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Aiwass (エイワス Eiwasu?) is a mysterious being summoned by Aleister Crowley, and his former mentor. It is referred to under the codename of DRAGON, but also refers to itself as something similar to the angel. It is also referred to by other terms such as an "Extraterrestrial Life Form" (地球外生命体 Chikyūgaiseimeitai?), "Holy Guardian Angel" (聖守護天使 Sei Shugo Tenshi?), and "the true person who holds the secrets to modern western magic organizations" (近代西洋魔術結杜群におけるシークレットチーフの真なる者?).[1]


Apparently, its appearance and shape is only due to the Fuse Kazakiri, which was formed in order to give Aiwass a body. Its true form is still unknown, but Aiwass appears in the current year of the timeline as a golden haired being, with a tall and thin stature. Aiwass appears wearing loose white clothing that covers its body entirely. It is effeminate-looking, but its gender is never specified and is described as hard to ascertain. Its expression is also difficult to ascertain, having a mix of happiness, sadness, grief, and anger, and is referred to as having emotions completely different to humans.[1]

Aiwass has been described by Fiamma of the Right as an angel that cannot be explained by the Bible or theology. Aiwass is described as the symbol of an element that is inside the world created by God and also outside the hands of God.[2] Even Aiwass describes itself as different from the angels of the Bible.[1]

During the events on Christmas Day, Aiwass had a different appearance. While he retained a humanoid silhouette, as tall as an adult man, his head was transformed into that of a falcon, hands like talons, and a foot with a single clawed-digit and an elevated heel. He had a pair of large, swan-like wings growing from his back, and large feathers around his waist and behind his legs. His body had a pale platinum glow and he had a glowing halo above his head with a pointed circle spike sticking up in its center.[3][4][5] The exact reason for his new form is currently unknown.


Unlike its student, Aiwass has a casual way of talking, making interjections such as "Oops" as well as swearing. Aiwass also talks in a way that includes terms and sounds which are distorted when spoken, as if the aural law of the world cannot accommodate the sound, or it is a form of its own Angelic language.[6]

As opposed to Aleister Crowley, who judges things on their efficiency, Aiwass judges things on whether it has value or not. It appears disinterested in the affairs of the world, though showing interest in both Accelerator's and Kakine Teitoku's abilities, as well as Kamijou Touma and Hamazura Shiage.[7]Apparently its only motivation is to experience interesting things, such as trying to use a cellphone despite not needing one, as well as meddling in Aleister's plans, sending off Accelerator,[7] and Kazakiri Hyouka to Russia.[8] It is also uncaring of being killed, and actually challenges Accelerator to try and kill it. Moreover, it apparently gets bored so easily, that Aleister required to install an anti-suicide mechanism into its defenses in order for it not to kill itself out of boredom.[6]

In addition, it doesn't care about Aleister's threats about losing its status as above mortals forever, saying that it never asked for its powers in the first place and it would not matter either way.[7]


Much of its existence is unknown and has implied that it can exist for thousands of years. According to Stiyl Magnus, in one of Aleister Crowley's trips in order to carry out a magical experiment, he used his wife who accompanied him around the world as a medium to contact it.[9] Most details are unknown on what happened in their meeting or how many times Aleister contacted Aiwass, but according to Stiyl, Aleister learned from Aiwass the "Angelic Technique" that no human is able to use, and recorded it in the Book of the Law.[10] Its existence has a profound effect in Aleister's actions, and is central to his plans.

Aleister Crowley somehow managed to contain Aiwass in Academy City and is apparently stuck, probably in a different dimension, similar to the Imaginary Number District. Up until recently in the timeline, Aleister could not give it form and shape up until the production unit Fuse Kazakiri was manifested. Furthermore, like Fuse Kazakiri, it requires AIM diffusion fields of the espers, a special code in Last Order that is propagated through the Misaka Network in order to take shape.[11] It is unknown what Aiwass did before getting form, but it can be assumed that it observed the goings-on of the City, most likely of that of Touma, Accelerator, and Shiage, and its existence is known to people like Shiokishi.[11]


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Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Though not appearing itself, Aiwass's history with Aleister Crowley is referenced during the arc, and is mentioned as the one who have taught Aleister the contents of his magic that he would then write in the Book of the Law.[10]

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

GROUP gathers round at unknown time after the events of the arc. Here, Tsuchimikado Motoharu has somehow retrieved the Pincet Gloves with the Tweezers, to analyze UNDER_LINE. Other than the various factions found in there, Motoharu makes a distinction after finding the word DRAGON[12], that would mean that its secrecy level is higher than the other dark organizations within Academy City.


