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Aleister Crowley (アレイスター=クロウリー Areisutā Kurōrī?) (12 October 1875–1 December 1947 officially), born Edward Alexander Crowley (エドワード=アレクサンダー=クロウリー Edowādo Arekusandā Kurōrī), is the founder, leader, and Board Chairman (統括理事長 Toukatsu Rijichou?, lit. "General Superintendent", Yen Press: General Board chairperson) of Academy City who holds power greater than that of the Board of Directors. He is referred to as the greatest magician in history and magic's greatest embarrassment, who had quit magic in order to analyze science and technology.[2] He is the de facto leader of the Science Side as the ruler of Academy City, and his actions and plans continually subvert the magic side and often move the actions of the protagonists. For those reasons, he can be arguably considered the main antagonist of the entire franchise.

He resides in the mysterious Windowless Building, floating upside down and connected to wires, inside a tube of red liquid.[6]


In the novels, his appearance is described as someone who "looks like an adult, yet also a child; like a man, yet also a woman; like a saint, yet also a criminal".[7] However, in all his appearances, Aleister looks like a tall effeminate-looking man with long white hair. In all of his appearances in the present day, prior to the events of December 11th, he wears a green hospital gown and is always barefooted.

During his destruction of the Golden Dawn, Aleister wore a dark uniform with a hooded cloak and star-shaped fasteners.[8]


Many of the alternative versions of himself which manifested in the Windowless Building after the possibilities sealed within his body branched out, appear like various impressions left by his appearance isolated and embodied; man, woman, child, adult, saint, sinner and so on.[9]

The main form of Aleister featured following the events on December 11th, one of his many alternative possibilities and the one housing the prime Aleister's consciousness, is that of a young girl, estimated by Kamijou Touma to be around Misaka Mikoto's age or younger. Her most notable traits are her unhealthily pale skin and long silver hair. She wears a pale blue double blazer uniform, a black cloak and a witch-like hat. There are silver decorations on either side of the hat looking like curled horns or crescent moons, and silver-shining metal on the back of the cloak looking like bat wings or narrowed eyes.[10] She also has a dark broom, one end pointed and the other end having twisting branches like a tree, with silver star-shaped decorations hanging from the branches and a silver band just before the branches.[11]



Aleister's childhood was not a particularly happy one. His Christian parents, who held belief in God and influential positions in the town, refused to listen or understand him, and considered him stupid for his lack of belief. Rather than protecting or caring for the boy as a parent should, they were more focused on ensuring that he acted "proper". They sent him to a strict boarding school, believing that it would place in him the strict spirit and understanding of God's teaching they desired. Not fitting in there, he was repeatedly mocked, criticized and persecuted by both his teachers and the other children at the school. Finding the town a horrible place, the young Aleister grew bitter and frustrated, scornful of the people around him who proclaimed themselves believers and righteous yet acted so foolish and disgracefully.[12][13]

As a result of his experiences, Aleister developed a strong contempt for the god who was believed to have created the world, one that was easily fooled and could not punish liars, such as the adults responsible for his suffering, who despite their true natures appeared nice on the surface and as such held influential positions in the town, being treated like perfect role models. He concluded that reading the bible would not lead to the truth, and that when one cast aside their own thoughts and blindly believed the teachings of those who came before, they would only gain the disgraceful behavior exhibited by his tormentors. He decided to find the proper rules and answers which that god could not in order to make the world a better place. To that end, he sought to reclaim the true path that he considered lost due to foolish blind belief. This desire would eventually lead him down the path of magic.[14][12][13]

Golden Dawn

As a young man, in the last years of the 19th century, Aleister was making progress as a magician. Around this time, witch hunts and propaganda from the church towards magicians had died away, replaced with attacks from the early newspapers. The presence of people who remade old witch rituals with sex and drugs was another reason why this age was fairly shameful for magicians. Although Aleister was involved in this kind of activity, unlike the others who had merely used the former as an excuse for the latter, he was logically and efficiently achieving results with it.[15]

