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  • (As quoted in the prologue of NT22[6]) Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.[7]
  • (To the management of Liberal Arts City from Railgun SS1) "Oh, right. I have a question for you... If Liberal Arts City itself were to be turned to scraps floating in the sea, would you be able to play that off as a show?"
  • (To Stiyl Magnus from Volume 2) "If Deep Blood proves the existence of vampires, what does the Imagine Breaker prove?"
  • (From Volume 6) "Hm, all the illusions that I believed in were destroyed a long time ago."[2]
  • (From Volume 9) "...Oh, so now, we'll just have to use that boy as a guide then."
  • (To Aiwass from Volume 19) "I will use anything I can. That includes you. You may find it amusing that there are slight errors in my plan, but let me tell you something. ...There is no guarantee that your absolute superiority will last forever"[8]
  • (To Fiamma of the Right from Volume 22) "...You tried to explain that right hand, Imagine Breaker…and even the One Who Purifies God using only something at the level of Christianity. That was your mistake."[9]
  • (To High Priest, conveyed by Kihara Noukan, from NT 13) “Do you remember the life that was taken by destiny as if to smash the childish gears of a desire to make the world a better place and to save every last member of the human race? Do you remember my daughter’s name?”
  • (Towards Laura Stuart, from NT15)"What do you think you’re looking at, you bitch? Do you want me to curse you to death right this instant?” (……何見てんだアバズレ。今すぐここで呪殺でもして欲しいのか …… Nani mitenda abazure. Ima sugu koko de jusatsu demo shite hoshī no ka??)[10]
  • (Towards Coronzon, NT20): "The world of magic emphasizes symbolism. And that does not just apply to special individuals, silver weapons protected by a tribe, and marble ruins. Wrapping a waist band, thrusting a spear, and other perfectly ordinary actions are given an extra value. And at this point, I am not going to explain what each individual thing means. What matters is that all phenomena have meaning, Coronzon. It was not there in the first place, but just as people used up all the available internet addresses, fools like us have left almost no empty space."[11]
  • “I do not expect a proper death for myself or the world and my soul will descend to hell after I die. But that is not the convenient penal colony, where the victors send the losers, that my predecessors thought it was while they smugly believed they alone would never end up there."[12]


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