Main article: DRAGON Arc

Aiwass manifested before Accelerator.

The actions of GROUP during the arc is to find the identity of the top secret DRAGON and using that information to negotiate on an even playing field with the higher ups of the city.[11] As GROUP interrogates Shiokishi about DRAGON, he mentions that "DRAGON is everywhere," and at which point everyone present except Accelerator is knocked out, much to his surprise as Aiwass appears before him out of sheer interest.[1]

Aiwass is surprised that Accelerator did not immediately attack it after swiftly defeating the rest of his comrades, and states to him that it was interested in him, as such it appeared before him, asking if he is disappointed by its appearance. Aiwass' form is still incomplete, as it lapses into 'Angelic gibberish' every now and then since human language can't convey what it wants to say. Accelerator cannot comprehend Aiwass or what it's suggesting at first, as to him, its actions of showing up in front of him are illogical, when Academy City tried so hard to hide DRAGON's information. Aiwass explained how humans never change, and that history is always flowing on regardless of what humans do, so even if it was defeated, it could always come back in another 10,000 years, or even 100,000 years, as it is not really of this world.[11]

Accelerator prepares to battle Aiwass.

Aiwass also said though Aleister always improves his plans to make them better after unforeseen events, cracks are starting to appear. When Aiwass revealed Aleister's plans to replace Last Order as she will inevitably break down, and that if it was defeated, Last Order might be saved, Accelerator decided to just kill Aiwass.[11]

The clash of wings.

Accelerator charged at Aiwass, though his power didn't work on it and Accelerator got sliced in two by the self-defense program that Aleister embedded into Aiwass' body, on the off chance it was in danger. Aiwass also had golden-white wings hidden under its hair. Accelerator brought out his black wings and tried to attack, but Aiwass only smiled and says that’s something from the Aeon of Osiris and that it was outdated and cannot possibly defeat itself, a being from the Aeon of Horus. Their wings clashed and Accelerator got beaten in one blow.

Aiwass fading as Accelerator aims his gun at the core.

Accelerator then followed the AIM Field from the SISTERs and forcibly shut down Misaka Network, since Aiwass had said Last Order was the core for its existence for now. Aiwass impressed that Accelerator is willing to shut down the source of his powers even though he is grievously injured in order to defeat it. While Aiwass was disappearing, Accelerator pulled out his handgun and shot its exposed triangular-prism core.[6]

Aiwass defeats Accelerator.

After Accelerator shot the core, Aiwass was still present, with the additional defenses programmed in by Aleister. Aiwass said that it was such a pity before finally defeating Accelerator.[13] After doing so, it told Accelerator that if he wishes to save Last Order he should head to the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, a place where militaries, technologies and completely different set of laws that he has never seen before will appear. It tells Accelerator to remember the term Index Librorum Prohibitorum, and though he will not find it there, there will be an important detail dealing with it.[7]

At the end, Aiwass is shown having a conversation with Aleister. Aiwass is motivated by the 'value' of doing something, while Aleister judges things by 'efficiency.' Aiwass also comments on the differences between Touma and Accelerator; Accelerator craved for the wholesomeness of being a 'hero' like Touma, to the point he declared himself evil since he cannot reach that level, while in reality, Touma is only doing whatever he felt was right and is labeled

Aiwass speaking with Aleister through a phone.

'righteous' by other people impulsively. Aiwass ends up asking Aleister if he envies 'heroes' like them, the three of them that stands up with their own two feet regardless what happens. One who follows his ideals no matter what (Kamijou Touma); one that tries hard to redeem himself (Accelerator); and someone who is never looked at by people, nor has any talent, but for the one person he loves, he’ll become a hero anyway (Hamazura Shiage). Aleister's voice actually strains after hearing Aiwass' verbal barrages, and says that he will use anything he can, even Aiwass. He threatens Aiwass that despite it finding entertainment at the sight in the errors of his plan, he tells Aiwass that its superiority will not last forever.[7]

Aiwass tells Aleister that it doesn't possess its power because it wished to nor does it wish to continue holding that because it worked towards that end. Aiwass concludes that it will appear again if there is something else holds value or interest to it.[7]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Accelerator mentions Aiwass several during the course in his journey. However, later after Accelerator is defeated by Touma once more, and is sent by him to the Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, Aiwass smiles back in Academy City, saying that Touma's right hand is interesting, and lamenting the fact that it couldn't meet him before he left the city.[14]

