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Anti-Skill (警備員アンチスキル Keibi-in (Anchi Sukiru)?, lit. "Guard") is the term used to refer to Academy City's police and security forces.[1] Unlike Judgment, members of Anti-Skill are ordinary adults who work in the city. One is essentially a volunteer when they join Anti-Skill. As such is not paid to do Anti-Skill work: However, the city compensates for Anti-Skill members' help in the experiment by giving them various gifts and privileges.[2]



Anti-Skill tactics 2

An Anti-Skill blockade.

It is often assigned to dangerous situations that members of Judgment are unable or not allowed to handle[3], such as engaging terrorists, handling hostage situations, or stabilizing dangerous areas. Judgment is often assigned to assist Anti-Skill in these cases by evacuating civilians or handling crowd control as well as dealing with rogue espers who abuse their powers.[4][5][6] As such, Anti-Skill takes care of situations occurring outside of schools[3], which are the domain of Judgment. It is also shown to assist Judgment with meager work such as directing traffic, helping lost people, and enforcing curfew, and can also be hired for events.[7][8] Anti-Skill members are also tasked in training Judgment recruits.[9]

Moreover, it is also their duty to keep watch of Judgment, and vice-versa. It is a checks and balances system that should prevent internal corruption in the two organizations.[10]

It and Academy City's disaster relief organization, Multi Active Rescue, work together during large-scale incidents such as the Poltergeist Incidents.

Its authority extends outside Academy City, and it is basically the city's "official" armed forces as opposed to black ops like the Hound Dog; this is shown first when Anti-Skill is sent to Avignon to suppress a riot,[11] and later when they defend against Russia's attack in World War III.[12] It has been revealed that Academy City has hired many soldiers to work in the city as teachers, with one of the HsF-00 pilots in World War III mentioning that they only took up teaching for appearance's sake and are actually soldiers.[13]


Members of Anti-Skill are capable of properly handling rifles. They are also trained in various tactics and strategies to handle different situations, such as hostage situations and dealing with terrorists.[14] They are also probably trained in the implementation of first-aid.[15]


To join their professional ranks, one need only be a teacher and then one must sign nine contracts, pass thirteen different types of aptitude tests, and complete four months of training, similar to Judgment.[16] Though it is currently unknown who leads Anti-Skill, during operations such as engaging terrorists, Anti-Skill members are formed into small groups and follow a single leader.[17] Sometimes, Anti-Skill members are put into relatively minor work (enforcing curfew, assisting lost people, etc.), and as such are partnered to scan particular areas.[18]

Anti-Skill Aggressor[]

Anti-Skill Aggressors (アンチスキル=アグレッサー Anchi Sukiru Aguressā?) are specially chosen Anti-Skill officers, who have been trained to their limit to reproduce the movements of dark side criminals during training, and provided with advanced equipment which is not provided to ordinary Anti-Skill officers and cannot be used openly.[19][20] Described as a trump card for the Board of Directors,[19] they are an elite group intentionally made to stand on the borderline between justice and the dark side,[19][20] making them the organized crime unit of Anti-Skill.

When operating as Anti-Skill Aggressors, they wear heavy black armor, with the text "Anti-Skill Aggressor" written on their right arms. They have weapons capable of slicing through walls and ceilings, and wield giant guns, the recoil of which might break an ordinary person's spine, with ease. Some of their equipment was designed by Kihara Hasuu.[19]

One of the advanced technologies available to Anti-Skill Aggressors, used by Rakuoka Houfu, is a type of digestive enzyme which is used to grow muscle fibers.[20]

Disciplinary Action[]

Main article: DA

DA is a secret rogue organization within Anti-Skill. Originally, composed of people who received "disciplinary action" for going overboard with their duties to the point of brutality or abuse of power, the organization later becomes a powerful organization in itself within Anti-Skill after receiving funding and technology from sympathizers.

Anti-Skill Negotiator[]

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Armor and Protection[]

Anti-Skill tactics

Anti-Skill under fire.

