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Misaki, the only known individual of Anatomy Mechatronics.

Anatomy Mechatronics (工科標本アナトミ・メカトロニクス Kouka Hyōhon (Anatomi Mekatoronikusu)?, lit. "Engineering Specimen") is a project intended to make perfect models of individuals using technology.


Originating from cyborg research, Anatomy Mechatronics involves making a perfect model or doll of an individual using pure technology, with exact copies of their skeleton, muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves. The only part which isn't perfectly replicated is the subject's brain. Though a collection of medical technology on paper, the machines extract energy in the exact same way as the organs they are based on, so the doll will get hungry and sleep at night in the same way as a person. Once complete, size doesn't matter and in the case of the doll based on Shokuhou Misaki, it was shrunk down for easier storage and transportation.[1]

Anatomy Mechatronics is one of several projects which were run in parallel with the collective aim of preserving powerful espers such as the Level 5s. Though the development of esper abilities is primarily based in the brain, it is also part of a much larger, not fully understood system which includes the body. As it would be too late if something was lost before its importance was realized, Anatomy Mechatronics was meant to preserve the entire body.[2]


Branching off from cyborg research, the Anatomy Mechatronics project was one of several projects run in parallel, with the aim of preventing the loss of powerful espers, in particular the Level 5s. A key member of the project was an elderly woman who sought to preserve individuals who would eventually die and be lost, so at least something was left behind.[2] During the course of the project, she created forty-seven individuals including a model based on the 5th Level 5, Shokuhou Misaki. Foreseeing Academy City's destruction in the near-future and wishing to preserve it, the professor devised the Urban Processor as a final project to act as a backup for the city. As she was considered far too dangerous but too talented to be killed, she was imprisoned within a Doll Museum used as a Secret Prison.[3][4]


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Toaru Majutsu no Index: Shokuhou Misaki Figurine

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Following her creator's imprisonment, the Anatomy Mechatronics Misaki sought out Shokuhou Misaki in order to have her rescue the professor.[1] The two succeeded in reaching the professor, however after the old woman explained the project and its reasons, her subordinate shot Misaki.[2] The professor and her subordinate then escaped so the professor could carry out her final project, abandoning her creation.[5] However Misaki had used Mental Out on the subordinate beforehand and put paint-bullets in his gun instead.[6]

After catching up with the professor, Misaki trapped her in an illusion and had her explain the purpose of the Urban Processor to her. Rejecting the professor's reasoning and knowing the dangers the Urban Processor could bring, Misaki chose to destroy it. With the professor having asked her to protect the Anatomy Mechatronics Misaki, she kept the doll with her afterwards.[3][7]

Coronzon Arc

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Shokuhou Misaki is reminded of her encounter with a miniature robotic version of herself when seeing Othinus.[8]

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