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This article covers Aleister Crowley's chronological history in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Aleister refuses to secure Kamijou Touma after his return to Academy City, as he is too wrapped up in all the conditions that have become intertwined that causes the deviations in his plans. This fact is used by Leivinia Birdway, after her talk with Touma, Accelerator, and Shiage, and the destruction of Radiosonde Castle. She taunts Aleister for being unable to do anything due to the fact that the errors in his plans have exceeded acceptable range, and the fact that he does not want to cause further deviations in his plans. She points out that even GREMLIN has noticed this and has used it to their advantage.[6]

She tells Aleister that she has studied thoroughly of his theories, and that back in World War III the old rules were removed from the world, including the ones he controlled, and that he no longer has control over it, and is unsure where the world is headed. Apparently perturbed by this, Aleister somehow uses technology to sever a part of Leivinia's hair. Despite this, Leivinia is just amused, pointing out that there was no reason for the strike to be a warning, and that he could have easily taken off her head.[6]

Baggage City Arc

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The Magic God Othinus tells Marian Slingeneyer that their next goal is the person who sleeps in one of the core structures of the Windowless Building.[7]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Eve of the Festival

Reading Thoth 78 welcomes back someone who is supposedly Aleister Crowley, who accesses the AI to discuss about the mysterious being known as Fräulein Kreutune, who is the target of both GREMLIN and Ollerus' group, that was recently freed from the Windowless Building by the efforts of Kamijou Touma and Thor.[8]

The AI warns that Fräulein will transform into a being that will completely overturn the concept of predator and prey if she eats Last Order's and hijack the Misaka Network and consumes enough information to satisfy her curiosity. It tells that in two hours, Fräulein will attain the properties required for her to eat a brain and absorption of its structure.[8]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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Roberto Katze says that he cannot contact Aleister Crowley to have Academy City join them in a general offensive against GREMLIN.[9] Later, Elizard mentions on how even the Anglican Church are unable to contact him since the end of the War and even doubt if he is in the city at all.[10]

In one of the worlds Othinus creates to torment Kamijou Touma, she mentions Aleister with his epithet the Silver Star, who is apparently directly tampering the "pure world" beyond all the filters, when telling on how Touma is lucky to experience the remaking of the world by her.[1]

Later, after Touma manages to stop Othinus from killing herself and the end of the manhunt on them, Aleister himself appears in an unknown layer of the world where Othinus in spite of her tremendous power could not reach. Here, he comes upon "bizarre magicians" talking about what had transpired, to which he refers to as "GREMLIN". One of these magicians references his absence as of late, though states that Aleister may have been busy with a side job. Aleister says that he had to let the strength of the world handle Othinus running around free as he had something to prioritize in entering their "divine territory" as it wasn't easy. One of the magicians, referred to as "someone" with a hoarse voice, comments on how if Aleister turned his obsession in destroying magic in the right direction then he too would be part of GREMLIN. Aleister says that he made adjustments to himself that it would not happen, as such he can control something different than them who can only live in a distorted phase. The magician with the hoarse voice asks if science is really wonderful enough for Aleister to indulge himself to that extent. Aleister then comments on how even if took them an eternity, none of them would understand. He then asks if it has nothing to do with "the single remaining tear stain in his journal".[5]

Aleister is silenced by this, and all remaining expression on his faced vanished as he calls upon his magic name Beast666 and draws out his magic staff. The magician are unperturbed, one of them comments on how is envious of his emotion, though says he should stick around as he says he is about to tie it all together. He tells him that Aiwass, the cornerstone of his plan that he tried so hard to raise is a complete failure and that Aleister will be at his wit's end before long. A moment later, Aleister attacks them.[5]

Mental Out Arc

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Aleister Crowley returns to his Windowless Building in Academy City injured from his battle with the magic gods, where the battle had badly burned a third of his body. Aleister makes 72 requests to Kihara Noukan in eliminating groups or persons that have grew during his absence and refused to regroup. Aleister later monitors Noukan recently finishing his last request, defeating Shundou Toshizou.[11]

Noukan later makes a request to communicate with Aleister to which the latter accepts. Noukan asks if his work has satisfied him, to which Aleister says that it is only the beginning. Noukan asks if Aleister has found something to make up for what had happened to him by fighting the magic gods. Aleister replies that it was necessary even if he had gained nothing, to which Noukan says that he has a habit of sounding rational when he's actually handling everything through emotion. Aleister retorts by paraphrasing Noukan's own words, that scientists must be romantics and they must always work to fill people with dreams. With a sigh, Noukan agrees as it is romance that separates men from beasts. Aleister asks if he is wrong, to which Noukan replies that he should ask the Heaven Canceller instead, his attending physician, but says if he has to give an answer as a Kihara, he says that what he is doing will definitely fall on the side of evil, a bland one at that. After Noukan looks wistfully on the starry sky, he is reminded of the world of magic. Noukan says that since he has returned order to his rule as he has tasked him, he requests that he should use the power he has returned to him to destroy all the irregularities known as magic.[11]

