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The Angel Fall Arc (御使堕しエンゼルフォール?) is a story arc that occurs in the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline. It concerns with the activation of a world-wide spell known as Angel Fall, a spell that switches the elements, as well as the appearances of persons around the world. The most notable effect of Angel Fall is the expulsion of an angel to earth.

The arc focuses on Kamijou Touma, Kanzaki Kaori and Tsuchimikado Motoharu trying to find the culprit and stop Angel Fall, while Touma deals with his family that he meets for the first time since losing his memories, during an involuntary vacation outside of Academy City.

Along with the Deep Blood Arc, the Angel Fall Arc was heavily modified in the anime adaptation of Toaru Majutsu no Index.


Aftermath of the Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

After defeating Accelerator, delinquents looking for prestige and glory increased their hostilities on Touma as he was the one to have defeated Academy City's strongest esper. Because of this, Touma is forced to leave Academy City (along with Index) at the urging of Tsukuyomi Komoe[1], while Academy City quells the situation during his absence. Touma, as a Academy City student, has to go through the due process before being able to get a pass to go outside of the city, strangely, Index did not need this, as Touma discovers that she has been mysteriously registered in the City's records.[2]

Activation of Angel Fall

Kamijou Touya – Touma's father and collector of souvenirs from all around the world – unitentionally activates Angel Fall after arranging the various souvenirs in his home in accordance to the principles of feng-shui in an effort to stop his son's vast misfortune and after accidentally leaving his house unlocked to go to Touma's current location.[3]

Hundreds of miles from Japan, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kanzaki Kaori are within the hallowed halls of Windsor Castle and St. George's Cathedral in England, protecting them from the full effects of Angel Fall, however, they are still affected by it, and Kanzaki's appearance retains that of Stiyl, and for Motoharu, that of Hitotsui Hajime. With everybody else made unawares by Angel Fall, Kanzaki and Motoharu go to Japan to confront the center of the spell, Kamijou Touma, before the catastrophe of an angel being dragged into the earth occurs.[4]

According to Fiamma of the Right, some time before the events of the arc, a great Distortion of the Laws of the World occurred, and gave an opening for the Angel Fall grand spell to activate.[5]


Light Novel Version

1st Day–August 28


Touma wakes up to find everyone has changed appearances for no explainable reason, and for the most part, thinks it is some huge prank, despite the impracticality of such a thing happening. Reports of a convict, Hino Jinsaku, is casually reported in the news, by a reporter that looks like Tsukuyomi Komoe, which Touma suspects that what was happening is beyond a mere prank.[2][Notes 1]

As everyone went onto the beach to play around, Touma went off by himself to try and think through what happens. Tsuchimikado Motoharu found Touma when he's around 100m away from Index and others, and warn him that Kanzaki is coming to get him, thinking he's the culprit of Angel Fall. Here, Touma found Motoharu is actually a magician of Necessarius as a spy for them in Academy City, and from what he talks about the Imaginary Number District and "Academy City's Darkness" Touma can feel Motoharu isn't lying about being a spy. After explaining about things like Angel Fall, Heaven and Hell, Idol Theory, Motoharu and Kanzaki's current forms, and the danger Angel Fall poses on the world, as well as how to stop it. Kanzaki started to shake Touma and told him to hurry up and reverse the spell, as she doesn't want to be in Stiyl's form, which the spell caused, for any longer. Touma tries to stop being shaken by someone with the physical strength of a Saint by pointing out he's an esper, so he can't use magic. Kanzaki paused and was going to accept that, until she thinks of Motoharu who is also an esper but can use magic. Motoharu raises the point if espers use magic they will have physical damage, as shown by the esper students who were part of the Gregorian Chant in the Deep Blood Incident.[4]

Touma was then subjected to a body search by Kanzaki, who feels Kanzaki's hands are almost like something licking him and is afraid he might end up having a fetish of sort if this goes on. As 'his body started reacting due to being a normal heterosexual high school student' Touma tried to make excuses to try and avoid being slashed by Kanzaki, as he thought she might be offended by his uncontrollable reaction. However Kanzaki was actually thinking of 'that place' needs to be searched as well, and started to put on surgical gloves. Touma was given the choice of letting Kanzaki do it or let Motoharu do it, and it's only when the two magicians saw Touma's face which is on the verge of tears they took pity and stopped. Touma was then forced into helping them solve the incident and destroy the spell in exchange for being protected against attacks by other magicians who may come investigate.[4]


Just after 8 PM, Kanzaki later meets Touma's family, while Motoharu hides away, seeing that he is currently in the form of an idol that is in trouble. Here, Touma discovers that the Mikoto, who keeps calling him onii-chan, is his cousin, who arrived just in the morning. Later, the family discusses how Kanzaki's demeanor doesn't match her appearance, which it that of Stiyl), and she's slightly feminine. Touma tries to make her feel better but goes awry as he accidentally insults her femininity, and with her anger, drags him away.[6]

