Ame ( Rain?) is a special insert song played during Episode 12 of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime. It was played while Misaka Mikoto was recalling her past and how Academy City tricked her into giving them her DNA map for the creation of the Sisters. It is sung by Mami Kawada and is part of her PSI-Missing single release.


Japanese English Translation
Ame wa furiyamanai
Isogi ashi wo hikitome
Aseridasu kokoro wo itazura ni jirashiteiru
The rain doesn’t stop falling.
It holds back my fast pace
And irritates my impatient heart.
Tachidomaru koto sae wasurekaketa ano hi
Kizukasareta keshiki
The day I started to forget even standing still,
The scenery that was noticed...
Kanjite yo Feel it.
Kawasareru ashinami no oto
kotoba wo nakushita hieta michi
Sukoshi dake nagasareta toki
modoshite hizashi matou yo
The sound of crossing footsteps...
The cold road that silenced the words...
Let’s turn back the time that was washed away,
just a little, and await the sunlight.