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This article covers Aleister Crowley's chronological history in Toaru Majutsu no Index.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

Stiyl Magnus meets up with Aleister in the Windowless Building.

Aleister is first introduced to in the series in the beginning of the Deep Blood Arc. As the Cult of Science invades Misawa Cram School and abducts Himegami Aisa, Aleister Crowley originally planned on Academy City getting rid of the cult itself. However, since the arrival of Aureolus Izzard and his taking over of Misawa Cram School, the situation has become complicated, as the science side cannot simply intervene with the actions of the magic side, else it will disrupt the balance between the two sides. Aleister invited the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church to send in representatives to take down Aureolus, as such the Thirteen Knights and Stiyl Magnus was dispatched as the respective representatives for their churches. However Aleister did not tell either side there will be forces apart from themselves, leading the Thirteen Knights and Stiyl entering separately and resulting in the deaths of at least one of the Thirteen Knights.[6]

As Stiyl Magnus meets Aleister, he suggests to Stiyl to use Kamijou Touma, the Imagine Breaker to aid him in the mission, citing that he is simply a level 0, a powerless person and that he will not be able to leak information from both sides. Stiyl highly doubts his reasoning as Touma's power defies understanding of both sides (or so he thinks) and no way is Touma a true "powerless" Level 0 like Aleister claims. It is even explained that it is almost like Aleister is deliberately giving Touma trials to overcome like the Saints of ancient times. At the end of their meeting, he ponders that if Deep Blood proves the existence of vampires what existence does Imagine Breaker prove.[6]

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Tsuchimikado Motoharu gets himself transported to Aleister's place by Awaki's ability to talk about the magician who has entered Academy City, Sherry Cromwell. Tsuchimikado Motoharu berates Aleister for allowing her to enter the city, and volunteers to stop her, citing that since he is from the magic side, it will cause less of an uproar, however, he notes to Aleister that it would be the end of his spying days. Aleister however tells him that there is no need for Motoharu to take action as he has already plans of his own that would shorten a few of his plans and allow him to easily control the restless horse that is the Imaginary Number District. Motoharu realizes what he is doing is use Kamijou Touma again, much to his disgust. In the end, Motoharu could not help the situation. Motoharu asks if he could really avoid war from breaking out due to this incident, to which Aleister states to him that it is his job to work behind the scenes, and tells him not to worry, if he works hard enough, they will end the conflict without anyone losing their lives, much to Motoharu's chagrin.[7]

Tsuchimikado Motoharu ponders about Aleister's plans.

After the defeat of Sherry Cromwell, Motoharu visits Aleister again to air his grievances, asking if he is happy for using people as chess pieces, getting the Key of the Imaginary Number District, and completing a part of his plan. Motoharu points out in his disbelief that the Imaginary Number District is apparently the aggregation of the AIM diffusion fields of all the espers in Academy City, as well as the fact that he shaped it into a form of a human. Aleister tells Motoharu that it is a tactic to help control the Imaginary District even more easily. Instead of letting it be in a selfless state of not knowing what to do, Aleister let it be able to think, making it easier to predict some actions, and even use it for negotiations or coercion. Motoharu asks if he could handle creating a person that turned out to be a villain, to which Aleister answers that villains are easier to control than good people. The difference between these two is only in the method used one handle them. Motoharu then asks if there is any meaning to doing all this just to get the Imaginary Number District, warning him of the magic side not being easy after what happened with Sherry. However, Aleister says that if he had managed to attain the Imaginary Number District, there would be no need to fear magicians.[2]

As Motoharu ponders his words, he discovers a part of what Aleister is thinking, and demands to know if he is making an Artificial Heaven. Motoharu warns Aleister that if the Anglican Church discovers this they will surely declare war, pitying Sherry for being manipulated because she only thought that she was protecting her own world. Aleister tells Motoharu not to be paranoid, as he does not intend to fight the Church, and tells him that these terms such as heaven is beyond him as it is the business of the magic side. However, Motoharu points out as if he was insulted, that nobody knows more about magic than anyone else except him, Aleister Crowley, the magician.[2]