As it turns out Kanzaki is asking him to guard while she's in the baths - and she left partly due to the fact she couldn't stand having Index smiling at her after what they have been through together. Touma agreed to stand guard, and decided to not ask about the past that seems to bring Kanzaki discomfort. Motoharu comes by and apologizes for knowing about the Sisters Incident and the Misawa Cram School Incident but not helping even though he obviously has the power to, and Touma forgives him. Motoharu later plans on peeking on Kanzaki while she's bathing, using the camera on their cellphones. Touma objects as he doesn't want to be on the receiving end of Kanzaki's blade, and questions why Motoharu is doing this as his targets are normally for little sister types, and is the reason why he is called as "Sis-con Sergeant". Motoharu objects to being called that and asks for proof of his actions, to which Touma answers normal people don't go after their own little-sisters. Touma further says: "Even if the law doesn't forbid it it doesn't mean everything is allowed", and seeing Motoharu being nervous Touma starts to wonder if Motoharu has really gone that far. Motoharu starts get agitated and tells Touma to stop and try and frame him with his own words. Before Motoharu can slience him Touma's mother and cousin arrives and Motoharu vanishes into the shadows.Touma's mother and cousin asks why Touma is doing out here, and after hearing he's out here standing guard they force him into the baths since if he doesn't hurry dinner will get cold, and taking a bath together with his friend is alright since they're both male. As it happens Kanzaki has just come out of the baths, and not covering herself. Predictably, Kanzaki attacks Touma after asking him if he has any lasts words, though it did not satisfy her ar all.[7]

By 10 PM, Kanzaki and Motoharu later discuss Touma's innocence, and confirms that Touma nor anybody near him should be the suspect, since Touma or anybody else near him, as no idea on how to use an angel, and that they have reached an impasse. Kanzaki later criticizes Index being with Touma, though Motoharu reassures that Touma is different, and that they should look on Touma's image better, as he was the one who has saved Index. Here, Kanzaki likes to thank Touma for saving Index, but couldn't find an opportunity, Motoharu butts in and says that him seeing her naked should be reason enough for her not to thank him, which angers her. Meanwhile, Touma is viewing another report on Hino Jinsaku, here, he ponders on how, this time, there is no tension like when he was involved in Misawa Cram School and the Level 6 Shift. Little did Touma know, Jinsaku was looking at him directly under the floorboards, holding a crescent blade like a sickle, and muttering "Angel-sama" over and over again. He reasons with this Angel-sama that he needs to kill someone as sacrifice in order so he can escape the police and return to his friends, and chooses Touma. Jinsaku cuts the power, and after Touma notices the sound of cutting under the floorboards, he attacks. Jinsaku shadows Touma's steps with his blades, attacking under the floorboards, Touma tumbles down in his confusion, and immediately after, Jinsaku bursts from the floor and grabs Touma. He tries to move his foot away that Jinsaku grabbed, but is unable to due to his fear. Before Jinsaku could attack, Misha Kreutzev, who was observing from the distance, swiftly comes into Touma's aid, swinging one of her tools and breaking Jinsaku's wrist. He tries to escape from under the floorboards, Misha hammers down on the floorboards, creating an opening, she jumps into the hole and attacks him therein. Jinsaku breaks into the outside, creating another hole, here, it is shown that he is grievously injured, his left wrist fractured, and a few teeth has been pulled out. In his madness, Jinsaku tries to attack Touma with his blade, thinking quickly, Touma pulls out his cellphone and shines its light onto Jinsaku, temporarily blinding him. Touma tries to escape via rolling, since his feet still does not respond. Meanwhile, Jinsaku rambles on with his insanity, questioning his "Angel-sama", this gives Touma the opportunity to question his state, seeing as he retains his appearance despite Angel Fall. Jinsaku then takes his blade and stabs himself, at that moment, Misha appears from under the floorboards and shows him shattering one of his teeth, causing Jinsaku to throw the blade towards her in retaliation, which grazes Touma. However, Touma soon realizes that it was tipped with poison, and falls unconscious as Jinsaku escapes Misha's grasp.[8]

With the help of magic, Kanzaki and Motoharu, manage to held off Touma's family from going downstairs to investigate the ruckus, allowing them to tend to him. Maou (the one that borrowed Misaka Imouto's appearance), who was on the first floor, was then warned by Kanzaki into silence about what she saw there. They later introduce Touma to Misha Kreutzev, of the Russian Orthodox Church's Annihilatus, the one who sucked the poison from his wound, but before Touma could get into formalities, Misha closes the gap between her and Touma, threatening him with a saw and surprising everyone inside. In a robotic tone, she asks Touma if he was the one who casted Angel Fall, she is then asked by Kanzaki why she protected Touma, which she says that she wanted to get answers regarding the spell, as such protected Touma to get answers from him. Returning to Touma, she repeats the question, to which he denies that he casted the spell, and Misha tasks him to prove it. Kanzaki explains to Misha regarding Touma, and his Imagine Breaker, which later leads to Misha attacking Touma with a water-based spell, which he dispels, proving his innocence. Maou later butts in and asks if they are undercover cops since she saw Hino Jinsaku as well, this leads to Touma to declare that he didn't get switched, leading to Misha trying to pursue him alone, but is stopped by Kanzaki telling her that they should work together, reasoning that the Russian Orthodox Church magician like her isn't equipped in dealing with humans unlike the Anglican Church, to which Misha quickly agrees to. Misha asks if she should head Jinsaku off, but is vetoed by Kanzaki, who suggests they have to have a plan first, and asks Touma to take some rest.