Aiwass speaking with Kazakiri Hyouka

Aiwass talks with Kazakiri Hyouka, telling her that Archangel Gabriel, or a better description is Misha Kreutzev due to a mix-up in essence, is going to descend soon and then there will be many innocents dead, and Hyouka should go and restrain Misha. Aiwass doesn't feel like going itself since that's no fun. Aiwass says itself can control the Misaka Network even without Last Order, since the Sisters have agreed to help, and it can expand the AIM field in Academy City all the way into Russia. Kazakiri agrees on one condition that is for Aiwass to not go after Index. Aiwass replies Index will only be targeted if she interests it. Kazakiri then said if Aiwass does go after Index then she'll stop it, even if it means destroying them both. Aiwass smiled and then called her threat naive, since that statement just might perk its interest.[8][15]

Kazakiri warns Aiwass.

After World War 3 ended, Kazakiri Hyouka warned Aiwass that if it continues to toy with humans one day it might be destroyed by them. Aiwass merely replied that if the frail humans can one day reach their level then that would be interesting.[2][16]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

One of the magic gods or bizarre magicians, as Aleister Crowley calls them, in the phase of the world that even Magic God Othinus' power could not touch, says that the cornerstone of Aleister's plan, Aiwass, is a failure, and that before long he will be at wits' end. Already enraged by their previous comments to the point of forcing him to say his magic name, Aleister attacks them.[17]

Mental Out Arc

Main article: Mental Out Arc

While facing Kihara Noukan, Shundou Toshizou, a researcher that transferred his mind to that of a killer whale and later manipulated Mitsuari Ayu in order to gain Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out, has his water tank destroyed by Noukan's Anti-Art Attachment Powered Suit. Here Tohizou questions how the water flows around Noukan in a perfect circle. Noukan answers it is because he is like Rensa, whose role is to crush the seven Level 5s, and his role is to target beings such as Ladylee Tangleroad, Fräulein Kreutune, and Aiwass. This confuses Toshizou, but Noukan simply states that he deals with things that are beyond the realm that normal people could comprehend, though says that crushing him is an odd job. With that, Noukan expands this circle and removes all the water that Toshizou is floating on. He then uses the weapons of his Anti-Art Attachment to kill Toshizou.[18]

Aleister Crowley Arc

Main article: Aleister Crowley Arc

On December 11th, Aiwass was summoned during Aleister's battle with Kamijou Touma, using the power of the city's espers gathered at the Windowless Building via the citywide nerve network, as part of his ceremony to accomplish his goal of destroying the phases.[19][20] Aiwass subsequently overwhelmed Touma, its immense power boosted further through the Blasting Rod, even casually crushing the unknown entity within Touma when it briefly emerged.[21] However, the Reading Thoth 78 (in the form of Mina Mathers) came to Touma's aid, using its nature as the Thoth Tarot and its connection to Aiwass itself to draw on it's own power and temporarily hold it off.[22] This bought enough time for Index's group to neutralize the magic sword embedded in Tsuchimikado Maika and disrupt the summoning,[23] causing Aiwass to disappear.[24]

Processor Suit Arc

Main article: Processor Suit Arc

Immediately after Touma's battle with Aleister, Aiwass used Academy City's AIM diffusion fields to release Lilith back into the world, before intervening as Mina Mathers was trying to prevent Coronzon from escaping from the launched Windowless Building before it could leave the atmosphere. After creating a new grimoire through Mina's hand to sustain her existence outside the building, Aiwass told her to pass an oracle onto Aleister before throwing her from the spaceship. Aiwass then faced Coronzon as the Windowless Building left the planet, using the theory concerning it being an extraterrestrial life form and the effects of entering outer space to compensate for the lack of an avatar.[25]

Throughout the night, as the spacecraft headed further into outer space, Aiwass fought Coronzon, insulting and mocking the demon as it did so.[26][27][28] It eventually lost, however when Coronzon turned the Windowless Building around and tried to crash it onto Academy City, the demon found itself shifted into the 'new world', with Aiwass having intentionally lost and made its exit before the trap was sprung. Before disappearing, Aiwass said that having released Lilith, it would resume observing from the background and observe the story of Coronzon's defeat.[29]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the attack on the Queen Britannia in order to thwart the Ceremony of Mo Athair, Aiwass ambushed Madame Horos when she appeared before the dying Aleister and restored Anna Sprengel to her body. After getting stabbed for taking a long time to do so, he spoke with her in front of Aleister before the two took their leave ahead of Accelerator's arrival. The two later observed Kamijou Touma's flight and the emergence of the entity behind Imagine Breaker after Coronzon had inadvertently broken the seal.[30]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

