Air Superiority Preservation Control Center (Exterior)

Exterior of the Air Superiority Preservation Control Center

The Air Superiority Preservation Control Center (制空権保全管制センター Seikūken Hozen Kansei Sentā?) is a complex located in School District 23 of Academy City. The center is one part of Academy City's security and is also where the HsAFH-11 helicopters are kept on stand-by.[1]


Air Superiority Preservation Control Center (Interior)

Interior of the Air Superiority Preservation Control Center

Operators at the center have the power to deploy HsAFH-11 unmanned helicopters (also known as the Six Wings), which are on standby outside the center, should a situation or threat to Academy City occur and necessitate them. As errors are possible, this is not done electronically or immediately and instead left to an operator to decide. The operator has a large complicated manual which is dozens of pages long to look through to decide if it is necessary to act. When a human connects the plug into the circuit, the command to send out the unmanned helicopters goes out for a defense mission.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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HsAFH-11 - Takeoff

Six Wings taking off from the center

Due to Etzali's actions of destroying a parking garage, the center received an emergency signal from the area around the outer wall in District 11. As communications with the Hikoboshi II satellite were also down at the time, special conditions were applied and the operator disregarded the usual manual and plugged in the system right away to send out the order. Due to this, the Six Wings were deployed to District 11 and easily slaughtered about 4,500 of the mercenaries hired by BLOCK which were attempting to enter the city. The remaining units later returned back to the complex after finishing their mission.[1]


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