Just then, Touma remembers the body swap he runs to his parents' room just as Touya was about to seduce Shiina. As to him, it's like an old man coming on the to a child. As a solution to this predicament, Touma forces them to sleep together with him like one family, with him in the middle. There, Touma could not get any sleep.[9][Notes 2]

2nd Day–August 29


After a queer wake-up call from his bizarro-world family and Index, Touma goes up to meet with Motoharu, Misha, and Kanzaki at noon, with the latter scolding Touma for being exhausted. Afterwards, they discuss Jinsaku's culpability as a suspect. Jinsaku however, did not leave trails of magical energy for them to track, nor that of the angel that has fallen, which leads them to believe that they have somehow manage to hide the angel's powers as well, basing off the legends of the Old Testament in the Bible. They then bring up the topic of Jinsaku talking about Angel-sama, and how he was the same even before Angel Fall. Here, they are baffled on how Jinsaku seems to be taking orders from "Angel-sama", despite Angels having no desire of their own, other than to follow the will of God. They are question on how the Angel he supposedly summoned was not able to aid him during the attack. Continuing with their intellectual guesses, they are interrupted by a news report regarding Jinsaku taking refuge in a house inside a residential area in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and that police and assault squads have already been deployed, though they hesitate because they don't know if Jinsaku has hostages. This would be difficult for them, since if the police captures Jinsaku, then it would be harder for them to force Jinsaku to remove Angel Fall. Suddenly, Touma realizes that the house Jinsaku has invaded was his house.[10][Notes 3]

Meanwhile, in the Kamijou Residence, darkness descends in the abode, as the police has cut out the electricity, which makes Jinsaku unable to monitor events in television. After his beating from Misha, Jinsaku has managed to secure supplies and keep his broken left wrist together, but is still severely injured.

Attack on the Kamijou Residence

Jinsaku appears behind an unsuspecting Motoharu.

Touma is forced to show the others towards his house even though he has lost his memory, despite this, Touma is wiley enough to research his house using his phone. Waiting for the taxi, Touma and Misha are left alone, and too break the ice, Touma offers her gum, which she accepts with great hesitation. This is relieves the tension between them, as Misha is satisfied with the gum Touma offered.[11] After arriving there, they come upon a cordoned area 600 meters in radius, though they are fortunate since somehow the helicopter and the media has been lead away. Motoharu leads everyone through the cordoned area by sneaking around and make sure they are not seen when the guards are looking elsewhere. Touma notes this is different to games as the games are designed to be broken through while the real life incidence is designed to be impossible to be broken through - and yet Motoharu still bypasses the area with ease.[12]

After getting close to the home they needed to find a way into the Kamijou Residence without the police getting in the way, and so Kanzaki suggested the Boundary of Forbidden Wires spell to divert the attention of the police onto another house, making them think that house is the one where the prisoner is. After being warned by Motoharu not to touch the wires, Touma notes that he shouldn't be that pitiful to have such a misfortune and goes on a tirade on his awful luck, Kanzaki leaves coldly to set up the spell. Motoharu here explains Kanzaki's background to Touma, and what magicians are like, much to Touma's regret. Touma mentions Kanzaki is taking a while, and Motoharu says it's likely because Kanzaki is not used to setting up barriers. Motoharu went on to discuss the similarities between Onmyoudou and Kabbalah magic, such as the five-pointed star and the four elements which aligns with certain directions, and how he is a fengshui expert. Kanzaki later returns and they moved on to the Kamijou Residence. Touma wanted to apologise for bringing up something that's uncomfortable to Kanzaki but thought if he brought it up again it'll only remind her of that again, so he kept quiet.[12] As they reached the house Kanzaki and Misha entered from the 2nd floor while Motoharu enters from the front. Touma decided to follow Motoharu despite being told to wait outside, believing that his experience in nighttime streetfighting should offset Jinsaku's plan on using the darkness to his own advantage.[13]

Inside, they sense a atmosphere inside the dark house, though they continue to investigate within, where they discover that Touya has amassed several occultic souvenirs from his travels. They later realize that the queer gas they were smelling was dangerous, and conjecture that the prisoner has let out gas and might be thinking to blow them all up as he escapes. The prisoner then pops out behind Motoharu and tries to attack him, but Touma tackles Motoharu down to prevent being killed but got cut in the process. Jinsaku tries to attack Touma but his weapon gets kicked from his hands by Motoharu, Touma then tries to charge towards the preoccupied Jinsaku, however, he goes into a fit of gibbering insanity and takes his blade and flee. Motoharu then pursues Jinsaku while Touma turned off the gas, where he realised that the gas was used by Jinsaku to incite paronia in his attackers as so they don't want to make sparks, while he can attack all he wants. Motoharu fights Jinsaku, which Touma sees unfold, with Motoharu telling Touma not to come closer, which distracts Jinsaku and allows Motoharu to attack him. After some trouble, Motoharu manages to hit Jinsaku directly in the face. After opening the windows to let the gas out, the magicians present decides to interrogate the prisoner. However, all they come upon is a Jinsaku with a terribly fearful disposition, and apparently unaware of what they are talking about. Suddenly, the daemoniac actions of the Jinsaku surface, talking about his Angel-sama and his hand once again writes upon a solid surface like a spasm, annoying the magicians, with their interrogation going out of nowhere. Kanzaki threatens Jinsaku with death, however, Touma saves his life by telling about Multi-Personality Disorder, thanks to Komoe's lessons. Here, they conclude that Angel Fall has switched the dominant and subordinant person, therefore, not the culprit of Angel Fall, and that his right hand is the true personality that has been kept inside by the switch.[13][Notes 4]