At the time, the world's largest magic cabal was the Golden Dawn, which sought a unified theory to explain the truths of the world. With one of the founders having retired due to old age, there was internal competition between the two remaining founders; William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. The two had conflicting views on how the cabal and magic should proceed as they worked towards their ultimate goal of discovering a unified theory and constructing a magic work kit that would bring endless possibilities for magicians. Being of an older age, Westcott advocated tradition and saw a need to compromise, while Mathers wished to see progress, even if it meant going into areas considered taboo and heretical at the time. Mathers in particular wanted his name to be the one associated with the products of the Golden Dawn's research and sought to overwrite the individual pieces the other members had constructed with ones of his own. The Golden Dawn was divided between them, though neither faction had complete control over the organization as a whole.[16][15][17]

Recognizing Aleister's abilities and potential, Mathers scouted him and invited him into the Golden Dawn, intending to use the young man's talents for his own purposes. Westcott was reluctant to have Aleister join the cabal and others held similar sentiments. Shortly after he entered the cabal, Aleister performed a Telesma summoning ceremony in the presence of the two founders, the results of which reinforced their own sentiments.[15][17]

Despite being a relatively new member in the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley developed countless spells and spiritual items during his time in the cabal. Some of his ideas, such as the Aeons, were considered extreme even for the Golden Dawn and as such there were a fair number of people who didn't support them.[18][12] Aleister didn't have many friends within the cabal and most of his allies had their own reasons for doing so. However there was one man who approached Aleister without ulterior motives; Allan Bennett, a friend and teacher whom Aleister would call his one true mentor. Bennett would teach Aleister Spiritual Tripping, which would become one of Aleister's specialties and his primary offensive magic, as well as the secrets of his Blasting Rod, the true power of which Bennett had disguised so as not to draw unwanted attention from the likes of Mathers and Westcott.[19] Bennett was also capable of divining the future and one of his prophecies would greatly affect Aleister's path.[19]

In April 1900, Aleister met with Bennett at his apartment, where his teacher foretold the future death of Aleister's first daughter at a young age from illness. Bennett explained to Aleister about the phenomena connected to this event; the 'sparks' produced from the collisions of the phases, which affect the balance of fortune and misfortune, and subtly influence the lives and fates of people across the world. He also described how the usage of magic increases the phase collisions and cause more of these sparks, particularly with magic based on unified theories such as the Golden Dawn's Hermetic-based magic.[19] He confirmed to Aleister that the Golden Dawn were aware of the dangers of this phenomena and that their activities were contributing to it but continued regardless, with Mathers considering that as it could not be measured it might as well not exist, and an unspoken understanding that they would be safe as long as they possessed the protection of Blythe Road's Treasure.[19]

With Aleister resolving to take action against the Golden Dawn for the sake of his future daughter, Allan talked of how those who would survive being struck down by Aleister's power in the coming war would be cursed to live a life where every choice they made would end in failure. Allan warned Aleister that if he was to curse and destroy the Golden Dawn, he would eventually have to turn the fangs he bared towards them on himself and swallow the poison he had concocted, bearing the same fate as those he had cursed. He also warned him that he could choose to compromise, but if he did then his feelings would grow dull and rusted, and his vengeance would lose its purity. Having given Aleister everything that he needed and with Aleister understanding the consequences, Allan told Aleister to kill him, as he too was a member of the Golden Dawn. Aleister reluctantly complied, shooting his teacher in the head with a Spiritual Tripping flintlock gun. Allan didn't resist, telling his friend to take care with his last words.[19]

Battle of Blythe Road

Aleister subsequently launched an attack on Mathers and a magical battle ensued, with both sides being evenly matched. Angered by Aleister's rebellion, Mathers called him a fool for not sticking with him to receive the scraps of his success and argued that Aleister could avoid his daughter's death by simply not having one to begin with. Aleister responded by questioning Mathers' own reasons for marrying Mina and his look enraged Mathers further. The battle then ended as Mathers' reinforcements arrived, including Dion Fortune, Paul Foster Case, Arthur Edward Waite and Robert William Felkin. Remarking on Mathers' true authoritarian nature, Aleister retreated, but he had achieved his real objective; obtaining a sample of Mathers' blood.[8]

