Ange Catacombs (アンジュ=カタコンベ Anju Katakonbe?), initially referred to as Ms. Catacombs (ミズ・カタコンベ Mizu Katakonbe?), is a maid and member of Necessarius, introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 20.[1][2]


Catacombs are human-made subterranean passageways and chambers used for burial practices.


Ange is a blonde and surprisingly muscular woman wearing a classic maid outfit with a long skirt.[1][2]


Ange is described as approaching the precipice in a number of ways, being at the age where she wants to meet some normal people rather than the sort found in the magic industry and would have apparently used her arm strength on Nics Everblind if he careless called her "miss".[1] She was noted by Nics to be overprotective of the "coffins" she was training.[1]


Ange's background is largely unknown, though she and Cutia Virginroad have apparently acquired enough of a negative reputation for their particular skills that they cannot be deployed to other countries.[2]


Coronzon ArcEdit

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During the invasion of the United Kingdom by the Crowley's Hazards, while the enemy force was attacking the Strait of Dover, Ange joined up with Nics Everblind and Cutia Virginroad at Westminster Abbey before heading out.[1]

The trio were assigned to protect the British Royal Family on their journey to Scotland and subsequently were forced to face the reproduced Golden Dawn. When Mathers caught up to them and Cutia's attack was turned back on her by Brodie-Innes, Ange saved Cutia from falling from the carriage, having her suitcases act as footholds and one to swallow the red cube beast created from Brodie-Innes's counter. However in the process, the two took their attention off Mathers and were nearly caught by his flames, saved only by the arrival of Kamijou Touma.[2] As Touma moved to face Mathers, Ange and Cutia were left behind as the suitcases they were riding slowed down.[3]

Kamijou ArcEdit

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Ange, Nics and Cutia were among the Anglicans present at Windsor Castle when a party was held to celebrate Coronzon's defeat following the attack on the Queen Britannia and were subsequently involved in the battle arising from the events which transpired.[4]


Ange is described as being surprisingly muscular and possessing strong arms.[1] She manages a number of autonomous suitcases, also referred to as 'coffins' (as they are meant to stuff people inside), which follow her commands (though they require training).[1][2][4] Aside from having targets stuffed inside them, the suitcases have enough padding in-between to act as ultra-compact soundproof environments, which can be used as a more advanced version of soundproof booths used for things such as practicing violin playing.[1] There are curves carved into their surfaces, possibly sigilized names.[1]

When Ange was trying to save Cutia from falling from the royal carriage, the autonomous suitcases were capable of arranging themselves to act as footholds above a road while at a speed of 180km/h.[2] With the command "Close, seven-cornered wall. The catacombs will not yet allow you to awaken!!", one of the suitcases not stood upon hopped up, opened up to swallow the red cube beast created from the subverted power of Cutia's magic and then snapped back shut.[2]


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