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Aohoshi Suzuran (青星鈴蘭?), known as Suzu-nee (鈴姉?) to her comrades, is an assistant to the director of a private juvenile hall in Academy City,[2][3] as well as its head of security. She is actually part of a group who took advantage of the jailbreak trial to engineer a real jailbreak.[4]


Aohoshi has long dark hair in a hime cut and wears a dark-colored uniform.[2]


She is a much more reserved individual than the director, acting as a straight-man to his antics. Her nonchalant expression stays relatively the same whenever she appears.[2][5][3] She is sceptical of fantastical concepts such as dragons and ninjas, and is stunned to learn that they are in fact real.[6]


She is at some point became part of the same group as Kimi, Tsurigane and Raifu. When Kimi became imprisoned in a juvenile hall, the rest of the group plotted to break her out. Aohoshi became a member of staff at the juvenile hall.[4] Aohoshi talked to Kimi, who claimed to have a dragon inside her, which Aohoshi found hard to believe. She later planned with Raifu and Tsurigane to break out Kimi and to find someone with great hacking skills. Raifu had the task of thinning out the non-hacker competition, while Tsurigane's former ninja comrades led by Oumi Shuri were to win the competition if they couldn't find a skilled hacker. Tsurigane reassured Aohoshi that her comrades have high specs, and that they are ninjas like her after all. Aohoshi thought that her allies were experiencing teenage delusions and lamented that, if the plan failed, only she would be charged with a crime.[6]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Jailbreaker ArcEdit

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During the jailbreak trial, when Kongou Mitsuko was preparing to launch logs against the outer wall from outside the standard AIM Jammer range, Aohoshi suggested using the pinpoint long-range jammer but Kyougoku decided against it.[2]

After Kyougoku came back after getting a drink, Aohoshi reported that the outer wall had been penetrated by a combined effort spearheaded by Misaka Mikoto and when asked about the jammer, pointed out that it was the director who ordered them not to use it. She also reported that another group had gone over the wall a minute before the wall was breached.[5] Not long afterwards, when Kyougoku was dismayed at the competitors attacking the guide robots which he designed with his face, Aohoshi thought back to when the director proposed them. When Kyougoku ordered her to send out the other robots to put a stop to it, she told him they had already been deployed.[3]

When Mikoto's group were apparently cornered by robots in the prison building, while Kyougoku was gloating, she suspected that something was wrong as the war armadillos were supposed to all be stationed at the outer wall. When they attacked the other robots, Aohoshi realized that Mikoto had reprogrammed them before she went through the wall.[7]

As Mikoto's group were approaching the target cell and an infuriated Kyougoku was ordering the staff to deploy measures to neutralize them on their way out, Aohoshi reminded him several times that some of them would also affect the jailer acting as the prisoner. When the group discovered that the prisoner's cell was already empty, Aohoshi had the cell's security camera checked. When the image displayed the prisoner in the cell, she realized that someone had hacked their security system and replaced the camera footage with dummy footage, and that they were most likely on their way out with the prisoner. Immediately after she voiced her thoughts, the trial ended as Uiharu Kazari exited the facility with the prisoner. After confirming to a dismayed Kyougoku that it was no prank and their security system had really been hacked by a middle school student, she asked him if he wanted to cancel the press conference.[8]

Aohoshi accompanies Kyougoku as he walks through the juvenile hall and berates her for failing to stop the jailbreak. Aohoshi points out that he was the one who said that human guards would no longer be needed and she simply followed his order. Kyougoku senses someone present in a supposedly-empty storage room and finds Iizuka, the jailer who was supposed to act as the prisoner being broken out, unconscious in a locker. After Iizuka is taken away by medics, Kyougoku realises that Aohoshi is a traitor as she was the only one who could have switched the prisoners. Aohoshi uses a magic charm borrowed from someone else to control two guards to restrain Kyougoku, then she incapacitates him. Aohoshi then meets up with the rest of the group in an abandoned building, where they plot to kidnap Uiharu.[4]

While Kimi and the others are playing cards, Aohoshi reminisces about the past. She is stunned to learn that ninjas and dragons are actually real. She asks her comrades to pay attention to her as she shows how she has the registration date on the winner, Uiharu Kazari. Raifu comments on how Uiharu was with the Railgun, which suprises Kimi when she is informed that the Railgun is the third-ranked Level 5, and there are now seven Level 5s in the city since she was incarcerated. Aohoshi remarks that the information regarding the Level 5s should have been passed around by prisoners to which Kimi reveals that she simply wasn't interested. Aohoshi says that the city's strongest espers are said to rival a navy cruiser's in firepower, though Kimi seems unimpressed, as she wins the card game.[6]

Later on, Uiharu receives a knock on her door and goes missing, suggesting that Aohoshi and her group kidnapped her.[6]

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