After Jinsaku lost consciousness, the magicians are caught in a dead-end, Touma then caught sight of a family photo and recalls on how Touya has remained the same even though everybody else has switchedfound Kamijou Touya wasn't switched. Misha, who was next to Touma, discovers this, and goes after Touya, commenting that the outcome was a boring one. Motoharu told Touma to chase after Misha, since they want to solve this without bloodshed if possible.[14]

End of Angel Fall

Return to Wadatsumi

Under a red-painted sky, Misha Kreutzev cometh.

With Kanzaki, Touma return to Wadatsumi, leaving Motoharu to deal with Jinsaku, enraged at his father for even thinking of using Angel Fall. He arrives, without a hint of Misha anywhere. After asking Otohime, Kanzaki tells Touma that he should stay as it is her job now, and that she will protect him from Misha. Touma refused Kanzaki's considerate offer of not making Touma fight his own family, and says Touya is his father and he'll deal with it—he will save his father himself.[15] Kanzaki acquiesced, and Touma goes off to see Touya, who is on the beach dyed red by the sunset, and as Touya saw Touma, he began lecturing him, having been worried of where he went off to and if he was all right. Despite his reluctance, Touma asks Touya why he was meddling in the world of magicians and the occult. Even at this time Touya only has the expression of a father worried about his son and not a magician that found his plans has been exposed. Touya starts speaking to Touma about his past on the reason why he was sent to Academy City after graduating kindergarten because Touya believed that the City lacked any sort of superstition that was present in the outside world, where Touma was labeled as a god of pestilence and how he was abused by both children and adults, and have gotten to the point where the media began meddling. However, Touya says that he began meddling with the occult due to the fact that Academy City could not even take his misfortune away. Touma comes to the the conclusion that Touya casted Angel Fall not for the reason of bringing a Angel down to Earth, but just to switch the 'outside' and 'inside' of everyone, so that misfortune that plagues Touma will leave him for good. It doesn't matter if he will involve the whole world, or if someone else will end up being his son as long as Touma will be protected from 'misfortune' even if he has to be a sinner he will go ahead.[16]

Touma yells at Touya, saying yes, though he is unlucky to have almost died many times, but not once has he complained about it. Even though without misfortune he might not have his life on the line all the time, he asks a rhetorical question that can it really be called fortunate if he just lived a happy life and not noticing there are people in the darkness and suffering while covered in blood. Touma told his father not to give him that kind of cruel 'fortune' and take away his beautiful 'misfortune', and this is one path he has always travelled and will continue to travel. He declared that he is the most fortunate person in the world. Touya smiled after hearing his son, and is relieved that he hasn't actually done anything in the end, just by buying souvenirs couldn't have changed anything anyway. Here, Touma discovers that Touya has no idea about Angel Fall as well.Misha Kruezhev arrives out of nowhere, and Touma tries to reason her that Touya, even though he wasn't changed, doesn't know that other people were switched. Misha does not listen and begins preparing her weapons, and Touma is helpless unable to determine if he should make a move knowing the variables present. Kanzaki and Motoharu however appears, they tell him that Misha is a male name in Russia, and after asking the Russian Orthodox Church, there was only a Sasha Kreutzev present, indicating that Misha is borrowing Sasha's form. Motoharu reminds Touma what the name of the spell is—Angel Fall. Immediately after, the evening turns into night, a spell that forces the earth, the moon, the sun, and the celestial bodies to move according to the will of the magician. Kanzaki states that no human can do this, but that is not a problem for Misha, strengthening her power by turning the day into the night. Misha is in the element of water, guardian of the moon, the protector of the Rear—Archangel Gabriel.[17][Notes 5]

Kanzaki Kaori vs. The Power of God

Gabriel begins casting 'The Sweep', and countless magic circles covered the sky, enough power to turn half the planet into ash. Kanzaki pleads to the angel, saying that this is not part of God's plan, but it doesn't listen as it now only focuses on getting back to heaven by obliterating the person who dragged here there. Touma lashes out in anger, but Kanzaki orders Touma to take Touya and leave, while she stays and hold off Gabriel as it is her duty now. If they can stop Angel Fall in the 30 minutes before The Sweep is completed then it will all be alright. Touma wants to stay and fight, but Kanzaki told him it will bring shame to professionals if they let amatuers fight their battles. Kanzaki states that this battle is in the realm that is far beyond human, and that Touma cannot do anything about it with Imagine Breaker, other than to find a way to dispel Angel Fall before the time limit is up. Kanzaki tells Touma that she trusts him to stop this, and save her just like the time he saved Index. Touma finally relents and decides to leave it to Kanzaki, and retreated with Touya. With their leaving, Gabriel suddenly gathers wings of water from his back that spread out like a fan, which begins crystallizing and solidifying forming wings that are capable of razing mountains, and intimidating Kanzaki. She tries to find Motoharu in the battlefield, but realized that he has already left and may have predictably betrayed her. From there, she declares her magic name and the battle with the archangel begins.[17]

