Akikawa Mie (秋川未絵 Akikawa Mie?) is a middle school student, appearing in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 13.

Introduced as a point-of-view character in the novel, she has her own side story chronicled during the events of the High Priest's rampage in Academy City as she tries to deliver the liquid diamond that her parents worked hard on while being chased by Kenzan Shouji and his friends wanting it for themselves. In her adventure, she would cross paths with several other established characters in the series.


Akikawa Mie has shoulder-length black hair and a healthy tan. She wears a white long-sleeved sailor uniform, a shorter-than-average miniskirt and a mint green cardigan, tied around her waist by the sleeves.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Magic God Invasion Arc

After the building she was in was uprooted by the High Priest, she learnt that a vault her father worked on, containing a liquid diamond her mother was working on, was broken during the uprooting and others were considering stealing the contents. Not wanting her parents to be hurt from theft, Mie took the liquid diamond from the vault to safeguard it from thieves and ran to escape.[1]


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