Having used Mathers' blood to forge a document with his supposed orders, just as Westcott forged a letter from Anna Sprengel to give the cabal prestige during its foundation,[20][8] Aleister proceeded to 36 Blythe Road, Hammersmith, the Golden Dawn's most important ceremonial ground. What followed was the Battle of Blythe Road, which would come to be regarded as a crucial but quiet turning point of history by magic researchers.[16][8] Aleister forced his way into the building, swept aside the magicians maintaining and inspecting the equipment, sealed the exits and holed up inside. He also stole a number of tools from the armory, including the spiritual item referred to as Blythe Road's Treasure, an arrow made out of a right hand bearing Imagine Breaker. While in the office, he was contacted by Mathers via Automatic Writing and revealed his intentions in making the Westcott faction believe Mathers ordered Aleister to occupy Blythe Road. As Aleister had hoped, Mathers was soon confronted by a furious Westcott at his headquarters and unable to prove to him how Aleister had framed him, as the two were in front of their subordinates and couldn't openly discuss or accept Westcott's forgery without compromising their own positions.[8]

Aleister's actions triggered a war between the Mathers and Westcott factions within the Golden Dawn which raged in the darkness of London. Aleister didn't expect or intend for one faction to wipe the other out, taking advantage of the chaos to sneak in and attack members of both sides to fulfill his revenge. Whenever he killed a magician, he planted evidence pointing to the other side being responsible, resupplying from fallen enemies along the way. As the war escalated, further openings arose along with opportunities to secretly enter areas normally unreachable. Eventually an opportunity arose for Aleister to take out the founders and he killed Westcott with the arrow, Imagine Breaker rendering his quasi-immortality useless.[8]

Aleister moves to cut down Mathers

He then turned his attention to Mathers who had witnessed Westcott's death. After Mathers argued that he could have remade his daughter as many times as necessary, Aleister threw the arrow at him. Mathers managed to repel and destroy it, at the cost of his arm and many of his symbolic weapons. However in focusing on protecting himself from the arrow, he made the fatal mistake of not paying attention to his real enemy, Aleister, who took advantage of the opening and struck the self-styled highlander down with a claymore manifested through Spiritual Tripping, bringing his curse down upon him. As Aleister expressed his anger and sorrow at not only his daughter's future death but also the tragedies filling the world and how people give up rather than stand against them, Mathers managed to set off a few more explosions at point-blank range, but ultimately Aleister was the one left standing. Having destroyed the leaders of the Golden Dawn, Aleister declared that he would wipe out all magic, shatter every last phase and put an end to all mysticism, remaking the world where people accept these tragedies as mere cruel coincidences and bury them saying they can't be helped, and bringing back the pure world where people aren't manipulated without their knowledge.[8]

The conflict ignited by Aleister, along with the deaths and cursing of the founders and many other members, caused the Golden Dawn's collapse, though it was not a clear and decisive end. The large organization broke apart into many smaller cabals claiming to be its successor, but they all declined and none of them reclaimed the Golden Dawn's former glory. Many people would attempt to revive the Golden Dawn but all of those attempts were doomed to failure, just as foretold. Aleister spent a long time afterwards hunting down the remnants.[21][8]

Rose and Lilith

Some time after he destroyed the Golden Dawn, Aleister met his future wife, Rose Edith Kelly. In their initial meeting, Aleister remarked that she looked upset and asked if he could cheer her up by inviting her to the starry sky. During this period of courtship, Aleister suppressed his more egotistic and perverted side, acting like a gentleman around her.[20] However after their marriage, Aleister stopped restraining himself and hiding his magical research from Rose, who subsequently became his assistant, accompanying him on his journeys around the world.[20][22][23]

In 1904, while in Egypt, Aleister made contact with the entity known as Aiwass, using his wife as a medium. Summoned into Rose's body, Aiwass conveyed secrets to Aleister through her which he would compile into the Book of the Law.[20][22][23] This grimoire would form the foundation of Thelema and according to Aleister, its creation marked the end of the Aeon of Osiris and the dawn of the Aeon of Horus.[24] The exact contents of the book remained unknown to most of the world,[25] however the theories which Aleister brought about with it were sensational enough to blow away not just the Golden Dawn's foundational theories but also the new theories which Mathers had planned to build by hijacking them.[20] At the time, Rose was pregnant and unknown to both parents, Aiwass carried out actions concerning the unborn child's fate which would only become apparent later on.[26]

