror of the washing machine. She screams, alerting Kanzaki who discovers and deems that the washing machine is trying its best to wash the futon Agnese stuffed in there.[17]

Document of Constantine Arc

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Lidvia and Biagio interrogated by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis.

Agnese accompanies Stiyl Magnus into a secret room in the Tower of London, in order to interrogate Lidvia Lorenzetti and Biagio Busoni as a recorder. The Roman Catholic Church cross she uses is used by Lidvia, allowing her to escape her bonds and threaten Stiyl, whom threatens her with his rune card in turn. Agnese tries to use her Lotus Wand, but is motioned away by Stiyl, who begins negotiating with her in exchange for information regarding God's Right Seat.[18]

Lidvia tells them that it seemed that God's Right Seat is a group working to obtain victory over original sin, surprising both Agnese and Stiyl. As Lidvia mentions that there is someone who does not have the original, Agnese asks who it is, to which Stiyl glares as a response. It is revealed to be the Holy Virgin Mary.[19] Agnese witnesses Lidvia's explanation on what she deems is God's Right Seat's true goals, which is to completely remove their original sin in order to attain some grand goal. Stiyl later exits the building with Agnese, discussing the veracity of Lidvia's statements. Stiyl suggests that they should take a break, to which Agnese responds that she wants to get it over with as soon as possible.[20]

She and Stiyl return to the interrogation room with Lidvia, here she says that the God's Right Seat's goal is to attain the right seat of God, a position that was once of Lucifer before his fall, a position that was equal to God. Lidvia states that God's Right Seat, once attaining the position on being the right side of God they will be able to use that power to evolve into an existence different again from an angel, which is the La Persona Superiore a Dio. This makes both Stiyl and Agnese frown.[21]

British Royal Family Arc

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Agnese Sanctis appears after the terrorist incident in Sky Bus 365, where Touma and Index were flying on. She is in Scotland with her group, telling Kanzaki on the phone on how they are investigating the group that had prevented the emergency landing so they could use the highway to head from Scotland to England. Agnese talks to Kanzaki about her suspicions on the involvement of Cabal Reserve Armies, and the fact that they have at least figured out who is involved to some extent. Agnese says that the details are unclear but states that the Cabal Reserve Army seemed to have planned ahead of times, and that they have discovered suspicions actions with regards to purchases in retailers of unnatural equipment. Agnese says that the group is called New Light, a magic cabal pretending to be a Cabal Reserve Army, and tells Kanzaki that she will send the data regarding them to her later.[22]

Kanzaki then asks about their orders, to which Agnese says that they went there but they were too late. Agnese details that it was an excellent place to set-up for a spiritual item, had a Norse "smell" to it, and that she has found maps of London, and the locations of its myriad security cameras. Agnese suggests to seal the roads and set-up inspection points in order to trap the magic cabal. But Kanzaki states that it would be detrimental as it would seal off the internal shipping routes, with the country already with limited supplies. Agnese tries to protest, but Kanzaki relieves her of her worries. She then asks what New Light is after and what they intend to do. Agnese replies that New Light has apparently been excavating something in Scotland, where an old fortress used to be, and Kanzaki assumes that it must've been a spiritual item. Agnese mentions to Kanzaki that they have left a memo, saying that today would be the day they change England, which Kanzaki believes does not imply something peaceful. Kanzaki later instructs Agnese to continue their investigation in New Light's headquarters, to which Agnese complies.[22]

After Itsuwa and Sherry Cromwell discover that New Light is using Skíðblaðnir to transport something, Sherry suggests to her to contact Agnese. Agnese, receives the new information from Itsuwa, and states that they will now proceed to search information regarding New Light's plans through what Itsuwa discovered, and asks to confirm if they had only taken out 1 of the four members of New Light. Itsuwa tells Agnese not to worry as Kanzaki Kaori had just beaten another member.[23]

Agnese investigating New Light's yacht base in Edinburgh.