Gabriel rains and swings down her wings of water upon Kanzaki, however, every time Gabriel does, Kanzaki cuts it down with her sword and sheathe it back in place, despite Kanzaki not being able to oppose and angel of God since she is a Christian. This is because Kanzaki was originally an Amakusa Christian, a religion that mixed various doctrines of Buddhism, Shintoism, and Christianity, allowing it to have doctrines and spells that can harm spirits of divine nature, such as Angels. Kanzaki takes her time, while being attacked, explaining to the expressionless Gabriel that Shinto has provided ways to harm beings like her. Kanzaki uses the full extent of her abilities, to allow her to at least match-up to Gabriel's inhuman powers. But the finally turns in the angel's favor, as Kanzaki is no longer able to keep up with several wings of water attacking her, she discards her quickdraw technique, and opts to fully bear her sword without sheathing it. In one instance, Gabriel launches several spears of water towards her, but Kanzaki manages to slow them down with her Nanasen. From then on, the battle of attrition begins, with Gabriel simply launching several wings of water of Kanzaki, never mind if she is able to cut them, as her body is pushed to the limit. Despite this, Kanzaki is determined to not let Gabriel break through, and continues delaying Gabriel.[18]

During the fight, Kanzaki recalls the time when she was 12, when she became the leader of the Amakusas. At that time, she questioned the reason why she was chosen, and others did not, which made her believe that peopled died and suffered because she was "chosen".[Notes 6] Kanzaki decided to devote her powers to those who are not chosen, as the ones who are chosen can survive perfectly without her help. Once in the fight for Index, Touma asked why didn't she kill him, and the answer is that is not that she didn't want to, it's because she could not. Kanzaki knows that the battle is near its end, and that she will most likely lose, as her body is in her limit and that she refuses to kill anyone, not even Gabriel. As is the reason why she asked Touma to leave Gabriel to her, because Touma may die, but there was also a chance for Gabriel to be destroyed by his right hand, as well as due to the fact that to her, it was the best for everyone to be save. Looking at it from another view point, the Archangel in front of her is also a unfortunate being, pushed down onto Earth out of all the angels in heaven—someone that needs to be saved. On the brink of her doom, Kanzaki is praying like a trembling child not for herself but for the angel that's forcing her to her destruction; praying for Kamijou Touma to save that angel.[18]

Kamijou Touma vs. Tsuchimikado Motoharu

Touma struggles against Motoharu.

Motoharu is running towards the resort, finally able to do what he needs to do since Kanzaki is being preoccupied. He apologizes to Touma, and states that someone needs to be sacrificed to stop Angel Fall. Meanwhile, Touma and the hapless Touya enter the resort and discover their loved ones drugged with chloroform. Desperate, Touma demands for Touya to tell him where he activated Angel Fall, and still Touya doesn't know. Motoharu however, steps out and told them he made the others unconscious so normal civilians won't get involved. He explains that indeed, Touya was the culprit of Angel Fall but had no idea at all. The Kamijou Residence is the ritual location, made from over 3,000 souvenirs placed in Feng shui locations that compounded all of their effects, and that when the Kamijous left the place it completed the ritual, and that he did not do anything back there since it was too dangerous. Touma doesn't believe that placing souvenirs somehow ended up as Angel Fall, as the chances are millions to one. Motoharu says to look at it another way: With over 3,000 souvenirs and the Feng Shui locations some sort of Grand Magic would have been activated in a 100% guaranteed chance, and it would not necessarily had to be Angel Fall. According to Motoharu, Angel Fall is actually one of the least destructive spells as it could have easily ended up as any destuctive or queer magic spell, which any one of those can erase a country or continent from the face of the planet.Touma tried to argue that Touya has no magical energy in him to fuel the spell, and Motoharu said magical energy from a magician is not necessary, one can use the the Power of the World through leylines to fuel the spell. If the leylines are like the generator, then Touya is the transformer and the ritual location is the circuit, and Touya would be charged as a accomplice for this crime. Not the main culprit, but still an accomplice. Even if they destroy one souvenir the spell circuit will just be changed into another spell instantly, so Motoharu got everyone out of the place before they set something off. Motoharu concludes that there was no special reason nor meaning in the spell, just bad luck.[19]