Not long afterwards, Aleister and Rose's first daughter Lilith was born.[20] Obsessed with his daughter, Aleister read the stars to determine the name he would give his daughter, one which carried meaning and ended up being very long (Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley).[20][27] During this time, the happiest in Aleister's life, he temporarily stopped his magical research to assist with the birth and to protect his unstable wife and daughter afterwards.[20]

Having halted his research to focus on ensuring his family's safety, once their condition had stabilized, Aleister resumed his work to find a way to avert Lilith's foretold death.[20][8] In order to make up for lost time, he went on a journey to a great mountain in order to achieve a certain objective.[20] However while he was there, away from his family, the effects of 'sparks' from the clashing phases resulted in Lilith's sudden death from illness, just as foretold.[20] Aleister only learned of his daughter's death by letter once he had finished his task at the mountain. He had wished for his daughter's happiness more than anyone, but had not been allowed to come running and be with her in her last moments.[20] On that day, Aleister left a single tearstain in his diary.[5][3][12][20][8]

Lilith's death was the beginning of Aleister's fall, a trigger great enough for the "human" to hate and curse the destiny of the entire world.[20] Thoroughly giving up on the laws which he had cursed since childhood,[20][8] Aleister sought to strike back against that which had taken his daughter and torn his family apart. He continued to plot the destruction of the phases and all magic, in order to free humanity from their influence, believing he would only then have truly fulfilled his duty as a father.[20][8][8] Unknown to Aleister however, Aiwass had intervened when he possessed Rose's body and taken steps while Lilith was in the womb to ensure that her essence would be taken to the safety of another phase until circumstances would allow her to survive when returned.[28]

At some point after Lilith's death, Rose would break and subsequently leave Aleister.[12][21][8] Aleister would marry multiple times afterwards and also had mistresses. He had other children, among them his second daughter Lola, though Lilith remained his favorite and at the forefront of his mind.[9]


In 1909, Aleister had another major encounter during a trip to Africa.[29][30] While looking for ways to move between sephira, he had discovered an abyss between them, one which could not be passed through even when binding Tarot cards with a path.[9] Aleister intended to find another way to pass through this abyss in order to cross between sephira and carried out a summoning experiment in the African desert in order to do so. Having found that the approach from Loch Ness experiment didn't really suit him, Aleister used a magic circle created from the blood of three doves which would have an immediate effect.[29][30] He sought to become one with the abyss so as not to take spiritual damage while passing through it to accomplish his goal.[29]

The entity that appeared before him during this experiment was the demon known as Coronzon. Unknown to Aleister, this demon had been previously summoned by Mathers during the downfall of the Golden Dawn and given one command; to pretend to have been summoned by Aleister Crowley and then guide him to ruin.[29][9] Not contained within the existing Qliphoth, Coronzon broke through Aleister's attempts to bind it and temporarily hijacked his body as an avatar. Fortunately for Aleister, he was using his apprentice, Victor Neuburg, as a breaker in the ritual. The breaker functioned perfectly and the demon was driven away.[30][29][9] Though he likely gave up crossing the abyss after this event,[31] this spectacular failure apparently got him more fired up, not knowing the truth behind the encounter.[32]

After failing to hijack Aleister's body, Coronzon subsequently hid within a mountain of papyrus and travelled from northern Africa to England. Bound to follow the contract even after Mathers was killed, Coronzon would continue to plot Aleister's ruin and manipulate events under the identity of Lola Stuart and acting as the Archbishop of Necessarius.[29][9]


Between Lilith's death and 1947, Aleister journeyed across the world while attempting to continue his magical research towards his goal. He was deported at various points during this time and was ultimately unable to establish a permanent or long-term base for major magical research.[8] Despite this, most modern-day Western magic is judged to have come from his work.[25][22] Aside from the Book of the Law, he wrote a number of other grimoires, including Moonchild in 1917,[33] Book 4 and Liber 777.[32][34]