In a yacht harbor in Edinburgh, Scotland, finding another of New Light's bases, a boat left on the asphalt. After being disappointed on how all information regarding New Light's actions have been carefully erased, one of the nuns from her group notifies her from inside the boat that they have found a prototype of the case (Skíðblaðnir). The fact that the magic item has not been erased by them in person but remotely, which would imply that their plan has been hastened. Agnese then asks the nun what the power of the case, which is that it can allow for an item inside it to pass between the four cases they have, presuming it to be a bomb, but Angelene says that the excavated item may have been the item in the cases.[24]

Suddenly, Sister Caterina calls out to her in and gives her a parchment, shocking Agnese.[24] She later calls Kamijou Touma on his mobile phone, and says that New Light's final target is one of the princesses in Folkestone terminal that is investigating the Eurotunnel, the perfect opportunity to assassinate the princesses. Agnese then says that there is a large-scale spell that activates when a member of the British Royal Family dies, an attack spell that creates destruction on a national level that was originally intended to use against England's enemies in Europe, and is powerful enough to change the Earth's crust and cause other natural disasters within England, too. Touma asks Agnese why the United Kingdom has not been destroyed despite the deaths of royalty, to which Agnese states that it is due to last rites, and that it may have been applied to royalty back then to avoid catastrophe, and that all royalty who died within the castle or were executed all had their last rites performed. However, this does not include sudden death in battle or an assassination where the last rites could not be carried out. Touma then tells Agnese about whether or not the princesses can be protected by their Traveling Fortress, to which Agnese says that there is a security hole where it can be determined where the fortress is and if the door is opened via transmitter, and Agnese doubts that's the only thing that was tampered with on the fortress. Agnese concludes that there is still a lot of unknowns, but tells Touma that they need to restrain the remaining members. Touma ends his call with her, and is continues chasing after Lessar.[25]

British Halloween

As the coup d'état begins, the Knights of England surround the Agnese Forces. One of the knights tell them that they should surrender or else they would be killed, as he draws his sword upon Agnese's neck. She smiles, and shows no fear. She strikes her Lotus Wand on the ground at her feet, enveloping the area in a bright light for 5 seconds, allowing for the 250 nuns to escape, and forcing the knights to make a search.[26]

It is later revealed that they jumped into the ocean, and is with Angelene and Lucia. Lucia states that they are on their own as they cannot contact London. Agnese states that the other nuns would be most likely be captured, and is most likely going to be transported to England where Princess Carissa, the prime instigator of the attempt of a coup d’état on the United Kingdom, will be. Agnese says that they need to rescue the captured nuns while they are being transported.[26]

Agnese, Lucia, and Angelene, infiltrate a ten car train that was heading from Edinburgh to London, where the nuns of their group that have been captured and are being transported. Agnese discovers that there in the middle of the series of cars, and discovers that the nuns are kept in the front cars while the knights are all in the back. Seeing the opportunity, Lucia and Angelene attack the guards through the window, as so to confuse them that the attack is coming from a sniper. With this, Agnese begins to try and destroy the links between the carriages, allowing for them and the nuns to leave the knights behind. Suddenly, a knight comes along and using the communication spiritual item, and Agnese is forced to hide. Here, she overhears, and is overjoyed, that Touma has snuck aboard the freight heading for Folkestone. The three of the attack at the same time, but the knight blocks Angelene and Lucia's attacks. However, Agnese uses her Lotus Wand to destroy attack the floor, and add to the weight of the knight's armor, making the knight fall into it, trapping him. Stuck, Agnese can now do as she pleases, though the knight is still protected by Curtana Original's blessing, weakening attacks. Despite this, Agnese attacks the knight using her Lotus Wand directed towards his crotch. As Lucia and Angelene discusses what is happening with Touma, they then see Agnese actually enjoying bringing forth suffering on the hapless knight using her Lotus Wand. Seeing that Agnese is in her "naughty mood", Angelene becomes worried, but Lucia tells her that Agnese is a type of girl who likes flipping skirts but doesn't like getting her skirt flipped. They the proceed to calm her down.[13]

As Touma and Index rendezvous with the rest of the Amakusa, Kanzaki reports that Sherry Cromwell is battling the knights, and that Agnese forces are battling other knights as well.[27]

Agnese eating during the "last supper" of the Anglican forces before their assault on London.