Before leaving, Motoharu gives Aleister advice, and asks him if he knows something about the term hard luck, and tells him that it means that no matter how many times one meets a hellish fate, the person is lucky enough to overcome it safely. Motoharu tells him that he has no idea what he is planning, but warns him that if he continues using the Imagine Breaker, then he should ready himself not to treat him halfheartedly, for surely, his right hand will eat his illusions alive. As Motoharu leaves him alone in that Windowless Building, Aleister tells that all his illusions were destroyed a long time ago.[2]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Although not appearing himself, since his book, the Book of the Law, is the center of the storyline, he and his past is referenced several times during the storyline.

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Main article: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

After the Science Association is destroyed by Yomikawa Aiho, Musujime Awaki is in a bit of a conundrum, as she cannot exactly return the remnant of the Tree Diagram to Aleister, as he has not use nor care for it, and on the contrary would impede on his plans to use the Misaka clones.[8]

Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

Laura Stuart meets up with Aleister Crowley regarding the trade that is to take place in Academy City.

Because of the danger posed to the balance of the magic side by the Stab Sword, Laura Stuart contacts the General Supervisor of Academy City, Aleister, to help with the situation. Here, she reveals to Aleister the Stab Sword and its use, the relevant parties involved with the deal, and the place where the deal would made, Academy City. As a response to this, Aleister allows Laura to send out operatives who have friendly relations with Academy City (more likely because of Kamijou Touma), due to the volatile politics involved with sending out magicians to operate in Academy City, as many other factions would want to get involved in the operation themselves. Aleister becomes excited after breaking with Laura, saying that they might have to use Touma as the guide for the city.[9]

Tsuchimikado Motoharu later asks Aleister to help them enter School District 23, which he somehow obliges.[10]

After the events of the arc, even with the events of the Croce di Pietro being settled with the help of Kamijou Touma. With the increasingly aggressive movements of the Roman Catholic Church, Aleister Crowley becomes more restless while inspecting the Radio Noise clones distributed around the world. With the Imagine Breaker still unstable, Aleister is forced to consider the possibility of taking action personally and prepares his own weapon, the Blasting Rod.[11]

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Although not appearing himself, it is implied that he and the Anglican Church conspired to have Touma travel to Northern Italy in order to deal with the Roman Catholic Church's mobilization of the La Regina del Mare Adriatico.[12]

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Before the events of the arc, Aleister has already apparently prepared a script that allows Fuse KAZAKIRI and the Imaginary Number District in Earth.

Aleister during the invasion of Academy City.

At exactly 6:33 in the evening of September 30, Vento of the Front breaks into Academy City's Gate No. 3 immediately incapacitating the Anti-Skill and Judgment members on patrol due to Divine Punishment, which quickly spreads throughout the communication lines of the city trying to report about the intruder. With the city's defenses down, Vento of the Front manages to kill three of the General Board Directors.[13]

With no one to stop her, Vento of the Front literally just walks into the city and later taunts Aleister Crowley who is monitoring normal communication channels as well. Introducing herself as Vento of the Front a member of God's Right Seat, she taunts Aleister regarding the weakness of his city's defenses, however, he warns her not to underestimate the city. Vento of the Front's conversation with him ends with her declaring the destruction of Academy City, Aleister Crowley, Index and the Imagine Breaker.[14] Immediately after his conversation with Vento of the Front, Aleister Crowley orders Kihara Amata, commander of the Hound Dogs, to carefully capture Last Order alive as so they can use the Imaginary Number District and activate Fuse Kazakiri (with Kazakiri Hyouka already manifesting her form earlier in the afternoon) to destroy the enemy forces.[14]

Accelerator attacks the Windowless Building.

