The Anti-Crime Orientation (防犯オリエンテーション Bōhan Orientēshon?) is an event conducted in Academy City.


During the event, boundaries between schools in School District 7 are temporarily lifted. Students participate in roleplaying, being assigned the role of a criminal, police officer or hostage. The criminal have to act in a criminal manner, the police officers must capture the criminals and the hostages must run away from criminals. Fulfilling the role earns a student stamps on their stamp card with a hidden school lunch menu as a reward for completing the card.[1]

Aside from improving student crime prevention awareness, the event is also meant to help people feel safer by buying disaster goods they don't know if they'll ever use, as well as a way for them to let off steam.[2]

Handouts for the event have 'fire precautions' on them despite not having much to do with them, which might have been the result of the event perhaps starting as a small event for arson countermeasures and growing from there into an event for crime in general.[1]


Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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On December 3rd,[3] in the wake of the incident at the Dianoid instigated by St. Germain, the Anti-Crime Orientation is held in Academy City. The event is disrupted by the destruction caused by the High Priest's rampage through the city in pursuit of Kamijou Touma.[2]


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