Apparently, Agnese was successful with her plan, and they, gather with Necessarius for a last supper before they catch the hell. As they eat, the Amakusa begins to argue about Maid Outfits that piques the interest of Angelene, prompting her to ask Agnese. She concludes that it is a contest to see who is the most mature by seeing who makes the sexiest maid, and states that even though they have 250 nuns at their disposal they have no one with excessive breasts. She and Angelene turn towards Lucia, the one with the largest breast in their group, to which she firmly refuses after Agnese suggests in her donning the Little Devil Flirting Maid.[28]

During the battle between Kamijou Touma and Kanzaki Kaori against Princess Carissa, the Agnese Forces, Amakusa Remix-style of Church, and Orsola Aquinas with Sherry Cromwell and her golem. Initially shocked by the level of battle Carissa and Kanzaki were fighting, she and the rest of the lot assist Kanzaki in trying to take down Carissa, but is unable to penetrate her defenses. The Griffin Sky mobile fortresses however arrive as her reinforcements, and rain lances upon Sherry's golem, knocking her out of the fight, and the debris threatening to crush the rest of the forces.[29] After a bunker cluster missile was shot towards London, Touma tries to call out to his Anglican Church comrades, Agnese being one of them, but cannot find any trace of them.[29]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Agnese survives the civil war but is then drawn to another. Before the Battle of Dover Strait, Agnese notes on how the world has changed, and later notes that it is 100% perfectly accurate to say that French forces are going to invade England through Dover Strait, which was confirmed immediately afterwards, as 1000 French magicians walk on the sea's surface by solidifying it. The ships and their tactics now rendered useless, Kanzaki and the Amakusa begin their battle against the French, and are later joined by Princess Carissa.[30]

Agnese and her forces fighting in the Battle of the Dover Strait.

As the battle continues, the forces of England continue to push forward. The Agnese forces uses Kanzaki's abilities to their advantage, using her as a decoy and at times supporting her, like the Amakusa Church. They also use their intimate knowledge in Roman Catholicism to counter their magic. They later witness the arrival of the Mobile Fortress Glastonbury and the ensuing clash between Carissa and the Maiden of Versailles.[31]

With the battle done, and as explosions thunder across the continent, the Agnese forces race towards the Russian battlefield where both Academy City and Russian soldiers have collapsed. Agnese orders the nuns skilled in Ex Voto to set up the shelters for the people needing rescue, and get the heavily wounded out via helicopters. The nuns then witness another Golden Arm pop-up nearby, which is later cleanly cut down by Kanzaki Kaori, shocking the soldiers present.[32]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Agnese survives the war, and is in St. George's Cathedral, and reports to Kanzaki Kaori on the information regarding the mysterious floating cross-shaped object in the upper atmosphere that is moving towards Eurasia, which she has dubbed as Radiosonde Castle for convenience sake. Agnese says that the fortress started floating up from Iceland, and there are now people focusing their investigation there. Agnese says to Kanzaki on how they should interfere with the lift of the object, making it fall slowly back into Earth. Kanzaki asks Agnese on how she should be able to get there as airplanes cannot fly that high up, and rockets will only pass on unhindered. Agnese says that Laura Stuart is currently discussing with the Science side on a means of interfering with Radiosonde Castle, which implies they have to stay put until it is decided.[33]