A general unemployed eccentric and unrestrained magician,[20] Aleister was a magnet for controversy, earning the ire of many, both magicians and non-magicians.[25][35][20] At one point, around the time when the Paris police were covering the crotches of naked male sculptures, he stole one of the butterfly decorations used for the task and wore it over his trousers to a party.[35][20]

At some point during his journeys across Asia, Aleister coincidentally visited Japan and saw a Kamakura-era Buddhist temple. The sight of the large Buddha statue there left quite an impact on him and according to some stories, he tried to change his religion on the spot.[32][36] At another point, he had attempted to climb K2 with no extra oxygen supply.[20]

Aleister predicted the outbreak of World War I, but remained focused on his magical work instead of making any attempt to prevent it.[37][38] Some of his symbols would end up being worked into the design of HMS Hood. Whether this was unintentional or not isn't known, but the symbols enabled the Hood to be summoned as a ghost ship in an incident many years after it was sunk in World War II.[38] There are stories that Aleister worked with MI5, though it isn't known how true they are.[39]

From 1920 to 1923, Aleister was active on the island of Sicily in Italy.[24] While there, he established the Temple of Thelema to share his knowledge. Around this time, certain methods were used involving the use of drugs with adolescent minds to induce paranormal phenomena, which would eventually be used in Academy City's Power Curriculum Program. However the temple collapsed following an accident due to a mistake made while treating the sick.[40][21][41] During this time, Aleister likely lost the original copy of the Book of the Law, which was subsequently acquired by the Roman Catholic Church and archived in the Vatican Library.[25]

At some point, Aleister may have interacted with Gerald Gardner, a magical researcher who would later establish the modern system of witchcraft known as Wicca.[42] At another point, he spread a story of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland carrying a different meaning for anyone versed in Kabbalah.[43][44]

At some point during his earlier years, Aleister had run into a dead end in his research and like many European magicians, took a trip across the Mediterranean to Africa. While in Egypt, he incorporated the names of Isis, Osiris and Horus into his concept of Aeons, eliciting a laugh from the Magic God Nephthys.[45]

During his past, as the world's most powerful magician and a king of man, Aleister Crowley had the potential to become a Magic God and a member of the true Gremlin; however he rejected becoming a Magic God and chose to remain as a human, remaining in the same realm as his family without giving up on anything. He came to despise the Magic Gods, due to their nature and their connection to the phenomena responsible for Lilith's death.[5][3]


Standing at the pinnacle of the magic world as the strongest magician on the planet, Aleister Crowley announced that he would give up the magic he developed and start over again, analyzing science and technology.[2] This was seen as the greatest insult to the magic world, for the strongest magician in the world to give up magic and switch to science, as if to say that magic was inferior.[2] As a result, Aleister Crowley became the enemy of all magicians in the world. Among the people trying to kill him, there were not just specialists like Necessarius, but also people the least related to magic.[2]

On December 1st 1947, Aleister's pursuers were closing in on him in the British countryside.[46][24][8] Having hunted down every last magician of the Golden Dawn, in accordance with the rules he had set when he had destroyed the cabal, he turned his own blade on himself, and received the curse of failure,[8][25] collapsing like a burst bag. To most of the world, this was where he died.[8][2][25][46][24]

However, Aleister was actually saved by Heaven Canceller who sewed him back together and sheltered him from the United Kingdom.[46] While saving him, he also prevented Aleister from becoming part of the collection managed by a group of wandering treasure keepers who preserve the bodies of notable individuals, having put him in too perfect a state of suspended animation.[47] The doctor would later provide Aleister with his life support system, guide him towards Japan and help him create the plans for Academy City.[46]


Following his 'death', Aleister would secretly come to Japan in order to make his comeback. His choice was influenced by the doctor who supported and transported him when he was near-death, as well as his memories from his previous visit, and having lost interest in Paris and Sicily.[36] It was only a few years since World War II and the country had not yet recovered, giving Aleister the opportunity to construct an institution in western Tokyo in the name of educational and technological recovery. He also considered the nature of the locals, which he had glimpsed in the temple, ideal for constructing a scientific and academic city cut off from the occult. Aleister made sure that it would everything he would need, including room for further growth. Thus, Academy City was born.[36]