St. Germain Arc

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Following the events at the Dianoid, Aleister communicates with High Priest, Nephthys, and Niang-Niang, the magic gods that have descended into the world of humans in Academy City after losing their Hidden World to Aleister. At first the gods mock and scorn Aleister due to their previous encounter but Aleister later shows to them that him fighting them and his reaction to their mocking him regarding the "tear-stained journal" was all but a ruse to allow him to weaken them.[12]

He has spikes somehow skewer all three gods to make his point. Here, he reveals to the shocked magic gods that he changed the spell Zombie used to allow them to walk in the world of humans without destroying it. The magic gods do not believe him as he would have to deal with Zombie in order to do so. At that moment, Kihara Noukan catapults the crucified body of Zombie before the other magic gods, proving to them that Aleister Crowley should not be taken lightly.[12]

Magic God Invasion Arc

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As the High Priest attempts to crash the Arrowhead Comet into Academy City, Kihara Noukan forms a direct connection to Aleister through the Anti-Art Attachment and channels his willpower in a form which destroys the Magic God. Before he dies, the High Priest receives a message from Aleister, conveyed by Noukan, asking him whether he remembers the life that was taken by the Magic Gods, whether he remembers his daughter's name. The High Priest remembers but dies before he can say sorry.[3]

After Noukan kills the High Priest and destroys the Arrowhead Comet, Aleister congratulates him for making short work of Gremlin, but after being told that Noukan had only defeated the High Priest, realizes that someone else unknown to them defeated the rest of the Magic Gods.[3]

World Rejecter Arc

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That night, Aleister overhauls the Anti-Art Attachment for Noukan's battle with Kamisato Kakeru. However during his conversation with Noukan, he implies that Noukan wouldn't be able to win with it, apologizing as he does so. Knowing it could be the last time they speak, Noukan asks Aleister not to abandon his humanity, knowing that there were people who walked by his side because they were drawn by it.[13]

Following the battle between Kihara Noukan and Kamisato Kakeru, in which the conflict in Aleister's heart allowed World Rejecter to erase the Anti-Art Attachment and Noukan was left fatally injured and placed into cold sleep by Kihara Yuiitsu, Aleister's plan is back on track but Aleister himself truly curses it for the first time, realizing this was little different from what the Magic Gods he hated did.[14]

Salome Arc

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On December 4th, after having Kihara Enshuu help her analysis, Yuiitsu realized that Aleister had used the Archetype Controller on her, making her put herself in a prison.[15] The next night, after stealing World Rejecter and having a fight with Kamijou Touma, Salome and Misaka Mikoto, which had ended with Mikoto encountering the Anti-Art Attachment and forced to use it to save Touma, Yuiitsu turned her attention to the Windowless Building and the one who had sent Noukan to his fate. As she was about to use World Rejecter, Aleister appeared behind her and threw her against a nearby wind turbine, telling her that she could try to target him but told her to complete her job first as it would be rude to Noukan not to given his sacrifice.[16]

After saying that he might as well come out of his safe zone as there was no way back for him, he mentioned the new threat that had been created by Mikoto coming into contact with the Anti-Art Attachment, one which would need eliminating if it would endanger the plan. On being asked by Yuiitsu about dealing with the two threats given the state of the game board, Aleister told Yuiitsu to choose one and he would deal with the other. He then turned his attention towards Laura Stuart, who was spying on him from afar, and asked the 'bitch' if she wanted to be cursed to death right that instant.[16]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

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After Yuiitsu had dealt with Kamisato Kakeru, leading him to be exiled by his own World Rejecter, Aleister then moved to deal with Mikoto, having waited for the moment to act during the heat wave and Element infestation.[17] When Touma, Mikoto, Karasuma Fran and Toyama Luca were examining the core of the original A.A.A., Aleister used a curse-reversal circle to remotely direct a lethal curse onto Mikoto.[18][19] Early on December 10th, he was confronted by the former 'ruler' of the Trial shelter, crushing his head after hearing what he had to say.[20] He later moved to deal with Fran after she was revealed as a spy for the Anglican Church, but was shot by Tsuchimikado Motoharu for breaking his promise to protect his sister, though he wasn't killed.[21]

Aleister Crowley Arc

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Processor Suit Arc

Main article: Processor Suit Arc

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Following the evacuation of Academy City, Aleister journeyed to the United Kingdom, accompanied by Kamijou Touma, Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage among others, in order to deal with Coronzon's influence there and grasp the demon's achilles heel.[22]

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Aleister did not interfere in the events which transpired at Windsor Castle after Coronzon's defeat.[23] As Academy City was recovering, with Accelerator having asserted himself as the new Board Chairman and the funeral for Aleister's previous body finished, Aleister sent a secret message to Tsuchimikado Motoharu in Tahiti, informing him that Academy City had changed hands and alerting him to the emergence of a new threat which would likely start moving in the general region where he was, advising him to return to the city to avoid getting caught up in it.[24]


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