After following Touma's instructions on the phone, as to where Last Order's final whereabouts were, Accelerator comes upon a piece of clothed ripped from Last Order's clothes. He immediately gets a call from Kihara Amata himself, where he confirms Accelerator's worst fear, that he has acquired Last Order. In his call, Kihara Amata taunts Accelerator regarding the Testament machine inputting a virus into Last Order and the suffering that was induced on her because of it. However, Accelerator realizes that someone is controlling Kihara Amata for him to not risk hurting Last Order when retrieving her, because of this Accelerator calls out Amata's bluff and enrages him, ending their call.[15] Accelerator realizes that Academy City and the General Board of Directors are the ones pulling the strings behind Kihara Amata, and can easily pick one of them to find where Kihara Amata is. Angered by the fact that Academy City is using him, Accelerator once again uses esper mode which had barely four minutes of power left.[16] Here, he set his sights on the main base of the General Chairman of Academy City, the Windowless Building, and using his esper powers launches a powerful attack on it that should be capable of obliterating any regular building. However, when he comes to after attacking the building, he realizes that the building remains intact and caught not a single scratch. This severely demoralizes Accelerator as his attack did nothing but squandered his batteries, however, he is forced to carry on and find Last Order.[15]

With Last Order in Kihara Amata's clutches, he uses the Testament machine on Last Order to install a program that would force her to use the brainwave network of the Misaka clones (which renders them immobile) to help her manifest and control Fuse KAZAKIRI from Kazakiri Hyouka the manifestation of all of the AIM diffusions of espers in Academy City. Inside the Windowless Building, Aleister is unperturbed by Accelerator's attack on his base and continues to observe the Sisters from around the world, Vento of the Front and Kazakiri Hyouka. With the Imaginary Number District already materializing itself and creating pressure inside Academy City, all magicians that use magic inside the city will overload and injure themselves.[17]

A small part of Aleister's plans come to fruition.

Ever since the installation of the virus, the changes are slowly becoming more tangible and continues to expand at an alarming rate.[17] Suddenly, an explosive burst of light and sound occurs in the 7th School District with the shockwave that can be felt from afar. From the epicenter of the explosion a powerful energy begins to form, eventually creating an innumerable number of enormous streams of light that destroys anything that touches. Suddenly another phenomenon occurs, one of the enormous streams of light performs a destructive movement towards the outside of Academy City, destroying it and anything in its path.[18] Kamijou Touma, Index, Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Vento of the Front, and Kihara Amata bear witness to the unusual phenomena that has occurred in the city. Touma, Index, Motoharu and Vento of the Front immediately recognize the power that has materialized in Academy City as an angel.[18]

The Heaven Canceller talks to Aleister Crowley one last time.

After the events of September 30, Aleister Crowley receives one final call from his friend, the Heaven Canceller, here, Aleister reveals that he has successfully inputted the with the numerical settings of the AIM diffusion fields into Accelerator, and in the process of making Accelerator, Last Order, and Kazakiri Hyouka as the Trinity, something that is beyond Level 6, otherwise there would be no reason for bringing the Imagine Breaker from the outside. However, Heaven Canceller tells Aleister to stop making his patients, notably Accelerator, Last Order, the clones, and Kamijou Touma his toys. Aleister does not agree with this, asking what he would do if he does not listen, and asks what he could do. Heaven Canceller says that he knows how he could stop Aleister, and reminds Aleister what he could do. However, he says that he is a doctor and he cannot stop being one, and reminds him that he saved his life, as if asking Aleister for a favor to stop meddling with his patients. Aleister recounts on how they met and how he was saved, and asks the Heaven Canceller regrets it, though Heaven Canceller feels insulted hearing that. Aleister tells the Heaven Canceller that now is the only time to remotely stop the life-support system. However, Heaven Canceller does not do it, and tells Aleister to finish his business with him as he feels that he is making a fool out of him. Aleister says that he will have to make an enemy out of him, like so many before him. Heaven Canceller asks if he has no plans in changing his intentions, to which Aleister answers that Heaven Canceller knows of his intentions and that he is already past the path of no return. After which he bids farewell to Heaven Canceller, his "very, very kind enemy", who still deems him as his patient.[19]

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

Motoharu assumes that Aleister was the one who ordered the deployment of the HsPS-15 powered suits to determine if the Document of Constantine is present at the Palais des Papes, and then completely bomb the place using HsB-02 bombers. Motoharu laments Aleister's actions, believing that he should know better than use normal methods to get rid of things that concern the magic side. Motoharu however, believes that Aleister has something else in his sleeve.[20] Of course, it is later revealed that the solution would be is to use Accelerator to make sure.[21]

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Aleister do not appear directly in the arc, however, his influence is clearly felt, with several of the actions and motivations of the factions fighting each other is due to Aleister. It is implied that Aleister is watching all that transpires during the arc using the UNDER_LINE.[22]

Acqua of the Back Arc

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

Aleister, observing the state of the Underline network.