Around this time, Aleister also developed the master plan which he would follow for more than 50 years afterwards. Having experienced failure before and now being cursed to suffer it, Aleister devised his plan, modeled after his own Thelema, the will within his soul, so that regardless of success and failure at any step along the way, events would ultimately proceed in one direction towards fulfilling his goal.[12][21][9] One of the main elements in this plan was the Imagine Breaker, which Aleister had lost when the arrow which held it was destroyed in 1900. In order to draw it in once it resurfaced, Aleister modeled Academy City's set-up after the Thelema of the wielder yet to be born, such that it would become an environment in which the Imagine Breaker would thrive.[48] Additionally, Aleister's life-support system gave him an estimated 1700 years of extended lifespan in which to carry out this plan.[49][50][46][51] At some point, Aleister would have the Windowless Building constructed as both a base[51][52] and a ship that would allow him to reach outer space for the final stages of the plan.[53][21][54]

For the next sixty or so years, Aleister would operate from the shadows as the ruler of Academy City, working to bring his plan to fruition.[55][24][8] During this time, as the enemy of all magic, he created a new term, the Science Side, drawing a line between Magic and Science using the Archetype Controller and dividing the world between the two.[40][8][30] With this development, modern science robbed the occult of its legitimacy and made scientific investigation and examinations the symbol of "correctness", winning widespread acceptance and spreading a mentality akin to science worship, in which the scientific was considered correct and scientific data absolute.[8] Though both were actually part of a world which could be explained under a single unified theory, Aleister succeeded in making it look as though they were two different worlds.[40][30] At some point after he divided the world in two, he established a treaty between the Magic Side and Science Side, which prohibited either side from using the other's techniques and interfering in the other's affairs, though he secretly still made use of his magical techniques.[51][56][24][40]

Though most of the Magic Side believed Aleister Crowley was dead and buried, Necessarius maintained a Crowley-specific post to deal with magicians and cabals claiming to be his successors and using his magical system, and for the possibility of his rumored survival (which Lola Stuart was quite aware was the case).[25][24] This post had a spiritual item which was set to search for him individually, though his life-support system prevented it from detecting him.[24] Despite still calling himself Aleister, and allowing a few magicians to meet him at times, hardly anyone figured out that he was actually Aleister Crowley.[51][2] This was in part due to Aleister deliberately leaking false information concerning himself. Since the original information was wrong, magical and scientific means to track him down wouldn't find connections to the real Aleister Crowley. As such, the Anglican Church was led to assume that his name was just a common name between the two or maybe even a false name.[2] He kept most of the truth concerning himself, his plan and his base hidden, with all that was known to most people being merely composed of information presented by him.[57]

At some point during this time, Aleister brought over a billion of his alternative possibilities into the world, without having thought it through, and ended up having to bind all of these other selves to his body, with his life-support system being used to prevent them from diffusing.[9] At another point in time, he took measures so that he wouldn't end up becoming a Magic God.[5][3] While attempting to reach the pure world beyond the phases,[1] Aleister would also make preparations in order to locate and eliminate the Magic Gods themselves,[5][58] who were impediments to his plan.[1][5][59][60][58][4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Main article: Aleister Crowley/Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Operation Handcuffs Arc

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc

After the events surrounding Operation Handcuffs, Noukan met Aleister in Shinjuku, which was located near Academy City's East Gate. Noukan asked him either is going to intervene or watching Academy City collapse. Aleister will leave for Accelerator's decision. They also talked about their true goals about destroying all magics. Noukan urged him to get back work.[61]

Los Angeles Arc

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On December 26th, immediately after the defeat of Citrinitas and the release of Los Angeles's trapped population, Aleister and Noukan visited R&C Occultics HQ ahead of the joint Anglican-Academy City force, with Aleister gruesomely killing the executives and sending a message to the absent Anna Sprengel, the two leaving before the joint force arrived.[43]