Agnese later contacts Kanzaki after she lands on Radiosonde Castle. Here, she helps with the calculations needed for the castle to fall in a safe location, and instructs Kanzaki to destroy one of the balloons that's keeping it up in order to determine how much lift it loses. Kanzaki continues to converse with Agnese as she does her mission, regarding the similarities of the castle with that of the Star of Bethlehem, and its apparent purpose. As Kanzaki arrives in the lowest level, Agnese continues to instruct her and warns her of anything dangerous, and tells Kanzaki on how they are above Eurasia, and has been given permission by the Russian Orthodox Church to drop the castle on a wilderness. After Kanzaki takes out one balloon, Agnese reports that it has caused a change in the castle's altitude, and tells Kanzaki on how she should not destroy the balloons in a flashy manner as they cannot undo what would happen if the rate of descent has been increased. Agnese continues to instruct Kanzaki on the proper method on putting the holes on the balloons. Agnese continues to instruct and inform Kanzaki of her actions during her stay in the Radiosonde Castle, and as one of the balloons have caused a significant drop in lift, Agnese tells Kanzaki on how they can only drop it in the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, Kanzaki then realizes that the castle will be passing Japan, specifically, Academy City. Kanzaki tells Agnese that she needs to calculate a more circuitous route, and tells Agnese that if the castle was constructed to be dropped on something, then the likely target would be Academy City. Before Agnese can respond, the line is cut by magic, and Kanzaki is forced to face Mjölnir.[34]

After the combined efforts of Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, and Hamazura Shiage, to force the castle to fall into the ocean, Agnese restores contact with Kanzaki Kaori, and tells her that the crisis have been averted, and the only thing to do now is to gather information on who perpetrated the fall of Radiosonde Castle. Agnese tells Kanzaki to gather information before any hints disappear.[35]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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Prior to the start of the arc, the Agnese Forces have made efforts in trying to go back to the Roman Catholic Church now that the war has ended and that tensions between Anglicans and the Catholics have lessened. As part of this process, Agnese, Lucia, and Angelene are part of the security personnel for the conference called upon by Roberto Katze.[36]

Here, they are in the United Nations Building's library, checking out documents for any magic power that has been hidden inside. With hundreds of pages to check, Agnese begins complaining, saying that if they're really afraid of an attack from GREMLIN then they should stop anyone from bringing published items during the meeting. Lucia says that doing such a thing under their authority would cause problems, as the UN is fundamentally neutral and if a single religion began selecting what published materials could be brought inside, it could lead to an international issue. Angelene speaks up saying that normal people don't understand the danger of the problem they're dealing with. Agnese then asks what they think about the united attack on GREMLIN. Lucia says that it all hinges on whether they can locate Sargasso, and says that the key to it is the spy who has slipped into GREMLIN. Angelene wonders if that spy will send a signal from Sargasso and their search team could detect it. Agnese sighs, wondering if they can trust the spy. Lucia replies saying that since the spy has a way to sneak into GREMLIN's headquarters, it would make him suspicious. Angelene tries to defend they spy, saying that the spy has no reason to betray them, but is replied by Agnese that it's more accurate to say that GREMLIN has no reason to make a bluff like that right now. Lucia then says on how they have no choice but to trust the spy because they want the same thing.[37]

Lucia then states that if even they find Sargasso there is still the matter of the unified attack, they still need to fight expert magicians and says that she doubts they are enemy they can defeat without sacrifices. Agnese reminds them that GREMLIN is in hiding, therefore they believe it is to their advantage to remain hidden. Here, she assumes that at least locating Sargasso will crush one of GREMLIN's advantages. Angelene hopes nothing bad will come out of it, comparing it to a metaphor of poking a bush and having a snake come out.[37]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Agnese Sanctis' parents are alive and well. Touma sees them having a picnic in the park where Othinus put Touma in after recreating the world.[38]

VS The World

After Touma spirits away to Denmark with Othinus, it was determined by the international coalition to hunt them down. The Pope and Roman Catholic Church relieves Agnese Sanctis, Lucia, and Angelene of their positions as security for the meeting of the international coalition and have them and the rest of the Agnese Forces sent to Denmark. They are transported there by their ally the United States of America through the use of their stealth bombers, putting them inside their bomb bays as it is apparently faster than a transport plane. They're forces are further increased by the inclusion of elites of the Roman and Anglican Churches, thus starting the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance's manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma.[39]