Aleister Crowley appears at the end after Acqua of the Back's defeat and Fiamma of the Right appears before the world and attacks Pope Matthai Reese. Here, he is a bit bothered by the fact that due to Acqua of the Back's attack earlier, his Underline surveillance network has collapsed. Here, he is shown a report regarding Kamijou Touma, whose Imagine Breaker has a 98% chance of affecting the plan. There, alongside the number 1 of Academy City, Accelerator, the main cogs for his main plan is under way.[23]


Main article: DRAGON Arc

It is revealed by the Girl in the dress that though Touma and Accelerator act in irregularly, it is still within the range of Aleister's plan. However, she reveals that Hamazura Shiage is an irregularity that Aleister could not wholly imagine, seeing as he should have died during the conflict between GROUP, SCHOOL, ITEM, MEMBER, and BLOCK, and had managed to even defeat Mugino Shizuri. This revelation shows that even Aleister cannot calculate everything perfectly.[24]

Indeed, even Aiwass, who appears before Accelerator, tells him that Aleister is not a perfect human, and that his plans have already begun to come apart at the seams in a few places. With every irregular phenomenon Aleister himself brings about, he believes that he is recovering from it in a way that benefits his plan, but tiny cracks have started to spread bit by bit. At this rate, situations will develop from the plan he created that Aleister himself does not foresee.[25] Here, Aleister is shown to have little trust over Aiwass, necessitating for him to install an anti-suicide function on him via Last Order.[26]

Aleister is not amused.

Aiwass later contacts Aleister Crowley himself, here they discuss on how it took 50 years for Aleister to attain someone like Accelerator, as well as the differences between Touma and Accelerator themselves. Aiwass asks Aleister if he admires the two of them, though he does not respond. Aiwass points out that there are many different type of heroes, and tells him that they possess qualities that Aleister does not have, and is the reason why he admires them, the three heroes. Aleister tries to speak, but an odd distortion entered his voice. Then, Aleister delivers what he will do, and that is that he will use anything he can, including Aiwass. He tells him that even though he mocks at the fact that there are slight errors in his plan, he tells him that there is no guarantee that Aiwass' absolute authority will last forever.[27]

Aiwass then says that he does not hold the power he has because he wished it, nor continue to hold it because he is working towards that end, in the end, he says that he will appear again when something interesting happens again.[27]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

As war breaks out, and Kamijou Touma heads to Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations to stop Fiamma of the Right, Aleister gives a direct order in retrieving Kamijou Touma back to Academy City, keeping it best that he is alive. However, the order dictates that if he has sided with an external organization, he is to be promptly attacked and retrieved and kept within the same life support system as used for the Kakine Teitoku.[28]

Aleister Crowley appears in Russia.

After Fiamma of the Right's defeat, Aleister Crowley himself, appears before him and severs his entire right arm. Fiamma of the Right immediately recognizes that he is Aleister Crowley, to which he responds that he is, and that the protection of his identity could not be kept in this state, as he uses his life support devices to mechanically create his life force which is the basis of magic power, that which allowed to slip pass all sort of surveillance and probes. Fiamma of the Right however, says that what he said does not explain why he is here. Aleister responds that there is nothing strange about it, and compares himself as a Secret Chief to Aiwass to Anna Sprengel, to which he seems to favor more than being the one who gives permission in founding of all magic cabals in the world. Aleister tells Fiamma of the Right that he is the same type of existence as Anna, and that he has surpassed the realm of only being expressible as 0 or 1. In simple terms, he exists in two places at once, there in the Windowless Building, and there, before Fiamma of the Right. He was now an existence that was higher than Fiamma of the Right who had declared he held the power needed to save all of humanity.[29]