Post-Handcuffs Arc

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On December 29th, Aleister and Noukan briefly visited Academy City as part of preparations for the upcoming confrontation with Anna Sprengel.[63][64] Late in the day, Aleister ran into Kamijou Touma, who was tangled up in events surrounding the crash of the Overhunting and the escape of its prisoners, survivors of Operation Handcuffs. Repeating these events after rejecting the intervention of Alice Anotherbible, the injured Touma expressed relief at Aleister's survival but firmly rejected his offer of dealing with the dark side members.[63]

While Touma and Hamazura Shiage were dealing with Kihara Hasuu's ghost in Vanishing Tunnel, Aleister visited the former site of the Windowless Building, joined by Noukan after the dog had done his part in the battle. Though the building was gone, its foundation and original network still remained, so Aleister was able to reacquire access by repairing the damaged and concealed portions and carry out a search. Bitten by Noukan for a comment regarding romance and male genitalia, Aleister found the location where Anna Kingsford's corpse had been preserved.[64]

New Year's Eve Arc

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On December 31st, during the events in Shibuya, Aleister and Noukan took advantage of the absense of people caused by the effects of the battle between Aradia, seeking to kill Kamijou Touma, and the Bologna Succubus, trying to save him. Accessing the hidden treasure store in a restaurant kitchen in the Miyashita Ark, Aleister retrieved Anna Kingsford's body and prepared it for reanimation.[47]

After the battle between Kamijou Touma and Aradia, the reanimated Anna Kingsford confronted and easily defeated Anna Sprengel, sealing her away into parchment charms in a film can. Immediately after she released the separation that isolated her and Anna Sprengel from their surroundings during their clash, Aleister reached for the safety switch he had installed in her back and retrieved the sealed Sprengel. After a brief talk with Aleister on what a magician was in her mind, he switched Anna Kingsford off, but not before she warned Aleister that while she would do someone's bidding if it would lead to a positive result and help others, if their behavior went beyond what she deemed necessary, she wouldn't hesitate to turn against them. Aleister then picked up the sealed Anna Sprengel and started interrogating her about the Bridge Builders Cabal and Alice Anotherbible, which he recognized as a product of Magick, also saying that he would not let her or anyone else toy with Touma's life any further.[44]

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

Necromancer Arc

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During the incident at Seiin High School, as the Taowu began to transform after being installed with the memories of death from the Misaka Network in order to reach Keter, Aleister noticed signs of what was happening.[66]

Other Appearances

Side Stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Second Friday of October

The second Friday of October of the current year of the Story Timeline[67] Misaka Tabigake contacts Aleister Crowley on how he gathered the remaining Gemstones in the world in Academy City, and told him that he would have preferred a least violent approach, to which Aleister responds that the violent one was cheaper. Tabigake then asks Aleister on how he has been revealed of reports that the attacks on the Gemstone facilities in the world were caused by persons who looks like his daughter. Aleister is intrigued by this and before he could respond, Tabigake cuts him off and says that whatever he says is fine, because he can't trust what Aleister will say in the first place. However, Tabigake warns him that if he does anything to his wife or daughter, he questions what would happen if he found out, and asks him further what it means to make an enemy of a father. Aleister responds nonchalantly, asking how a mere freelancer like him attack the Chairman of Academy City's Board of Directors.[67]

He responds that although it is true that there isn't anything in the world that can take him out in one blow, however, he points out that it is his job to find out what the world lacks. He tells Aleister that he will find the thing that world lacks, which is the object that can take him out in one blow, and with that, their dangerous exchange is over.[67]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City

In his first appearance in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun sidestory, Aleister Crowley himself contacts the management of Liberal Arts City. The management concludes that it was Aleister who put pressure on the United States military from sending reinforcements to the city. A member of the management asks if the Mixcoatls came from Academy City, to which Aleister denies it. Aleister tells them that they have come across one of the truths of the world, a world that their likes cannot understand. Finally, he asks if Liberal Arts City could play it off as an act if it were to turn into floating scraps in the sea, at the same time as this, HsB-02 supersonic bombers prepare to mobilize from School District 23.[68]

Parody Stories

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Aleister Crowley plays the role of "school board chairman" of Touma's school in this short parody story. He first appears during Touma's ranting on Suzushina Yuriko, basically Accelerator in drag, asking why they're not in class. When Touma sees him for the first time, Touma punches him several times as he believes if he defeated him there it would solve everything in a global scale. After defeating him, Touma asks if it brought peace to the world, leading to Accelerator, or Suzushina in this case, to ask if that is how Touma usually does things.[69]

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

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Aleister in his chamber, discussing the nature of the events which have transpired.

