The Archery (アーチェリー Āchierī?) is a type of bowgun found in the cockpit of aircraft like the Sky Bus 365.


The Archery is the sole weapon allowed on the Sky Bus 365. It is stored and prepared in the cockpit and its main function is to protect and prevent control of the yoke from being taken. Because of Japan’s Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law, the Archery is a type of bowgun. It is, however, not constructed much like a bow and arrow nor does it function much like one. When the trigger of it is pulled, nitrogen gas propels a metal arrow larger than 40 cm in length at a high speed. It is said to be on the level of a hunting rifle.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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After Kamijou Touma saves Index and fights off a terrorist on the Sky Bus 365 he meets with the captain who attempts to have them confined in order to prevent knowledge of the terrorist plot from leaking to the other passengers. In response to this and his failure in protecting Index, who was also a passenger, Touma hits the captain out of anger with an aluminium bar from a broken aircraft cart which he had forgot he had in his hand from his fight with the terrorist. After doing so he storms off after the terrorist. In response the captain asks Wash, one of his copilots, to unlock the Archery from its storage box and to bring it to him. He labels Touma a dangerous individual and likens him to a terrorist for not obeying orders and hitting the captain of an aircraft.[1]

Right after the captain received the Archery from one of his copilots, Touma decided to set off an aircraft alarm in an attempt to startle the terrorist and make him reveal himself. After hearing the alarm the captain contacts the other copilot asking what was wrong. After learning the alarm was manually flipped via a switch the captain gets even angrier towards the terrorist and Touma and tries to storm off while threatening to stop them even if he has to shoot them in the arms or legs with the Archery. Before he is able to, however, he hears a plea from his copilot and returns to the cockpit to investigate the fuel gauge mysteriously going down.[2]

After defeating the first terrorist and deducing that a second one may be hiding in the cargo bay, Touma thinks about how the captain would most likely not believe in him enough to give him the Archery. The flight attendant also says she wouldn't be able to get it from him but may be able to get a key card for the cargo bay from one of the copilots.[2] In the end the terrorists were apprehended without the use of the Archery which presumably remained in the cockpit with the captain until after the plane was able to successfully land.[3][4][5]



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