Arimura Ellen (有村絵恋 (ありむらえれん) Arimura Eren?) is a tracer and a member of the Kamisato Faction.[1][2]


Ellen is a girl of short stature, with long black hair that reaches her entire height, dark-colored eyes and a pale complexion. She is dressed in an formal outfit similar to a butler's and wears an oversized lab coat with sleeves that cover her hands completely. The outfit is described as reminiscent of a ceremonial Japanese kimono.[3]


Like the other members of the Kamisato Faction, Ellen's actions are directly in response to her dependence towards the faction leader. She has shown to be the more mischievous of Kakeru's three usual companions, willingly stepping into the men's bath to show her affection towards Kakeru, as well as interfering with the actions of her fellow members' own attempts to take his attention.[4]

Although she does not seem friendly towards people outside of the faction, particularly to those who've wronged Kakeru,[3] Ellen shows a degree of understanding towards the people Kakeru helps, although it would require that person to show willingness to be helped by Kakeru before she would act accordingly.[5] She has shown confidence in his victory in battle, though not from a careful comparison of both sides, but from blind belief in his strength, much like how people tend to assume God, justice or heroes cannot lose.[6]


Ellen's background is largely unknown, though she apparently joined the Kamisato Faction after being saved by Kamisato Kakeru during some event and falling in love with him, like the other members of the faction. She was apparently involved in the incident which led to Elza joining the faction, using her unofficial forensic skills to help solve the incident, the key apparently being Elza's missing underwear.[4]


World Rejecter ArcEdit

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On December 3rd, after Kakeru's initial confrontation with Kamijou Touma and his encounter with the Sample Shoggoth-infested Patricia Birdway, he made contact with Ellen and sent her a sample of the parasite for analysis via her drone. Not long afterwards, Ellen made her way to the apartment which the Kamisato Faction were using as a safe-house.[1]

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Ellen with Claire and Elza.

Claire and Elza later arrived at the safe-house and learnt of the situation regarding Kakeru and Patricia from Ellen, recognizing the usual pattern that they were familiar with regarding Kakeru and girls. Despite the problems at hand, the trio of girls ended up doing their own thing and dragging Kakeru and Patricia along with them, going to a public bath and then eating out after botching dinner. However, later that night, when Kakeru managed to persuade Patricia to let him help her, the girls resolved to help as well, together with the assembled Kamisato Faction.[1]

Around the time that the rest of the Kamisato Faction were attacking the Kamijou Residence, Ellen was researching Sample Shoggoth together with Fran.[7] She later communicated with Kakeru following his battle with Touma. She was unsurprised that he had got the upper hand over Imagine Breaker but was then shocked to discover that something else had emerged, with Kakeru's tone conveying the state he'd been left in. Before she could learn anything else, she was disconnected as Kihara Noukan confronted Kakeru.[6]

Salome ArcEdit

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On December 4th, Ellen, Elza and Claire were observing Kakeru from afar, after he transferred to the school which Touma and his classmates were going to after their school's destruction. While they were doing so, they received a message from Fran alerting them to Salome's arrival in Academy City.[8]

Ellen was present when Kakeru approached Touma at the school's incinerator after manipulating his classmates on December 5th.[9] After Kihara Yuiitsu ambushed Kakeru and severed his hand, Ellen and Elza got Kakeru to safety and gave him first-aid while the others fought Yuiitsu.[10][11]

Element ArcEdit

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After the Kamisato Faction's first contact with the Elements, Ellen subjected a captured Element to testing and determined their weakness in that their activity was reduced in temperatures exceeding 42 degrees, leading Fran to flood the city in microwaves to cause an artificial heat wave and slow the Elements down.[12] During the heat wave, Ellen and the rest of the Kamisato Faction set up base in the White Springs Shopping Center.[13][12] At least once, Ellen had to water Claire who had wilted in the heat.[12]

Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

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Because she is neither a magician nor an esper, much of Ellen's activities as part of the Kamisato Faction involves using forensic science and chemistry in general in various applications. She has demonstrated her ability in using chemicals and reagents in unlocking doors, as well as claiming that she can use her know-how to perform an unofficial pregnancy test on the spot.[3] Ellen takes pride in her abilities to the point that Kakeru himself does not think of getting away from Ellen, as any attempt can be made futile by her forensic tracking skills. However, she does show some limitations in her ability, particularly in analyzing unknown substances like pieces of Sample Shoggoth, which according to her would require a few days to determine its chemical composition.

Character Art DesignEdit

The designs for Claire, Ellen and Elza were created by Haimura using the concept of being "twisted in a galge-ish way". Very little was changed from Ellen's initial design except for her hair, lengthening it further so that it touches the floor.[14]



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