They arrive at an emergency airport in Aarhus near Aalborg half an hour before Touma and Othinus arrival. They stealth bombers were supposed to land in Aalborg's military airport, but due to the meteor fall earlier (actually Accelerator launched from a satellite by Academy City), they were ordered to land elsewhere. Agnese reports to someone about where they are and why they landed in Aarhus instead, and then demands to send an official complaint to Academy City, knowing that the "meteor" earlier was of Academy City's doing. She then complains about the conditions of their getting transported using stealth bombers and the condition of the airport. The personnel there begin preparing transportation to use in order to find Othinus and Touma, as well as each members of the three major churches sharing information with each other, and how to utilize the information they had with the other churches interfering or aiding each other in mind. Seeing this, Agnese concludes that the biggest reason for all the suspicion and distrust among the three major churches is because of the power of their opponent. The stakes were high for them, betting the fate of the world or the right to steal and analyze the power of magic god which could influence the fate of the world. Agnese then orders her forces that they will be following the information they attained and head for Aalborg. She orders that the Pope should be asked to make preparations on his end. She notes that the other forces will most likely lay in watch on the alternate routes and watch what they will do. As they have the greatest numbers, she says that the other churches' members will probably view them as bait or something to scare Touma and Othinus out of hiding. She however says that if they get a bite the others might come rushing in.[39]

Agnese Sanctis, wanting to give Touma a chance, later sets up the Fish of the Supper spell, designed to work against Touma's Imagine Breaker. The Agnese Forces later occupy the streets of Aalborg in search for them, with Agnese setting their base of operations in Ansgar Church. They later detect Touma and Othinus hiding somewhere in the city.[40] With Touma in mind, they later announce to the entire city to them not to fight back and surrender at Ansgar Church with the intention of retrieving Touma from the fight by making him surrender and then destroying Othinus afterwards.[41]

Lucia later reports to Agnese who was still in Ansgar Church that Touma used the underground passageways dug and built under the city for times of war. Agnese then tells Lucia to contact the gas company, the water department, and the subway contractors in order to get records of the tunnels. Lucia then says that they already doing so, but asks if they will make it time. Agnese says that she should stop asking questions that only God knows the answer to as nuns are forbidden to test the lord. Agnese then cuts communication from Lucia.[42]

As she ponders what to do, the floor opens up below her to reveal a square hole from which appears Touma. Surprised, Agnese asks if Touma has a grudge against her. Touma replies that Agnese should ask herself that and references the Fish of the Supper spell, asking if the spell multiplies her magic by two billion and if it is called inflation. Agnese is too shocked by Touma's sudden appearance, and when she comes to her senses tries to scan the room for her Lotus Wand. She tells him to wait and asks him to give him a break, asking him what he was going to do if she really was planning to kill him. Touma states that she wouldn't try to kill him after she warned him in Japanese and telling him the name of the church. He says that once he knew that the spell had everyone function as a cannon, it narrowed down to the leader definitely staying in a church. Touma says that he knew he would find someone who knew him if he came to the church but says the nuns got a carried away and almost vaporized him on the way. Agnese asks why Touma is there, to which he says that he will explain his reasoning and requests for her to overlook them. Agnese replies that she may not agree. Touma says that Agnese is the breaker for the Fish of the Supper spell, referencing his knowledge of other Roman Catholic spells like the Croce di Pietro, La Regina del Mare Adriatico, the Document of Constantine, and the Star of Bethlehem. He says that none of those spells were made with completely parallel functions as they always had a leader in the center and everything was made evenly parallel blow that. Agnese does not reply, but Touma continues to speak. Touma says that Agnese is the breaker in case the others lose control of the spell, but that also makes her the spell's Achilles' heel. Touma threatens Agnese that if she refuses to cooperate, then he'll have to destroy their magic and leave the rest to Othinus. Agnese says that she doesn't understand, asking why Touma is relying on Othinus now. Hearing this, Touma asks if Agnese truly is willing to listen to his explanation. Agnese says that she'll probably regret it but she allows it, though mentions on how Touma seems to have an air of someone speaking about their sweetheart or pet.[42]

