Antseka S. Kfark (アンツェカ=S=クファルク Antsueka S Kufuaruku?, Yen Press: Antseka S. Kufalke) is a Russian tank commander who participates in World War III.[1]


World War III ArcEdit

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Stationed in Central Russia, Antseka witnesses as Academy City invades deep into Russian territory despite the claims that the city would only be on the defensive to maintain the peace. As high-tech soldiers and tanks continued to charge before him, Antseka notices one of Academy City's supersonic bombers fly by, and watches as it dropped supplies down for Academy City's land forces to set up forward bases. He realizes that their effort against the city was futile: that, no matter what Russia came up with, there was nothing to combat Academy City's superior technology advantage. Antseka looks at the supersonic bomber again, and deduces that, had the bomber actually used the proper weapons it was meant for, they would have been easily killed, and that this was simply their enemy mocking them.[1]


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