After the events in the Irish Sea, Anna and Aiwass traveled to the Tower of London, concealing their presence from the populace, observing and discussing the events which were unfolding at Windsor Castle concerning Kamijou Touma and the manifestation of the One who Purifies God and Slays Demons.[31][32][33]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Day Arc

Main article: Christmas Day Arc

Aiwass manifests beside Anna as she is toying with Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki

During the events of Christmas Day, a silent Aiwass manifested during Anna Sprengel's fight with Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki in a falcon-headed form. Anna told him off for coming out when she had not called for him, saying that he was ruining her fun and she could slaughter them instantly even without his help, before unleashing an attack which ended that round of the battle.[3][34][35][36]

When Kamijou Touma confronted Anna after Mikoto and Shokuhou were defeated, a disappointed Anna had Aiwass appear and move to kill him with simultaneous attacks, but Touma was able to fend them off with Imagine Breaker and magic used by the St. Germain inside him, whom he had allied with.[4] In the subsequent battle, Anna took Aiwass's energy into her right arm and had it take the form of various powers in her right hand to match her foe, using a combination of the elemental association of her left hand's fingers, the symbol of the rose with twenty-two petals and Gematria, as a control mechanism to determine the power's form.[37][38][39][40][41]

Operation Handcuffs Arc

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc

When Anna was leaving Accelerator in the aftermath of Operation Handcuffs, having taunted Accelerator as her introduction of the Coins of Nicholas had derailed it into a slaughter, Aiwass appeared to repulse Qliphah Puzzle 545 when she attacked Anna in anger at what she had done.[42]



Commonly referred to as the Holy Guardian Angel (聖守護天使 Sei Shugo Tenshi?),[43][21][25] Aiwass is a transcendent being and higher life form from the deepest regions of the world,[2][44][45][25][46][47] Aiwass is described as a being of the Aeon of Horus, which is said to have arrived with the first contact in 1904.[6][2][43][22][46]

Its name doesn't come from anywhere, not belonging to any religious category or mystical text prior to its appearance.[45] There have been numerous theories surrounding Aiwass's existence, some more accurate than others but hardly any which fully grasp what Aiwass is.[1][2][48][25] It has been considered as a 'holy guardian angel', the true Secret Chief, an 'extraterrestrial life form' (地球外生命体 Chikyūgaiseimeitai?), 'the true person who holds the secrets to modern Western magic organizations', DRAGON, angel, demon, criminal, and various other things.[49][1][2][25] Some of these theories can actually be exploited by Aiwass itself.[25]

Aiwass itself has mentioned how its codename DRAGON is not exactly wrong to a point and how the term 'Angel' was alright as well, being closer to the truth than some of the other rumors and wild ideas surrounding its existence.[1] However it also said how its existence was completely different from the angels recorded in the Bible, so to more accurately describe its presence the other term should be used.[1] In reference to Aiwass, Fiamma of the Right described how an angel which couldn't be described by the Bible or theology was also the symbol of an element inside the world created by God and also outside the hands of God - the beginning of the destruction of the fate established by God.[2] Being from the Aeon of Horus, Aiwass is beyond the Aeon of Osiris dominated the laws defined by the Christian church and its God.[6][2][50][43]

Aiwass is Aleister's greatest treasure, as it is the angel of the bottommost layer of the world, below the phases of religion and magic, right at the Pure World. As such, its power can be harnessed to destroy the phases above it, leaving the magicless world in the process.[45] Although Aiwass was dismissed as a failure by the High Priest,[17][51] it also plays a key role in Aleister's anti-Magic God countermeasures.[45]

The number associated with Aiwass is 93, the same as Thelema.[52][25][27][28][47] The Thoth Tarot contains the essence of the Holy Guardian Angel and the 20th card of its Major Arcana, The Aeon (永遠アイオーン Eien (Aiōn)?), can be used to draw upon Aiwass's power.[22][25] According to Aleister, Imagine Breaker and Accelerator are required to contact Aiwass's core.[53]


Due to its nature as an entity from the deeper regions of the world, special measures need to be taken in order to manifest Aiwass on the surface.[citation needed] As an energy form, Aiwass requires an avatar (霊媒アバター Reibai (Abatā)?) in order to fully utilize its power in the regular world, though it can compensate for the lack of an avatar to a certain degree if it leaves the planet and enters outer space, following the theory of being an extraterrestrial life form.[25][29]