With nothing better to do, Touma wants to go back to his house and stop the spell, but Motoharu says he'll never make it. There's one way to solve this easily, someone needs to sacrifice himself. Motoharu then said it's fortunate that Kanzaki is busy right now, as otherwise she would not allow what's going to happen next. Believing that Motoharu will try to kill his father for the sake of stopping the spell, Touma steps up to fight. As tension between them rises, Motoharu told Touya who still had no clue what is going on that a lot of people will die in 30 minutes and it is all his fault. Angered by Motoharu's brazen lack of tact towards his father, Touma declares that he will stop him and the rule that requires that people need to be sacrifice—destroy that ridiculous illusion. Motoharu accepts Touma's challenge and states that he will congratulate him if he lasts ten seconds. Touma said he will break the fantasy that the law of someone has to give up his life exists, to which Motoharu replied if Touma can last ten seconds he will give him an applause. Touma is completely overwhelmed by Motoharu's physical advances that target Touma's vital spots and superior fighting style (cheap blows and dirty tricks), and in 3 seconds and collapses onto the floor and unable get back up, as Motoharu has made sure that the damage was enough for Touma's body unable to get up. Touma thinks about why Motoharu fights so hard, and is willing to use dirty tricks if it means victory. He comes to the conclusion Motoharu has something he has to protect no matter what, even if it means going against the entire world. Motoharu asks Touma if can he beat him, when he's just a normal high school student living a leisurely life, and from there tells Touma to lie down. Touya steps in, willing to let himself be taken if it means Touma will be saved. Seeing this, Touma rejects that line of thought, and says he will be saved if Touya is alright, after all, he is his father. Touma gets up with all his strength, even as his body's insides are groaning at the effort. It turns out Motoharu's last strike didn't hit the vital spot at the back of his head hard enough, due to Touma stepping forward at the time. Seeing Touma back up, Motoharu declares that he is going to get serious. Immediately after, Motoharu dashes towards Touma and makes a feint, leaving Touma's left side exposed and allowed Motoharu to smack him at the ear, as Touma flinches, Motoharu brings his elbow into Touma's chest, leaving him out of breath. Touma collapses, but not before he tries to swing a fist at Motoharu one last time, however, this too did not connect and Motoharu knees Touma in the chest. Only 10 seconds has passed, and Touma falls again, though impressing Motoharu. Touya lunges out in anger to fight but was knocked out in a single hit. With Touma down, Motoharu asks Touma if can he still not accept his way of doing things by sacrificing someone, and Touma replied he could not. Touma will accept no other solution apart from the one where everyone will end up smiling and alright.[19]

Motoharu smiled and starts doing something weird, setting up origami figures representing the four beasts of the four elements on the corners of the room. That's when Touma realizes that Motoharu is casting a spell, even though he was an esper as well. It turns out Motoharu planned to sacrifice himself to begin with, and if Kanzaki had got wind she will definitely stop him, and if Touma knew he would interfere with his right hand. Motoharu took down Touma solely because of that, and said if Touma didn't think the way he did then there would be no point in saving him. Touma begs Motoharu to stop, but Motoharu does not listen to him, though he is touched with his concern. Before the spell begins, Motoharu reminds Touma that he is a liar. As the spell fires and destroys the Kamijou Residence, the effects of Angel Fall faded and everyone turns back to normal. Motoharu ends up lying motionless in a pool of his own blood and doesn't seem to be breathing.[19]


Touma wakes up at the same room he's usually in when he's sent to hospital, having being treated by the frog-faced doctor. Touma is in anger after Motoharu has sacrificed himself even though Angel Fall and the Sweep. Speaking of the devil however, Motoharu appears, alive and well, which suprises Touma. Motoharu says that he is a liar, and that he prevented himself from dying due to his esper abilitiy, Auto-Rebirth, though he would definitely die if he would use it again. Furthermore, regarding Touya's culpability in the Angel Fall incident, Motoharu states that he will cover-up if the Church asks inquiries. He says that he lied being a spy in Academy City for the Church, but is actually a double agent, or more precisely, an agent affiliated with several organizations that are most likely against each other. After Motoharu says that Touma can relax since he can differentiate between business and personal issues, Touma thanks Motoharu for being his father's savior. This blows apart after Motoharu states that he shouldn't be that thankful as he has destroyed the Kamijou Residence in order to stop Angel Fall. Motoharu left immediately after, as Index comes in, angry at what Touma did to her in the beach, and from there, Touma returns to his usual life.[20]

Anime Version


Prior to the start of the arc, Touma makes and agreement with his family in the Oowarai Beach resort.[Notes 7] However, for some reason, Touma's family were unable to go to the resort on the appointed day promising that they would arrive the day after, disappointing Index who was eagerly awaiting their arrival.[1]

Throughout the day before meeting his family, Touma becomes considerably anxious and worried of their impending arrival, citing his memory loss as the reason, as he has no idea what his family looks like and what kind of persons they are.[1]

1st Day

Touma and Touya talking

Touma wakes up the next morning, unaware of the change that the world has gone through. Touma meets his father, and though depressed that he could not recognized his face as well as the fact that he will never get to see the house he was born in, as Touya says that they have moved into a new house (as is the reason why they were not be able to come to the resort the other day). Touma is however, content that he finally gets to meet his father.[1]

Touma meet his father Touya, for the first time.

However, soon discovers something is incredibly wrong, after seeing that nearly everyone he knows from both magic and science side has converged into the resort apparently to pull a prank on him. With Index being his mother, Misaka Mikoto being his cousin Tatsugami Otohime, and Aogami Pierce as Index.[1]


After much trouble, Touma finally realizes that people switching their appearance is too much in a large scale for it to be a mere prank. While pondering about this, Touma is nearly attacked by Misha Kreutzev, who suspected Touma to be a magician, however, he saved just in time by Kanzaki Kaori (who he meets for the first time and successfully manage to fool her that he didn't lose his memories) and to his surprise Tsuchimikado Motoharu.[21]