With that, Touma begins by asking Agnese if she can believe that a great amount of time took place between his arrival on Sargasso and the attack on Othinus but no one realized it. Agnese admits that she would have a hard time in believing it. Hearing this, Touma tells Agnese to explain why Othinus suddenly changed her plan and head to Denmark despite being able to destroy the world if she had completed the lance at Sargasso. Now that Touma mentions it Agnese begins to take Touma's argument seriously. With that Touma successfully initiated his psychological trick. Touma tells Agnese that Othinus is trying to give up her power and that she needs something in Denmark to do it, and continues by saying that it disarming her would be more constructive than what they are trying to do. Agnese replies that what Touma is saying would be ideal, but says that she doesn't see why Othinus had a sudden change of heart, and then asks if Touma seduced her. Touma knowing that Agnese will never be able to accept that Touma and Othinus spent a very long together says that Othinus was afraid of her power. Agnese counters that if what Touma says is true then why did Othinus filled the world with chaos just to obtain that power. Touma says that it was because she obtained it. He divulges that Othinus has already completed the lance by the time they arrived in Sargasso using a different method than they accepted. However, he says, that during that time Othinus learned the true extent of her powers of magic god which did not delight her. Touma tells Agnese the truth that Othinus left Sargasso to give up her power as a magic god, but says that GREMLIN will view that as a betrayal, though she is willing and prepared to deal with that and has come this far. He says that they can avoid a clash that would be a worst case scenario for the world and Othinus if they acted now. There, Touma says that he wants to bet on the possibility of both saving the world and Othinus.[42]

She falls silent for a while, but then asks Touma what he will do if she still refuses. Touma replies that he has no choice then but to fight, but says that she of all people, someone who was once his enemy, knows that he won't go down easy when he has someone to protect. Agnese then snatches the Lotus Wand and demands for Touma to show her that fact again. She then attacks, destroying the church's floor.[42] Agnese reports to her subordinates that Touma came in the Church and attacked him with the Lotus Wand, though it didn't do much and says that he may have escaped. She tells them to expand the circle to find him. Furthermore, he says that Touma showed his intent to fight and escape, and says that they should abandon to knock him out of the fight early, and tells them to tell the outsiders as well, the elites of the other churches. Agnese Sanctis concludes to them that Touma is wholly on the side of Othinus and it would be impossible to separate them, saying that there is no way to target her without killing him. And thus she ends her communication with her subordinate with a sigh. It was nothing but a ruse as Touma is still under the floor of the church.[43]

Agnese blushes just before unleashing her fury

Agnese then tells Touma to actually start escaping. Touma apologizes for all the trouble he has caused, to which Agnese says that he should be as she played a role in aiding an enemy. Touma then says that he will repay her for what she had done for him, to which Agnese says that it would be difficult for him now and explains on how the Fish of the Supper works through the common hatred of Othinus, and that since the world's fear is gathered around Othinus not a single person would think of trying to protect her. Despite this, Touma is determined to put the madness that has engulfed the hearts of the peoples of the world to an end. Agnese could only scratch her head at what Touma just said, knowing full well that she was in a similar position to that of Othinus not so long ago, and that it may have aided her to understand Touma and Othinus' plight, because she has the experience of an enemy and an ally to Kamijou Touma. Agnese thinks that if Touma pulls off what he is determined in doing then he may be worthy of a statue in a public square.[43]

Before Touma leaves, he apologizes for looking up her skirt the whole time, leading to Agnese attacking him in retaliation.[43]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Agnese was present when the Agnese Forces fought on the frontline at the Strait of Dover and during their meeting at the British Museum after the fall of the England-Londinium Fortress. She was subsequently horrified when Orsola's feelings of helplessness, which she and others had inadvertently aggravated while trying to reassure her, led her to offer herself as a host for the Divine Mixture Isis-Demeter.[44]

Later on that night, while the reproduced Golden Dawn were hunting Aleister's group, she and the rest of the Agnese Forces remained at the British Museum, checking on damage to London and redoing calculations as they hadn't been given any direct orders, and she was present when Index and Karasuma Fran arrived. When Orsola greet the two, she urged her not to move but was too late to prevent Orsola's basted-together habit from coming apart.[45]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Agnese was present at Windsor Castle during the party celebrating Coronzon's defeat and was subsequently involved in the conflict which arose due to the emergence of the other Touma.[46]

Other Appearances

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

Agnese Sanctis as Agnese-tan.

