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Orsola's house near the canals of Chioggia.

The Aquinas Residence is Orsola Aquinas' place of residence in Chioggia during her time as a member of the Roman Catholic Church before becoming a member of the Anglican Church and moving into the Anglican Church Women's Dormitory. Orsola does not actually own the house but simply rents an apartment with multiple rooms as well accommodations to the house's facilities.[1] The building is notable for being in walking distance from the Ponte Vigo.


Aquinas residence

A full view of the building.

It is an antique rectangular apartment building, where it was once used by sailors in ages past, and was designed specifically for sailors to see their houses from afar.[1] In the novels, the house is described as five stories tall,[1] with the fourth story being where Orsola's room is, however, in the anime it only has three stories.[2]

The building resembles specifically the local architecture, with a tiled hip roof, arched doorways, and hanging gardens. The inside of the building is spacious, and most notably contains two bathrooms, one for normal use and the other for church use as a baptismal pool, as promoted by St. Barbara.[3]


La Regina del Mare Adriatico ArcEdit

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The building is featured during the arc, where Orsola returns from London to finish her move, as her conversion and transfer to the Anglican Church was rushed. She was assisted by the Amakusa Christians, and later Kamijou Touma and Index.

The stone path near her home is later ruined after the arrival of the first ice ship of the Queen's Fleet.


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