Here, they explain to him that for reasons unknown a magician has cast a spell called Angel Fall which caused a distortion in the world by forcing an angel class into that of a human class, ruining the balance between the classes and thus switching the content and appearances of humans. Motoharu explains that Touma is the most likely suspect for Angel Fall, as his appearance did not change and is the reason why Misha attacked him. Though, they explain to Misha that Touma could not have been the spellcaster as he is a low-level esper, and that he shows no signs of injuries with use of magic due to him being an esper. Tsuchimikado also states that Touma could not have been the caster as he holds Imagine Breaker, an ability that negates all supernatural phenomena.[21]

Touma proves his innocence to Misha by cancelling her magical directed attack on him as a test. However, the spell is still centered around Touma, which indicates that someone close to Touma might've been the one to have cast Angel Fall. Touma later demands how Motoharu knows of his Imagine Breaker and his knowledge regarding the magic side, to which Motoharu replies that he is also a member of Necessarius.[21]


Having explained the situation to Touma, the group concludes that the spellcaster must be near Touma, and that they must either defeat them or destroy the ritual location of Angel Fall.

Touma offers Misha a piece of candy.

Both Misha and Kanzaki investigate Touma's family, much to their delight due to their queer appearances (with Kanzaki having the appearance of Stiyl). Meanwhile, Touma and Motoharu talk on how he is a magician as well as an esper (as well as he cannot be with Touma's family since his appearance is that of Hitotsui Hajime and would most likely cause a ruckus), and that using magic again could potentially kill him, and shows his injuries to Touma. They also talk about on how he was a magician using Onmyouji and specialized in feng-shui, before coming to Academy City as a spy and going to the Power Curriculum Program, which made most of his magic unusable; as well as Kanzaki Kaori's apparent distaste for her own fortune, with connections to her past as an Amakusa Christians; which is also the reason why Motoharu warns Touma not to say his "Such misfortune" line.[21]

However, Kanzaki suddenly barges in, unable to bear being around Touma's family. She later forces Touma to guard the entrance to the male hotsprings as her form is currently viewed by others apart from Touma, as a man and the obvious implications of her going into the female's hotsprings. After a misunderstanding with his father, Touma is forced to runaway with his father from an attack by Kanzaki as they both see her trying to get dressed.

After catching their breath, Touma remembers that his father's appearance is not truly his, which depresses him. This prompts Touya, to reminisce on his youth, and compares Touma's worried look to that of Shiina. Their bonding is interrupted when they notice that Misha is alone, Touya later forces Touma to interact with her.

Though having a cold demeanor, Touma breaks the ice by offering Misha candy. Though, she is extremely modest in taking it from Touma, trying not to touch his right hand. Misha then explains to Touma that Angel Fall is still incomplete, and that if it was completed a great calamity would occur like that of ancient lore.[21]

2nd Day


Touma awakens the next day to find that her mother forgot to lock the door to the house, and opts to return home to check on it, with Misha accompanying her, which confuses Touma. Touya tries to make a joke about it regarding Misha's shyness; however, Touma notices that Misha didn't touch his hand at all after Touya pointed this out to Touma. Knowing this Touma reports this Kanzaki and Motoharu, to which they conclude that Misha maybe the culprit. Pointing out that Misha somehow knowing a significant amount of information regarding Angel Fall as suspicious, since there are no records what Angel Fall truly is. Because of this, Motoharu accompanies Touma to his house.[21]

They arrive to find out that they have arrived before Shiina and Misha (since they took the train). Here, Motoharu and Touma notices that Touya has gathered several souvenirs in his home, curious of this, Touma tries to touch them though is told by Motoharu not to. While wondering around however, Touma discovers that the picture of his father remained consistent with his current appearance, to which Motoharu reminds to Touma that besides him, the magician's appearance will not have changed. At the same time as this Shiina and Misha arrives, the latter discovering that Touya is the culprit of Angel Fall as well. This forces Touma to follow her, as Motoharu is preoccupied with Shiina since she mistook him as Hitotsui Hajime.[21]


Touma confronting his father

Touma arrives on the beach before Misha, and is informed by Kanzaki that his father is in the beach alone. Touma explains to Kanzaki the situation regarding his father as the culprit, and although reluctant at first, she allows Touma to handles the situation with his father.[21]

Touma confronts his father on the beach, and demands to know why he dabbled in the occult. Touya explains that the reason is to counteract his misfortune. According to Touya, the reason he sent Touma to Academy City is because the city lacked superstition, being the city of science, and would hopefully help remove the misfortune that has plagued Touma since his childhood. However, even then the city could not solve Touma's misfortune, and as such Touya turned to occult to help Touma. Touma, however, chastises his father, saying that even though he was misfortunate, he never said that he regretted it, and no matter how misfortunate he was it was his path to walk on.

Hearing this from Touma, Touya agrees that he will stop collecting souvenirs. This surprises Touma as he thought that they were talking about the occult and Angel Fall. Touma determines that Touya has no idea about Angel Fall, even though his appearance did not change.[3]

End of Angel Fall

Archangel Gabriel in the form of Misha Kreutzev, showing his power over water.