He appears at the very end of the movie, having a meeting with Laura Stuart. Here, she asks of the true nature of Meigo Arisa and Shutaura Sequenzia, to which Aleister gives his own hypothesis on the nature of the Miracle of 88 and the birth of Arisa, as well as the Miracle of Endymion. In the end, he notes on how Ladylee Tangleroad made an interesting experiment, but notes on how it must be misfortune that keeps her alive.[70]

Non-universe appearances

Video Game appearances

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus

Aleister appears as the last secret boss of the game. After beating Accelerator, Aleister appears in one of the shops. Here, he is outside of his tube and can stand upright. Here, he notices that the world he is in is a parallel world, and nothing seems different from it. However, he then says that if he inspects the physical laws of the parallel world, he may have an idea how to shorten his plans.

During the battle, Aleister will teleport around the battlefield, and would then either fire three diagonal pointing lasers or use a pressure-like attack from afar. When he is damaged enough, Aleister will try to summon Fuse Kazakiri to rain wings of light upon the player character. After being defeated, he remains unperturbed by the events of his defeat, noting that the battle has provided him with excellent data for analysis, then thanks the player for his time and then disappear.[71]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Aleister Crowley's fitting design has remained static. Haimura designed Aleister to be something "like an alien in human skin."[72]



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  • (As quoted in the prologue of NT22[73]) Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.[74]
  • (To the management of Liberal Arts City from Railgun SS1) "Oh, right. I have a question for you... If Liberal Arts City itself were to be turned to scraps floating in the sea, would you be able to play that off as a show?"
  • (To Stiyl Magnus from Volume 2) "If Deep Blood proves the existence of vampires, what does the Imagine Breaker prove?"
  • (From Volume 6) "Hm, all the illusions that I believed in were destroyed a long time ago."
  • (From Volume 9) "...Oh, so now, we'll just have to use that boy as a guide then."
  • (To Aiwass from Volume 19) "I will use anything I can. That includes you. You may find it amusing that there are slight errors in my plan, but let me tell you something. ...There is no guarantee that your absolute superiority will last forever"
  • (To Fiamma of the Right from Volume 22) "...You tried to explain that right hand, Imagine Breaker…and even the One Who Purifies God using only something at the level of Christianity. That was your mistake."
  • (To High Priest, conveyed by Kihara Noukan, from NT 13) “Do you remember the life that was taken by destiny as if to smash the childish gears of a desire to make the world a better place and to save every last member of the human race? Do you remember my daughter’s name?”
  • (Towards Laura Stuart, from NT15)"What do you think you’re looking at, you bitch? Do you want me to curse you to death right this instant?” (……何見てんだアバズレ。今すぐここで呪殺でもして欲しいのか …… Nani mitenda abazure. Ima sugu koko de jusatsu demo shite hoshī no ka??)
  • (Towards Coronzon, NT20): "The world of magic emphasizes symbolism. And that does not just apply to special individuals, silver weapons protected by a tribe, and marble ruins. Wrapping a waist band, thrusting a spear, and other perfectly ordinary actions are given an extra value. And at this point, I am not going to explain what each individual thing means. What matters is that all phenomena have meaning, Coronzon. It was not there in the first place, but just as people used up all the available internet addresses, fools like us have left almost no empty space."[75]
  • “I do not expect a proper death for myself or the world and my soul will descend to hell after I die. But that is not the convenient penal colony, where the victors send the losers, that my predecessors thought it was while they smugly believed they alone would never end up there."[76]


  • Unlike other magicians, Aleister's magic name (Beast666) contains an English word instead of a Latin word.

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