Most members of Anti-Skill are seen with special SWAT armor, designed to resist psychic abilities[3], as well as riot shields. If available, security robots are also used for protection against enemy fire.[22]


Anti-Skill has access to a variety of weapons, including but not limited to shotguns, grenade launchers, handguns with laser sights, and anti-tank guns.[Notes 1] When the situation calls for it, they can use experimental weapons against dangerous foes.[23]

At the time of Handcuffs, at least some of Anti-Skill also has access to the NB20 close-range arresting gun, a net rifle recalled for causing many accidents, possibly related to the weight used to spread out the net.[19]

At least some of Anti-Skill's extendable batons were manufactured by STUDY.[24]


Anti-Skill primarily uses blue armored trucks to transport criminals as well as their own members. It is also shown to house communication apparatus.[25] Anti-Skill also has access to "supercars" modified from civilian models like the V10, which runs on oxygen and is able to reach 400km/h.[26] They also have unmanned pursuer vehicles called Hammerhead Shark.[27]

Another unmanned vehicle at Anti-Skill's disposal is a quadrupedal machine known as Dangerous Bull (デンジャラスブル Denjarasuburu?). This unmanned weapon can be dropped from a transport helicopter and has facial recognition capabilities.[19]


Members of Anti-Skill also have P-Phones (Pフォン P fon?), an exclusive smartphone, with a SIM card different from any phone available to the general public.[28]

One of their tools is the HsLH-02, a linear hammer used to destroy steel doors. At first glance, it looks like a bazooka, but inside there's a giant stake with a flat end. There is no need for a trigger, the hammer is used by swinging it like a pendulum and striking the target. The shock applied to the muzzle area strikes the target with the giant 20 kg stake at subsonic speed. It can be used repeatedly to bash the target.[29]


Anti-Skill has general stations located in and assigned to each School District, with some of the larger districts such as School District 7 having more than one. School District 1's general station also functions as the central station that connects all of the other stations.[30] A secret windowless room, an interrogation room used for major cases requiring utmost secrecy before law enforcement makes its move, is located deep below one of the stations.[31]

The Anti-Skill Chemical Analysis Center (警備員化学分析センターアンチスキルかがくぶんせきセンター Anchisukiru Kagaku Bunseki Sentā?) in west School District 18 handles all of Academy City's forensic investigation work.[32] Training facilities are located in School District 2.[33]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Members of Anti-Skill appear from time to time in Toaru Majutsu no Index. They are first seen in the anime during the Index Arc, but are not introduced until the Sisters Arc, where they are called by Kamijou Touma to the area where he saw the dead body of a Misaka clone.

Three Stories Arc[]

Main article: Three Stories Arc

Anti-Skill is on the alert as an intruder has infiltrated Academy City (which was actually Touma accidentally triggering the alarm after coming back from the outside). This inconveniences Amai Ao, and allows Accelerator to stop him and save Last Order.

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc[]

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

During Sherry Cromwell's attack on Academy City, only a few members of Anti-Skill engage her (as many Anti-Skills were deployed to guard against the intruder that infiltrated Academy City the previous day), and are swiftly defeated. They later regroup and help Kamijou Touma fight Sherry, which gives them the upper hand. After Sherry escapes from the mall, Anti-Skill takes Touma under custody.

Touma eventually escapes from the Anti-Skill to have a final confrontation with Sherry and save Index & Kazakiri from Sherry's golem Ellis. Komoe later berates Touma for causing so much trouble for the Anti-Skill.

Academy City Invasion Arc[]

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Due to the nature of Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment and the fast spread of information through the Anti-Skill's communication lines, nearly all of Anti-Skill has been rendered unconscious by the spell, making the city defenseless.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Magic God Invasion Arc[]

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

Anti-Skill were deployed during the early stages of the High Priest's rampage, but were almost immediately overwhelmed.[34] Later, when the High Priest attempted to destroy the city's foundations, Anti-Skill were involved in minimizing casualties.[35]

Aleister Crowley Arc[]

Main article: Aleister Crowley Arc

On December 11th, after being immobilized during the heat wave and Element infestation, Anti-Skill was operational again following the 48 Hours to Restore Order.[36]