When Aiwass appeared before Aleister Crowley in 1904, it borrowed the body of his wife Rose.[52][25][28] The exact method which Aleister used to summon it at this time isn't known.[citation needed][54]

In recent times, Aleister's methods for bringing forth Aiwass have involved and the aggregation of AIM diffusion fields filling Academy City (the Imaginary Number District), produced by the city's esper population, with the Misaka Network being used as a guidance control mechanism.[11][6][citation needed]

On September 30th, Last Order was infected with a virus which was used to turn Kazakiri Hyouka into Fuse Kazakiri, a being which can be called an artificial angel. This in turn was used to give Aiwass form.[11][6][citation needed] While trying describing the process to Accelerator in terms which could be expressed, Aiwass used the analogy of a salt crystal, comparing the AIM diffusion fields to extremely concentrated salt water, which alone wouldn't crystallize and to which it would be better to add some foreign material such as a stick or dust (or in this case, an 'angel') to get the process going. While crystallization is simple, if a particular shape and size is desired, the qualities of the core need to be carefully prepared - in this case, Fuse Kazakiri was the production line fine-tuned in order for Aiwass to appear.[11]

The structural virus was also used to add several other features to Aiwass's body/construction/form, including an automatic defense and suicide prevention mechanism, various protective measures to ensure its survival, and a transformation function.[6][6] By cutting off the Misaka Network from the surrounding area with his jamming device, Accelerator was able to locally remove the core of the 'crystal' and return it to the original 'salt water', causing Aiwass to fade and exposing its core, though despite having the core shattered, Aiwass soon returned due to the defenses embedded into it.[6][13] Aiwass's manifestation put a massive burden on Last Order's body, threatening her life,[11][7] and after the interference was removed from her mind on October 31st, the power secured its existence was drastically reduced and as a result, it would soon withdraw from the surface.[2]

During the events on December 11th, Aleister summoned Aiwass by gathering the power of the city's espers at the Windowless Building through the use of an underground nerve network (in a similar fashion to Rensa) and using a summoning sword coupled with the karma-bearing chains. This summoning largely depended on the sword and once Tsuchimikado Motoharu managed to safely neutralize it, Aiwass soon vanished.[24]

Aiwass's core

Similar to Kazakiri Hyouka and the AIM Burst,[55][56] Aiwass has a core shaped like a triangular prism hidden in the center of its head,[6][13][24] the surface of which is continually moving around and clicking like a keyboard.[6] According to Aiwass during its encounter with Accelerator, its destruction would have taken it out if it was on the level of Fuse Kazakiri, not exactly killing it but ensuring that it couldn't reemerge for a few years. In that particular case however, Aleister's precautions ensured that wouldn't happen.[6][13]


Aiwass's exact capabilities aren't fully known, however it is known that it possesses immense power and special qualities as a transcendent being from the deepest regions of the world, close to the Pure World, though the right conditions and certain procedures are required in order for it to exercise that power on the surface.[6][21][45][25] Due to the fact that it itself stated that it surpasses Fuse Kazakiri,[13] whom went toe-to-toe with Archangel Gabriel, it is implied that its power is far above that of an archangel, or most likely, any angel of Christianity.

Aiwass's powers cannot be described nor comprehended, and is referenced by Accelerator as mysterious vectors.[57] What is known is that it is powerful enough to make anyone it chooses to be knocked out.[1] Its power enables it to bypass Accelerator's black wings as if they were non-existent.[6] It has similar features to Fuse Kazakiri, due to the fact she was a production model in for it to gain form and shape, moreover, Aleister inputted several defense mechanisms to Aiwass. It is unknown if this is a part of Aiwass that can be forcefully drawn out because of Aleister's implementations, or if Aleister made it for it. Aiwass is composed of AIM diffusion fields, and requires certain processes to appear. It appears with wings and a halo. Its wings are described as glowing platinum. Upon its head was a similarly a halo that glowed a pale platinum and a white core. The automatic defense mechanism embedded into Aiwass via the virus allows the wings to move on their own accord without Aiwass' consent.[6]

In addition to the automatic defense mechanism, Aiwass mentioned that it also had a transformation function. Its halo appeared around this time but any other changes weren't known, with the next strike blowing away the downed Accelerator's consciousness.[13] Other protective measures were also built into Aiwass to increase its security and defenses, ensuring it would persist even when Accelerator shot and shattered its core after cutting off the Misaka Network guiding the AIM fields in the surrounding area.[13]

