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The Anti-GREMLIN Alliance was an alliance that was formed by President Roberto Katze of the United States of America the growing GREMLIN problem.[1] It was formed by several powerful countries, all of which, other than the United States, are powerful Eurasian countries with a rich history related to magic, specifically that of Christianity.

Despite their intentions, the alliance was a total failure. Their only known conference was conducted at the same time as GREMLIN started their move in creating Gungnir and was caught unawares by GREMLIN's manipulations of what people hoped to gain, stalling any sort of decision the alliance tried to make.[2] Othinus, leader of GREMLIN, was later able to create Gungnir and destroy the world without much resistance.[3]

However, due to Touma's efforts, Othinus later reverts the world back to normal, with the coalition unaware of it. They later try to hunt her and Touma down after he sides with her, and through Touma's actions, manage to convince the coalition not to further pursue the matter. They later broadcast to the world the conclusion of their attempts against Othinus and beseech the world not to give in to their fear and hatred for people like Othinus.


After the events of the invasion of Hawaii, the United States have become wary of GREMLIN, to the point where even the House of Representatives were boiling over their desire for vengeance.[4] This most likely increased after the events of Baggage City as well. As for the other countries, all of them have a rich history related to magic and Christianity. As such, when Ollerus and his ilk revealed to them the extent of GREMLIN's plans with the world destroyed by Gungnir, a world where GREMLIN, a Norse-based magic cabal, replaced Christianity worried them.[5] It is unknown why Roberto Katze called upon the other nations that specifically had knowledge on magic side, though it is likely the other countries' large involvement in World War III where phenomena that could not be explained played a central role in it.

Although Roberto wanted the United States on the attack against GREMLIN for political reasons, he still wanted Academy City to cooperate with them. This however falls through as they could not contact Aleister Crowley.[6]


Although Roberto acts as the de facto leader, as he is inexperienced with the occult, he has shown to offer an ear towards his more experienced peers. This is exemplified during the various leaders' explaining to Roberto the properties of GREMLIN's plans with the lance of Gungnir.[4] In their unity they have shown, despite the subtle rivalry amongst them, when they make important decisions, they make a vote.[1]

List of countries and representatives