Agnese debuts in the third episode, here in a parody of the final battle scene in episode 5 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index II anime, she confronts Stiyl Magnus with his giant Innocentius, and is horrified when he throws his cigarette on the floor as there are many cigarette butts in France. Stiyl then tells his "Hyper" Innocentius to attack, to which all the other nuns present that he shouldn't use that indoors as they scream. In the immediate next sketch, Agnese takes the form of Agnese-tan and is on top of Angelene, who is walking with Touma who has Index-tan on top of his head. After grunting a few times, Agnese-tan complains that Index was supposed to be the only one who was turned small during this episode. Index-tan finally finishes eating and states that Agnese-tan is correct and because of that her appeal may go down a bit. Agnese-tan smugly sighs and mocks the anime. As a response, Agnese-tan uses her Lotus Wand to attack Touma's crotch. Apparently hurt yet still standing because of this, Touma turns to Agnese-tan to be careful as he got hurt down "there". As Index-tan talks to Touma, he asks an uncaring Agnese-tan to give a follow-up instead of staying silent. Agnese-tan however states that she has already talked plenty.

Finally, Index-tan speaks up and asks Touma if he got distracted because of Agnese-tan. Not waiting for an answer, Index-tan begins pulling his hair and saying "get bald" and "idiot". Meanwhile, Agnese-tan is annoyed that she been misunderstood because of Touma, and begins using her Lotus wand again and again.

In a wonderful evening, Touma walks with Angelene (who hasn't said a thing) with the two midgets on top of their heads, while being attack and apparently indifferent to the aforementioned midgets' attacks on him


Lotus Wand

The Lotus Wand's angel spreads its wings.

Agnese primary weapon is the Lotus Wand (蓮の杖ロータスワンド Hasu no Tsue (Rōtasu Wando)?), a metallic religious staff with an angel statue on the head that allows her to channel the other elemental weapons through the principles of Idol Theory via making it represent the ether element. The staff allows her to create invisible blunt force attacks on an opponent, or a cutting attack, depending on the damage done on the staff, such as hitting the staff for the former and sliding a blade on it for the latter.[3]

Despite the delay of the command before the action could take place, Agnese is fond of the staff and knows how to wield it properly during combat, and adjusts and calculates the position of the target for better use of the staff. Unlike Orsola Aquinas, Agnese does not focus too much on casting, as such she does not tire out when using the staff.[47]

By striking the ground with the staff, Agnese can create an explosive flash of light to temporarily blind her opponents.[26]

Other magic

As the leader of the Agnese Forces, Agnese needs to have her commands distributed to all of its members. Agnese Sanctis has a notebook that if when written upon it, what was written would appear in similar notebooks, which Index compares to a telephone.[6]

She may also likely know how to apply the Divine Protection of Ægidius.[8]

Agnese can use spells derived from combinations of Tattva symbols to identify and highlight traces of residual information in her surroundings.[48][49][50] When using these spells, rather than using physical Tattva cards, she speaks the specific combination (e.g. Tejas of Vayu), sometimes followed a supplementary description (in the form "you are a (First Symbol) shining within a (Second Symbol)"), which is then sometimes followed by a command (e.g. "Open the door of otherworldly afterimage and provide us with the eye that perceives the unseen realm." for Apas of Prithvi).[48][49][50]

