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Akemi (アケミ Akemi?) is a minor character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is a student at Sakugawa Middle School and a user of Level Upper.


She has dark brown hair with her fringes combed to the side, and the fringes on the right are kept together with two hairclips. She is the tallest of her friends and is called as an old lady by Ruiko.


She is enrolled in Sakugawa Middle School and is a classmate of Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari. She is usually seen with her friends Muu and Mako, who are also in the same class.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Level Upper Arc[]

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Akemi levitates

Akemi using her powers on a cleaning robot.

In the anime she first appears in class, listening to a lecture about Personal Reality.[2] She later appears alongside Mako and Muu, wondering about Level Upper. They then run into Saten Ruiko, who has Level Upper and shares it with them.[3] She then uses Level Upper, allowing her to improve her abilities. Her next appearance is in a park, practicing her abilities on Muu. Forgetting that she was using her abilities on Muu, Akemi drops her on the ground, which makes Mako mount Akemi's back as revenge. In the anime, she continues to practice her powers on cleaning robots. She eventually collapses as a result of using Level Upper and is sent to a hospital.[4]

She reappears in the anime alongside her friends in a special class for users of Level Upper. After a lesson by Tsukuyomi Komoe, she gets tired and asks Mako to massage her, to which Ruiko replies that she is an old granny. Later, she joins the rest of the students in running laps around the track as part of training under Yomikawa Aiho. During Ruiko's confrontation with Elder Sister, Akemi is concerned for Ruiko's well-being but simply observes her. After Elder Sister leaves, Akemi smiles and agrees with Ruiko's statement about the use of Level Upper being cheating. When the special class ends, she joins Mako and Muu for a party to celebrate.[5]

Poltergeist Arc[]

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She, alongside Mako and Muu, appear briefly in a flashback where they celebrate Kazari's induction into Judgment. Her final appearance in the anime is in a park somewhere alongside Mako and Muu, looking at Kiyama Harumi's birthday present that was prepared by her students.[6]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

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She appeared briefly in the background when Saten communicated via Speech Bubble with Frenda Seivelun.[7][8]


After using Level Upper, she displays Telekinesis (念動力テレキネシス Nendōryoku (Terekineshisu)?, lit. "Telekinetic Force") powerful enough to levitate people, as shown when she used her power on Muu (in the anime adaptation, she could also levitate objects such as cleaning robots). She says that she previously could only levitate a paper cup barely.[4]

Character Art Design[]


  • She does not refer to Ruiko by her family name, instead using her given name; this indicates that she is very close to her.



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