Misha however, appears before them, determined to eliminate the spellcaster. Touma tries to plead to Misha, stating that even though his father's appearance has not change, he has no idea regarding Angel Fall. Kanzaki arrives shortly, threatening Misha in harming humans without permission; here, she states that the person before them is not Misha but someone who is using the appearance of Sasha Kreutzev. Kanzaki states that Misha is the one who was affected by the Angel Fall, an angel who has fallen from heaven, who has come to eliminate the culprit behind Angel Fall and return to heaven.[3]

Misha turns afternoon to night, and unleashes a magic circle into the sky preparing to unleash The Sweep, a devastating spell said to have destroyed an ancient civilization. Kanzaki orders Touma to take his father and find away to stop Angel Fall, before the angel uses The Sweep, while she handles the angel. Though reluctant to leave Kanzaki behind, Touma concedes and takes his father away from the scene.

Kanzaki fends off Misha by using the techniques she learned back when she was still the leader of the Amakusa, however, she is quite aware of her limitations, and keeps on the defensive, unable to attack Misha.

Meanwhile, Touma and Touya returns to the resort to find that Motoharu has knocked out everyone. Here, he states to Touma that Touya is indeed the caster of Angel Fall, though he himself is unaware of this. According to Motoharu, Touya followed the principles of feng-shui and arranged his souvenirs in his house to create the ritual location for Angel Fall, activating it only after they left the house without locking it. Angel Fall was activated out of sheer coincidence.

Motoharu's spell about to destroy Touma's house.

Motoharu begins threatening them, saying that he needs to kill the spellcaster as he is unable to destroy the ritual location. Touma becomes angry because of this, and states that he will not allow anyone to be sacrificed; he attacks Motoharu but is quickly beaten by him. Touya is also incapicated as well.

Touma however, realizes that Motoharu is trying to cast a magic spell even though he is an esper, which he knows would probably kill him. Touma pleads to Motoharu to stop, but is told by him he will not. Motoharu apologizes to Touma for beating him up, as that was the only way to allow him to cast magic without any interruption, as Touma is similar to Kanzaki, as they would both stop at nothing to prevent Motoharu from doing this to himself. Motoharu’s last words to Touma are that he is a liar.

Motoharu’s spell is completed, and a stream of light rushes forth from the resort and into the horizon, destroying the ritual location – Touma’s parent’s house. At the same time as this, Misha’s form crumbles into nothing, and a battle-weary Kanzaki falls to her knees, thanking Touma.[3]


Touma returns to Academy City and is being treated in the frog-faced doctor’s hospital. Here, he discovers that Motoharu is still alive, despite his injuries after using magic. Motoharu states that he lied that he would die if he used magic, as his esper power – Auto-Rebirth allows him to use magic a few more times. Motoharu then states he also lied about him being a spy in Academy City, and that he is actually a double-agent, and states that is also a lie as well and says that he is actually a agent for multiple organizations.[3]

This irritates Touma, until he is calmed down by Motoharu bringing in his parents in his ward. Here, he sees his mother’s true form for the first time. However, their reunion is interrupted after they state that their house has been destroyed by unknown force and is forced to move into their old house – where Touma was born.[20]The old home does not appear in the original light novel. This angers Touma, and tries to confront Motoharu, however, he has already left, and only to be greeted by a livid Index who then bites Touma for all his abuse on her during their time at the resort.[3]

Effects and implications in later events

Though seemingly an innocuous event, the fall of the angel sets-up various events later in the series, such as the switching of the alignment of angels to their elements, most notably the appearance of an archangel with a different name. With the angel taking in the form of the human Sasha Kruezhev, left a large amount of residual telesma inside her[22] which would allow Fiamma of the Right, leader of God's Right Seat to summon Archangel Gabriel into the world even though he is normally aligned to Archangel Michael, this is due to switching of the elements.[23]

Kanzaki's relationship with the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church starts on this arc and takes more and more relevance in the Volumes 7 and 11.


  • Along with the Deep Blood Arc, this arc is one of the most heavily edited adaptation of the novel, removing Hino Jinsaku
  • This arc does not appear in the manga version, though some of the characters that appear in the arc, is featured in a short omake. Also, it is shown that Touma and Index some how went to the beach, though this it is not shown whether or not the events of this arc actually occurred off-screen.[24]


  1. In the original light novel, Touma has met Touya and Shiina prior in the aftermath of the Index Arc, where they greet him in the hospital, which is simply referred to as a "head injury". Also, Touma has already met up with his parents the day before, except for Otohime who came in the morning.
  2. Both Touma and Maou saw Jinsaku as a balding middle-aged man. Touma conjectured that since Maou also saw Jinsaku the same way, since Touma is unaffected by Angel Fall, then he must be its caster.
  3. Although Touma has memory loss after the events of the Index Arc, at some point in time afterwards, Touma somehow came upon aerial photos of his house from his mother's paragliding adventures.
  4. Touma wakes up to see Touya as the only one that didn't change up until the appearance of Kanzaki and Motoharu. One could assume that Touma did not suspect Touya as the culprit since he is his father, and that his focus went all towards Jinsaku since he seemed more guilty.
  5. Gabriel takes Misha as a name, a variation of the word Michael, as in Archangel Michael. Furthermore, despite being referred to as the protector of the Rear, he is also referred to as bearing the Left-side of God. This little discrepancy would later play a much vital role to Fiamma of the Right's goals several arcs later.
  6. Chosen is a vague term here, it means that Kanzaki was chosen as the Supreme Pontiff, but can also apply to her being in God's good graces, as in she was chosen to be fortunate.
  7. The beach is unnamed in the original novels.


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