Fiamma of the Right asks why he could not do it, as he should have the power needed to save the world like the Son of God. Aleister points out that it was not an issue of the type or amount of power, it was more of an issue on how he used it. Aleister tells him that the age of Christianity was over the moment he completed the Book of the Law. He commends Fiamma of the Right for getting this far, including his objective of becoming La Persona Superiore a Dio. He tells Fiamma of the Right that instead of using the Aeon of Osiris where the laws under the Christian Church lies, he should have formatted it in the Aeon of Horus that lies beyond it, where he would have become in a similar position to him.[29]

Fiamma then asks if Aiwass is such an attractive existence, an angel unexplained by the Bible or theology is a symbol that there are elements in the world that are outside the hands of God. He accuses Aleister that he did not want the Book of the Law, but simply the strange angel that granted him the Book of the Law. Aleister does not confirm or deny this, and tells Fiamma of the Right that he was not supposed to appear at this stage. He tells Fiamma of the Right that even though he does not understand the values of the thing that he saw in the right of hand of Kamijou Touma, it would have been best for him to assume that it was only a right hand that can negate supernatural powers. He tells Fiamma of the Right that he could not let that fact go, and had to appear because of it. Moreover, Aleister says that Touma is now beyond his grasp, and now his plans has to make a detour, telling Fiamma of the Right that because of this, he can apparently still feel anger. Fiamma of the Right then asks what was inside the right arm, to which Aleister says that he should know. He tells Fiamma of the Right that what he was planning to do was similar to his plans, only in the different format, to change the world by preparing a temple filled with strange power, drawing out the power of the right arm within that temple, and adjusting the thickness of the phase itself with that power. He tells Fiamma of the Right that if he looked at it in a different viewpoint, he should be able to understand the true nature of that power, and if he did, he would have reached his goal before he does so.[29]

Fiamma was in the way. Aleister had come to utterly destroy even the slightest chance of his own plan being calculated out from the incomplete incident Fiamma had caused. As such, Fiamma would not even be allowed to be taken into custody by a magical organization. At that time, Fiamma came as close to the truth of the world as he ever had. Seeing and hearing Aleister Crowley, Fiamma of the Right says that when he sees him, he can feel the futility of his actions. He tells Aleister that they have the same look as he had, and that those who can truly save the world would not have that expression on his face, and that time and in that place, Kamijou Touma stood in a position where no one could overtake him.[29]

Aleister Crowley vs. Fiamma of the Right

Fiamma of the Right readies himself and summons once again his incomplete Holy Right, his Third Arm. Aleister shows no emotion, saying that the situation is futile, and simply summons something from his hand, the Blasting Rod. Regardless, Fiamma of the Right keeps his ground, saying that it is not an issue of whether it is futile or not. To protect the world that Kamijou Touma saved from being trampled, Fiamma of the Right challenges Aleister Crowley, and in an instant the clash, and Fiamma of the Right falls.

Aleister leaves the defeated Fiamma for dead.

Aleister glances down one final time and says that it was his mistake for analyzing that right hand, the Imagine Breaker, and even the One who Purifies God and Slays Demons using only at the level of Christianity.[29]

Back in England, in St. George's Cathedral, due to his appearing, his wavelength has been detected. Laura Stuart gives off a twisted smile, seeing the opportunity to absorb Academy City and the science side, nay the entire world into her hands, with the use of the assets that they have acquired from the assassination of Aleister Crowley by the Anglican Church back in 1947.[29]

Finally, despite Kamijou Touma being a core of his plans. Aleister refuses to move in order to save him after falling into the abyss of the Arctic Sea to defeat Archangel Gabriel, because a major deviation occurred in his plans centered on Touma. Aleister does not know how to correct the deviation, because he could not unravel all the conditions that have become complexly intertwined, as such he did not make any move.[30]


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