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Amime (網目?) is a minor character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. He is a student of Habatobi High School and is an esper of unknown level whose power involves the manipulation of frictional coefficients.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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He is first seen with his partner Todoroki competing in the three-legged race against Misaka Mikoto and Kongou Mitsuko from Tokiwadai Middle School, two female students from Airin Girls' High School, and two female students from Ninoude Attached Middle School. When the race begins, he and his partner are bound in asphalt-hardened bandages by the girls from Airin, and only after those girls gain a significant lead do Amime and Todoroki manage to free themselves. Kotarou, a hamster who was instructed earlier by one of the girls from Ninoude Attached Middle School, then attempts to ambush Amime, but he swats it away, angering his instructor.[1]

When he and Todoroki round the final curb of the race, he uses his power to make the Ninoude Attached Middle School and Tokiwadai pairs slip and manages to disqualify the former, but thanks to Mikoto's use of magnetism, she and Mitsuko use the momentum to catch up to him and Todoroki. He then uses his power on the soles of his and Todoroki's shoes, which when combined with Todoroki's ability would propel them to the finish line, but Todoroki unknowingly lights a loose bandage on Amime, causing them to fly out of bounds. Mid-flight, Amime sees himself flying towards a little girl and wonders whether he, she, or even both of them will die from the impact, but he and Todoroki hit a flying shock-absorbing mat launched by Mikoto and Mitsuko, land on the ground safely, and are doused by security bots. Collapsing on the mat, he bemoans that he and Todoroki could've won had they not screwed up, but when Todoroki discovers iron sand on himself, Mikoto reveals that she would've stopped them from moving if they seemed like they would win. She admits that doing that would've been unfair, but since the iron sand saved their lives, she asks them to forgive her. He then dejectedly accepts that he and Todoroki wouldn't have won no matter what they did.[1]


Manipulating the frictional coefficient

His ability isn't named, but it involves manipulating the frictional coefficient of anything he touches with his right hand. He himself admits that its drawback is its duration being short.