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Angel Fall (御使堕しエンゼルフォール Mitsukai Otoshi?) is the term used to refer to the event when an angel is forcibly drawn out of Heaven and into the mortal world of men. It is also referred to the singularly queer, in simple terms, appearance transferring event that occurred from August 28 to August 29 of the current year of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline as a worldwide grand magic spell.[1]

Angel Fall is a phenomenon shrouded in mystery, as even the British Library has no records regarding this, and was only named due to its primary effect.[2]


Set-up and Activation

Charms arranged all throughout the Kamijou Residence according to Feng shui activated the spell.

Normally, a spell as ridiculous as Angel Fall should not be able to occur. However, according to Fiamma of the Right, a distortion in the laws of the world, allowed to happen, switching around the alignment of the angels and their elements, and allowing the angels to bypass the name God gave to them.[3] This assumes that an incredibly powerful distortion pervaded the four worlds.

Because Angel Fall has only occurred once, there is currently only one way for Angel Fall to be activated, is what Kamijou Touya did. Using countless folkcraft, charms, and souvenirs, and arranging them according to the principles of Feng shui as explained by Idol Theory, the arrangement draws power from the Earth, and Touya, as the spellcaster transforms the power into something usable for the ritual location formed from the magic circles made out of souvenirs, the spell activates. It does not matter if the spellcaster is aware of its effects or usage, as a spell according to Touya's arrangement will activate regardless. According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, the effects of Touya's arrangement resulting in Angel Fall, was purely luck-based, and states another Grand Spell might've been activated in it's place that is much worse.[4]

Primary effect

Archangel Gabriel reveals itself.

The main and most basic principle of Angel Fall is to forcibly drag an angel from heaven. It is unknown how this process occurs, or how an angel is chosen. Presumably, the angel being dragged down from heaven is chosen by random, as there is no evidence that a spellcaster can choose which angel to summon.[Notes 1]

Angel Fall is similar to a summoning spell like that of Sherry Cromwell's Ellis, though the major difference would is that Angel Fall something that is not constructed out of present materials,[5] and it is certainly not similar to the Healing Magic Ritual of Index and Tsukuyomi Komoe, who merely uses an image of an angel for the spell.[6]

Secondary effect

Perhaps the most important aspect of Angel Fall is its secondary effect. Angel Fall has the uncanny ability to transfer the "insides" and "outsides" of a person.[2]

To them, it seems like Touma is choking a defenseless little girl.

What this means is that the "insides" of a person, regarding their personality, memories, and quirks, are transferred to another person, whilst their "outsides", their physical appearance (which includes clothing), get transfer as well. The transference is apparently random, which would make the term "switching" a complete misnomer, as the insides and outsides can transfer to completely different persons. To explain this phenomenon more accurately, it can be described as turning life into a terrible play. With actors, playing the life of another actor perfectly, down to their clothing. For example: The Index character, the little girl with the 103,000 grimoires, is played by Aogami Pierce, while Index plays the lady-like Kamijou Shiina.

Those who have been affected by the spell will not notice the change, and will see the people and themselves as normal. This extends to magicians as well, and they too will be unable to detect the distortion once they are affected.[7] Moreover, the switch extends to the records, though, those who are affected will see no change as well.[8][Notes 2] It is shown that reality practically bends to accommodate the perspectives for those who are unaffected. For example: Aogami Pierce who "plays" the little girl Index, to Kamijou Touma's eyes, who is unaffected by the spell, is a young man with a relatively similar height to him, wearing a nun habit that is just the right size for him. Touma will definitely have a incredibly difficult time in carrying this "Index" in his arms. However, to those who are affected, Index looks like a little girl, wearing a nun habit just her size for her. A person like Kamijou Touya, who is affected by the spell, will definitely have no problems carrying her in his arms.[8] As for the spellcaster, they're unaffected by the transference, but they'll still see other people as normal.[9]

This entire phenomenon extends throughout the four worlds. However, the phenomenon of "switching" seemed to be isolated between the four worlds, and the only exception would be when an angel is switched into that of a human. An angel is also completely aware of the switch.[2]


The effects of the spell is apparently slow enough to be detected and can actually be delayed and stopped, via defensive barriers, such as in the Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, Southwark Cathedral, and Walking Church.[Notes 3] However, this depends upon the distance from the center of the spell and the effectiveness of the barrier. According to Motoharu, the people who are in the deepest levels of Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral are all right, presumably meaning that they are unaffected.[2]

Archangel Gabriel returning to heaven.

Those who are able to detect the spell in time, are able to cast a defensive barrier to themselves. However, for those who are not completely protected by the barriers provided by the deepest parts sacred churches, cathedrals, and other powerful barrier enchanted places, their appearances are still transferred, and have the unfortunate effect of looking like someone who they are not to those who are affected by the spell, which is the majority of the world.[2] Kamijou Touma, who has the Imagine Breaker, is completely unaffected by the spell's transferring ability, but is still affected by the distortion of reality it has, as he can still be crushed by Aogami Pierce who is Index.

There are two ways that can stop Angel Fall. The first one is to destroy the ritual location completely. During the activation of the spell by Kamijou Touya, Motoharu could not destroy the ritual location due to the very set-up of the ritual location, and there was a danger of it creating an even worse spell if tampered. Motoharu was only able to destroy the ritual location by completely destroying it in one shot with his Red Spell.[4] The second one naturally, is to defeat the spellcaster.[7]

After the spell is stopped, apparently, those who were affected by the spell, will be unable to recall anything queer such as an angel appearing or any spell it does.[4]


It was believed that this spell was aimed at controlling an angel with a strong power[7] and supposedly, the caster of Angel Fall could take an angel's power,[10] or they themselves become an angel, presumably at the price that the angel becomes human.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Angel Fall Arc

Main article: Angel Fall Arc

The main plot of the arc, Touma wakes up to a world where everything looks strange, and along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kanzaki Kaori, is forced to find a way to stop the spell before it is completed. They eventually discover that the culprit is Kamijou Touya, who arranged his home filled with folkcraft, charms, and souvenirs, in order to stop Touma's misfortune. They later discover that Misha Kreutzev is an angel, willing to destroy the world to return to heaven. Motoharu later destroys Touma's house with his Red Spell, after securing that neither Touma nor Kanzaki will be able to stop him, since he is an esper, who will get injured if he uses magic.

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  1. Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Kanzaki Kaori, and even Misha Kreutzev herself states that the spell is incomplete, this can be presumed to be the angel actually appearing into mortal world.
  2. This is not the case in the anime adaptation. In order to fit into the narrative of their adaptation, people still see themselves in their records, however, for those who are unaffected are able to see that the records are unmodified by the switching. Physical distortions, such as Index being big to Touma but small to his family still applies.
  3. Presumably, this only applies to Walking Churches similar to that of Index. As Himegami Aisa, who owns a cross necklace Walking Church to seal her powers, and that she is depicted in the anime to be affected by the spell. It is unknown if this is canon, as Aisa was not referenced at all during the entire 4th volume.