Processor Suit Arc[]

Main article: Processor Suit Arc

In the evening, District 7 Central Anti-Skill Station was attacked by A. O. Francisca, wearing the Processor Suit, and the Mimetic Predators, targeting the Processor Suit worn by the recently apprehended Hamazura Shiage, which was intended to act as a decoy but was creating a SIM conflict that prevented her from taking full control over the Bank in her own suit.[37][38][39] Following the attack, reinforcements were called in from other districts, though they were hampered by multiple chains of command and a general state of confusion.[40]

Coronzon Arc[]

Main article: Coronzon Arc

On December 12th, after Academy City's systems were shut down by Aleister through a virus and Coronzon was temporarily sealed into the city, Anti-Skill assisted with the subsequent evacuation.[41]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Christmas Eve Arc[]

Main article: Christmas Eve Arc
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GT1 Specifics - Pr/Ch1, Ch3

On December 24th, Anti-Skill officers were out on patrol for Christmas Eve.[42] At the same time, preparations were underway for Operation Handcuffs, the plan to eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City devised by the new Board Chairman Accelerator, with Anti-Skill set to be involved. As part of this, Accelerator had turned himself in for his past crimes and was confined to a 'windowless room' in a certain Anti-Skill station.[43][44][31] After the thwarted kidnapping of Last Order and presented with evidence of Director Neoka Norito's involvement, Anti-Skill went into action, moving in on the director's base in School District 15.[45][46][47][48]

Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

Main article: Operation Handcuffs Arc
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Post-Handcuffs Arc[]

Main article: Post-Handcuffs Arc
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New Year's Arc[]

Main article: New Year's Arc
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GT7,[51] GT8,[52] GT9[53]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Level Upper Arc[]

Main article: Level Upper Arc

Anti-Skill members' role in Academy City (specifically, those of Yomikawa Aiho and Tessou Tsuzuri) is expanded upon in the sidestory, where they are shown to be tightly controlled by the city's higher-ups and stifled by bureaucracy. They appear from time to time to deal with the criminals that Misaka Mikoto and members of the 177th branch of Judgment catch, especially in the anime adaptation.

Anti-Skill tactics 3

Security robots are common in Anti-Skill tactics.

Anti-Skill is later deployed against Kiyama Harumi to arrest her for her role as the creator of the Level Upper. They are swiftly defeated after Kiyama Harumi is shown to use esper abilities (a result of the Level Upper Network). Members of Anti-Skill later manage to aid Uiharu Kazari in spreading the Level Upper treatment program.

Big Spider Arc[]

Main article: Big Spider Arc

Anti-Skill raided The Strange for Skill-Out members, as the result of the heightened attacks on espers by Skill-Out factions, specifically the Big Spider faction.

Poltergeist Arc[]

Main article: Poltergeist Arc

Anti-Skill forms a coalition meeting with members of Multi Active Rescue and Judgment in the Anti-Skill School District 7 Main Office to discuss about the true nature of the recent earthquakes, as the result of an occurrence of RSPK Syndrome. It is later seen incapable of doing anything after MAR has solved the case of the Poltergeist Incidents.

They later assisted in the rescue of Kiyama Harumi's Child Error students by holding back members of MAR after Therestina's true nature and her using of MAR is revealed.

Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)[]

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

The lightning strike on the Windowless Building draws the attention of authorities, including Anti-Skill, so Shokuhou Misaki used her Mental Out on the head of Anti-Skill to have the affected areas evacuated and sealed off, to prevent needless casualties and to avoid them getting in conflict with the current state of Mikoto.[54]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

At the height of the Indian Poker fad, the cards were being used to leak confidential information from organizations like School Garden. As a result, Anti-Skill was involved in trying to trying to track down whoever was uploading info on how to create the cards.[55]

List of known Anti-Skill members[]


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  1. In the anime, they are shown to use SIG SG 552s with Aimpoint CompM2s and flashlights attached, as well as grenades and grenade launchers. In the manga adaptation, they use Heckler & Koch MP5s in place of SG 552s as their primary weapon instead, some of which are equipped with grenade launchers.


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