Archangel Uriel (神の火 (ウリエル) Kami no Hi (Urieru)?) is an angel who is known as "The Fire of God". Vento of the Front, a member of God's Right Seat, is aligned with Uriel.


One of the angels in non-canon lore, Uriel is primarily an angel in rabbinical angelology mentioned in 1 Enoch and IV Ezra. He is stated to stand at the gate of the lost Eden with a fiery sword and he was attributed as being the angel who warned Noah of the impending flood.

Uriel is said to guard the gates of hell.[1]

Uriel was one of several angels excommunicated from canon by Pope Zachary.[1]


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World War III ArcEdit

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Fiamma of the Right refers to Uriel during his battle with Vento of the Front, stating that the angel, which Vento is aligned to, should normally have the attributes of Earth rather than Wind, referring to the Distortion of the Laws of the World.[2]

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During the final battle between the reproduced Mathers and Aleister Crowley, the former manifested the four archangels representing the elements, including Uriel, however they were immediately dispelled when Aleister used a spell to banish Uriel, which dragged the others down along with it.[1]

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