Amano Kaguya (天埜郭夜?) is a character introduced in Shinyakyu Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a middle school girl who resides aboard the Hikoboshi II. Like Kumokawa Seria, she is one of the 'abominable brains’ associated with Academy City's Board of Directors, with her unnamed director specializing in the aerospace industry.[1]


Kaguya's name is derived from the character Kaguya-hime from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter said to be one of the oldest Japanese legends in written record.


Amano Kaguya is described as a middle school with anachronistic long black hair and a junihitoe which adds to her resemblance to the folktale figure. She is said to possess inhuman beauty, however the balance and position of her face and body parts appear wrong, with a shoujou manga figure which should not be possible. Her physique despite being beautiful is apparently abnormal, which can still be seen even when she wore the junihitoe, which almost hides the lines of her body. This is due to being confined in space for a long time.[1]


In spite of her lovely appearance, she has a casual demeanor. She is referred to as speaking as one people wanted to keep around but did not want anywhere nearby. Her long confinement aboard the Hikoboshi II has seemingly made herself disassociate herself as being human. She casually looks down on humans on earth as if she were observing insects, finding their behavior amusing.[1]

According to the author, Kaguya is neither good nor evil and views the earth’s events from an outsider’s perspective.[2]


At some point in the past, Amano Kaguya was launched into space and confined in the Zero Gravity Biological Impact Laboratory section of the Hikoboshi II, staying there ever since. Her long stay in space resulted in her beauty and abnormal figure, as well as leaving her no longer able to eat or walk on her own two feet in the 1G environment of Earth.[1]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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After the events at Sargasso, Amano Kaguya receives orders from Kihara Yuiitsu to deliver using the S5 a cargo that recently arrived on the satellite as the first aggressive action taken by Academy City during the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma. As she deploys the system, she communicates with Kumokawa Seria, who is annoyed by her teasing.[1]

Later she is one of the people watching when Touma fought with Thor and then stops Othinus' attempt at suicide.[3]


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