  • Apas of Prithvi: Invoking the symbol of a silver crescent moon shining within a yellow square with an additional command while clapping her hands in front of her chest, Agnese uses this spell to detect residual magical information in her immediate surroundings. It causes objects and markings in the affected area with traces of human-altered magic power to glow with a faint light, colored according to the type of magic (e.g. when used after the mock battle between Stiyl Magnus and Isabella Theism, traces of rune magic glowed blue while necromancy was red).[48] The Tattva combination symbolizes Water of Earth.
  • Tejas of Vayu: Agnese uses this spell to identify items with handwritten information concerning a specific subject, using the residual thoughts which soak in while they are being written to carry out the search. When used, the pages with the relevant information give off a faint light.[49] The Tattva combination symbolizes Fire of Wind.
  • Tejas of Prithvi: Invoking the symbol of a red equilateral triangle shining within a yellow square, Agnese uses this spell against an enemy to temporarily place them in a state of confusion and hallucination, exploiting the malfunction which occurs in the mind when one uses Tattva incorrectly.[50] When used against a priest in Barcelona, it caused her opponent's aim to be thrown off and rendered him unable to repel thoughts about the negative interpretation which Agnese pointed out concerning the gold in his spiritual item, intended to defend against curses but made of a material that can also gather them.[50] The Tattva combination symbolizes Fire of Earth.

Agnese also has a concealing spell, constructed by rearranging a familiar Christian ritual of death and rebirth with the story and symbol of goddess Isis from Egyptian Mythology, with similarities to dressing as gods as a method of getting into character and assuming power in Golden-style 'stage play' ceremonies. The spell is activated with a chant; "While supported by the holy tetragrammaton of YHVH, we don the clothing of Isis, goddess of the lunar hexagram, so we might be resurrected from death and ascend here as new beings altogether", with a change applied to Agnese and any additional targets, not visible to the targets concealed by the spell. Rather than disguising targets as specific people, it makes them into "nobodies" who won't stand out in a crowd and whose appearance won't be remembered after taking a few steps away. The spell is not perfect and if someone sees the target six times, they will see through to their true face.[49]

She has a degree of training in forensic cleaning techniques for removing physical evidence and eliminating residual traces of magic from the scenes of magical incidents, utilizing the Roman Catholic style of forensic cleanup (which includes the use of salt in holy water).[48][50]

Agnese can also use a lie detection spell, based on fortune telling, involving a pair of scissors which will rotate if the target knowingly lies. Normally, the pair of scissors is stabbed into a sieve, but Agnese hid the scissors behind her back when using it during interrogation. While such lie detectors are common in the magic world, they are difficult tricks to actually use as the spells require being in a limited one-on-one space like ordinary fortune telling and require the user to be focusing on a conversation with the target.[51]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Agnese Sanctis' overall design remains fairly static throughout the series. Agnese wears the basic Roman Catholic Church nun habit that Haimura design. Here, Haimura designed the zippers upon the sleeves and skirt, allowing for Agnese to wear her short skirt.[52]

For her appearance in the 11th light novel volume, Haimura designed her to look like a bird with plucked wings.[53]



  • (To Touma from Volume 7) "Shut up; it’s called a sense of beauty. Wearing thick-soled sandals is my own style."
  • (From Volume 7, as she sleep walks) "Papa…Io non posso mangiare alcuno più qualsiasi più lungo." Translated into English as "Father... I can't eat any more any longer."
  • (To Orsola from Volume 7) "Being so desperate that you’ll ask those foreign Eastern people from a small filthy country? Haha… hahaha! This is really stupid; those pigs don’t even know how to read the Bible, so how much can you expect from them? According to our law, once someone marries a non-RomanCatholic, they’re guilty of bestiality; you should be clear about that. Don’t tell me that you think that everyone’s like you because they’re Christians? What Amakusa? What British Puritans? Those people don’t have the right to talk about Christ! They aren’t humans, they’re pigs! They’re mules! Of course this will happen when you hand your life over to them. Tricking an animal is so easy! Just appease them, and they’ll automatically turn their prey over!"
  • (From Volume 18, upon hearing of Touma's actions) "…Nice one, boy! I love you!!"
  • (To a Knight of England from Volume 18) "“Yeah, well I’m a nun!!"
  • (To a Knight of England from Volume 18) "Oh. So you like being struck more than being caressed? Ah ha ha. What are you trying to tell me with that twitching body of yours? Oh, what’s this? You react here, too? You seem to be much more sensitive here. Hee hee hee. A gentleman like you feels good having someone mess with his hole? What a pervert. How about I stick this wand all the way up there directly?"


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