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Aneri (アネリ Aneri?, alternatively an-E.R.I.[1]) is an artificial intelligence originally installed on the downscaled model of the Dragon Rider that Hamazura Shiage test drove. Seemingly having a personality of its own, it becomes fond of Shiage and aids him during St. Germain's attack on the Dianoid.[2]


It is a driver assistance software, first shown installed on the Dragon Rider that Shiage test drove.[2] The software can be apparently installed in other vehicles, as the Power Lifter can attest.[3] How it performs is probably dependent on the technological level of the machine it is installed on. For example, Aneri can display warnings using the Power Lifter's AUD[4] but it is unable to do so with the Dragon Rider.

As its name states Aneri's primary focus is to assist its driver, provide analysis, search databases, and provide calculations. It also gives advice and suggestions in order to aid the driver in their actions. For example, Aneri can give warnings to the driver,[5] and give out recommendations when there are threats nearby.[4] Not only that, Aneri can provide high performance movements for the driver, like allowing the machine to have a clean landing when falling.[6] However, if it needs to, Aneri can take control of the vehicle without consent of its driver as shown when Aneri while being installed on the Power Lifter shook Kamijou Touma while Shiage had him in one of its arms, believing he is still an enemy.[7] As Aneri is under the command of the driver, it can easily stop its actions once it is commanded to do so.

Aneri has shown special fondness for Shiage and has shown jealousy. It was shown to take control of vehicles either to protect him from perceived enemies or to respond to girls that it is jealous of,[2] as Takitsubo Rikou can attest.[8]

Aneri is later shown to be able to make use of the city's surveillance cameras, seeing what the camera sees.[9] Aleister later reveals that Aneri is a version of the Reading Thoth 78 which he spread throughout the city after lowering it to a consumer level.[10]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

St. Germain Arc[]

Main article: St. Germain Arc

Aneri is introduced as the AI for the machines that Shiage drives throughout the story arc. With it, Shiage is able to make sound decisions thanks to the AI's suggestions and analyses. At the end of the story arc, it becomes belligerent with Rikou, preventing her to move close to Shiage, much to his chagrin.

Magic God Invasion Arc[]

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Somehow being able to use the city's surveillance cameras, or at least the one on the street where Shiage is, Aneri detects Touma on an Acrobike in a high-speed chase with the High Priest coming Shiage and Fremea Seivelun's way. It e-mails Shiage a garbage message in order for him and Fremea to stop before they cross the road. It succeeds as Touma and the High Priest pass them by unharmed.[9]

Aleister Crowley Arc[]

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At the end of the incident at the Windowless Building on December 11th, Aneri's nature as a version of the Reading Thoth 78 was revealed by one of Aleister's potential selves, who expected it to assist them against the occupier.[10] Aneri subsequently started flashing a warning on Shiage's phone.[11]

Processor Suit Arc[]

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When Shiage was ambushed and had a Processor Suit put on him by A. O. Francisca as a decoy, Aneri managed to get into the suit and assisted Shiage during the subsequent incident.[1][12]

Coronzon Arc[]

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Aneri was offline while Academy City was shut down and Coronzon sealed within it, but after Aleister was forced to unlock the city's technology to escape from Mathers' grasp, Aneri came back online and reestablished contact with Shiage. The reproduced Dion Fortune, who was in the car with him at the time, recognized the presence of her mistress within the AI and was intimidated by it.[13]

Kamijou Arc[]

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Following the incident at Windsor Castle, the restored Dion Fortune was revealed to have a copy of Aneri installed on her new phone during a conversation with Elizard.[14]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

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