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The Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference was a meeting between the Anglican Church and the Russian Orthodox Church which took place on October 3rd of the current year in London in St. George's Cathedral.[1][2] The conference was used to determine which positions the Churches would take during the inevitable war between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church.[2][3]

Vasilisa was the representative for the Russian Orthodox Church with Sasha Kreutzev as her aide for the conference.[3]


Due to the events of September 30th, both Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church had shown obvious hostility towards each other and were now preparing themselves for conflict. Seeing an inevitable war between the two powers, as well as in Russia's case, a concern for impending riots held by Roman Catholic devotees in Russia,[3] both of the other two powerful Christian factions in the world were forced to review which side to take.[2]



According to Sasha, the Russian Orthodox Church deemed that both Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church were equal in terms of strength in war. However, third parties such as the Anglican and the Russian Churches taking sides would greatly influence the course of the war. As such, the conference was setup to essentially determine which side they would want to become the victor of the war, as well as to gain the upper hand after the war's end. There were also concerns with the actions of the victor after the war, here, and it was made clear that the Anglican Church's affiliated factions such as the Agnese Forces and Amakusa-Style Remix of Church could be destroyed at the end of the war, however, if Academy City were to win the war, there were concerns that it may use its upper hand to annihilate magic altogether.[3]

Additionally, there were numerous suborganizations under the Anglican Church that were previously not allied with them, such as the Agnese Forces and the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, and as such, the interests of the Anglican Church might actually conflict with the suborganizations.[3]

The Conference

It is unknown what exactly occurred during the conference itself, as it is not featured. However, the fundamental issues regarding the point of the conference were stated in detail by Sasha Kreutzev of Annihilatus, who decided to visit the Anglican Church Women's Dormitory to have her own informal meeting regarding the war with it's residents.[3]


The conference between the two churches was apparently inconclusive, as both parties were unable to determine which faction to side with. As such, the Anglican Church remained as an ally to Academy City, while the Russian Orthodox Church remained neutral up until the church's decision to ally themselves with the Roman Catholic Church after the events of the Document of Constantine Arc.[4]

Most notably, the concerns that were unaddressed during the conference, such as England getting the short end of the stick regardless of which side to take during the war, opened up disputes within the forces that controlled the country, eventually culminating in a coup d'état attempt.[5][6]

Sasha's visit to the Women's Dormitory was inconclusive as well as she was unable to get a solid grasp with the situation,[7] after Orsola Aquinas stated her opinion regarding the matter of choosing sides.[3]