Aiwass has displayed shades of being omniscient, being able to tell what's going on thousands of miles away, such as the location of Index, and the upcoming war in Russia.[7] Although, due to its casual attitude it is difficult to tell, as it has shown to be forgetful that it has a defense mechanism, as well as being surprised by Aleister's carefulness in keeping it alive.[13] Furthermore, if Shiokishi is to believed, it is apparently omnipresent, referring to it as being everywhere,[1] at least within Academy City, where the mass of AIM diffusion fields are guided by the Misaka Network allows it to exist.[6]

Together with Anna Sprengel, Aiwass has made use of an invisibility spell based on the symbol of the black egg.[30] Anna has also taken Aiwass's energy into her body and utilized it to form and wield formidable magical powers in her right hand (in mimicry and mockery of Imagine Breaker), switching between different powers using a combination of the twenty-two petal rose symbol, Gematria and the elemental association of the fingers on her left hand.[37][38][39][40][41]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

According to Haimura, he designed Aiwass to look similar to Aleister Crowley.[58]



  • (To Accelerator from Volume 19) "I’m the one that once taught the necessary parts of the necessary knowledge to an eccentric magician named Crowley–'Aiwass.'"[1]
  • (To Accelerator) "I wanted you to meet me, so I appeared. Are you dissatisfied?"[11]
  • (To Accelerator after being cut) "Oh, whoops. That was my mistake."[6]
  • (From Volume 19) "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." (汝の欲する所を為せ、それが汝の法とならん Nanji no hossuru tokoro o nase, sore ga nanji no hō to naran?)[6]
  • (To Aleister Crowley from Volume 19) "Well, you can still make that fit within the acceptable margin of error, right? But his mentality is much more juvenile than I had expected. He despises himself as evil, but I wonder if he realizes that is just the reverse side of his intense longing for good... And yet the Imagine Breaker that the #1 is chasing after does not take action because he associates himself with either good or evil. That Imagine Breaker is merely acting according to the spirit that is welling up from within him. It is merely that what he does looks like good from the viewpoint of others."[7]
  • (To Aleister Crowley) "There are many different types of heroes... There are those who aren’t told what to do and just move straight ahead following the feelings welling up within... There are those who committed a major crime in the past and try to walk down the right path due to the anguish that crime brings them... And there are those who were chosen by no one and possess none of the characteristics one would expect of a hero and yet become a hero for that one person they care for. Each of those types is the type of person who will always stand back up when knocked to the ground."[7]
  • (To Aleister Crowley, as the summoning was disrupted) "So it ends in failure this time too. Honestly, the world looks so simple, but it is a surprisingly large place. Isn't that right, Aleister?"[24]
  • (To Coronzon) “My mind is not structured simply enough to recklessly oversimplify things to a duality, but it can be fun to occasionally play the hero as a way to enjoy this silliness. Now, shall we dance as angel and demon, you garbage?”[25]
  • (To Coronzon, in response to comments that it was easier to bring chaos to order) “Dispersion? If you’re serious about that, then I am truly shocked by your narrow view of the world. Ever since the Big Bang, the world has had the boring tendency to trend toward convergence and stability. From the macro galaxies to the micro particles, everything is a series of similar spins. There are millions of species on that blue planet, but there is very little variety beyond the standard male/female divide. And snow crystals never leave the realm of 120 degrees. The world will bring itself into order with no assistance needed, just like a bathtub after pulling the plug. Rebellious elements like Aleister that struggle against it all and climb the waterfall are actually quite rare. Not even a hero can do that. And that is why they are so worth observing.”[27]
  • “I am a Holy Guardian Angel that throws in a crystal of knowledge to watch the ripples spread and bring revolution to the world. Do I look like I would have any love for that worthless ocean you call logic and efficiency?”[27]
  • (Towards Aleister Crowley) “Aleister Crowley, my contractor. No matter what kind of human you are, you must never stop working toward being happy. You did well to clench your teeth and continue walking down that thorny path. The angel bearing the number 93 shall give you a reward equal to the blood, sweat, and tears you shed in that lonely darkness. The laws of the world are of no consequence and the rules set by the existing gods can eat shit. Now, lift your head, face forward, stand tall, and accept it. Accept the blessing you have drawn to yourself with your own unending effort!!”[28]

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