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"Aihana Etsu" (藍花 悦 Aihana Etsu?) is a boy who, during the riots of "heroes" in Learning Core of Academy City, pretended to be the 6th ranked Level 5. This is backed up by Shokuhou Misaki who claims that he is only acting as the 6th-ranked Level 5.[1]


The three kanji for his assumed name mean "indigo", "flower", and "pleasure" respectively.


The only known details are that he is a slender boy who wears a black leather jacket.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Agitate Halation ArcEdit

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He is first seen at Learning Core, presumably drawn to it as one of the "heroes" of the Agitate Halation Project, fighting the other "heroes". They refers to him as the "Academy City’s #6" and "One of the seven Level 5s", but he tells them that those epithets are not his name and then proceeds to introduce himself to them.[1] This is not because he does not claim to be the 6th ranked Level 5, but because he wanted them to address him by his proper name.

He effortlessly defeats people without using any powers, only using punches. This causes many of them to flee and pursue another target. While watching this battle from the side, Shokuhou Misaki comments that he only used his acting skills to play the role of the #6, and seeing that he is a fake Level 5, she has no connection with him. As such, she goes on with her own business.[1]

It is currently unknown why he pretended to be the 6th ranked Level 5.


His esper ability is unknown (if it exists), however he is proficient enough in melee combat to completely overwhelm several dozens boys and girls, many of which are probably espers and are described as "heroes", while completely unarmed and without using any esper power. He also did not receive even a scratch while fighting them. His arms are described as "firing punches on the level of heavy machinery", and one hit can cause several boys to collapse.[1]

He also apparently has acting skills on a good enough level to convince people he is the 6th Level 5 despite not using any esper abilities, as Misaki claims he is not real.[1]


  • (To his opponents, in NT7): “My name is not ‘Academy City’s #6’. Nor is it ‘One of the seven Level 5s’. My name is Aihana Etsu!!”


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