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Arlands Darkstreet (アーランズ=ダークストリート Āranzu Dākusutorīto?) is the leader of the magic cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken, introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test.[1]


Arlands apparently hates it when others use his name lightly. He was amused at his overheard plans being mistaken for some kind of game and while executing them, thought of them as and enjoyed them as such.[2]


After his cabal's failed attempt at summoning the sunken city of R'lyeh and the resulting loss of resources, Arlands went into finance in order for the cabal to recover and gain the materials needed to continue their research.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test[]

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As Flack Anchors and his group carry out their attempt to steal the Necronomicon, Arlands is present in a converted refrigerated truck parked near Westminster Abbey. After his subordinates convert the Necronomicon data transmitted by Flack's group's gunshots back into book format, Arland takes the Necronomicon and indicates to the truck driver to leave.[3]

Arlands then boarded a helicopter and had the pilot fly to his company's salvage facility in the Strait of Dover. While en route, he made a phone call to his subordinates to have them make preparations, going along with the pilot's assumption that he was talking about some kind of game.[2]

On arrival, Arlands gave the Necronomicon to a subordinate and checked how preparations were coming along. He then headed to a room in a small building and using a projector, began marking the walls with the necessary patterns in human blood, with adjustments based on the information relayed by his subordinates. Once the walls, floor and ceiling were covered, he then assumed a meditative pose and began the ceremony.[2]

While performing the ceremony, Arlands sensed the appearance of Cthulhu, who attacked the building due to an error he had made, but he continued regardless. Smiling, Arlands continued to perform the ceremony as the work became more complex, intending to cut it off once the desired point was reached. However before he could continue to that point, he was knocked down by Itsuwa.[2]

Unable to move due to the burden from the interruption in the ceremony, Arlands listened as Itsuwa described the common similarity between the evil gods of the Cthulhu Mythos and the inescapable story aspect, before asking if they forced their own ending to have the evil god leave. Itsuwa revealed that they had interfered with the observational equipment the cabal had been using in order to make the float resemble the twisted landscape of R'lyeh, by drawing a symbol from calculations of the distortions and placing it over the lens to supply false information to deceive the evil god into leaving. Thinking about the skill required to pull off such a move in that situation, Arlands gave a quiet laugh before he stopped moving as the burden took its toll.[2]


Arlands is the only magician among his cabal skilled enough to be able to perform the ceremony to summon R'lyeh successfully. He is capable of slicing the top off a bottle by tracing his fingers across it.[2]

He has also picked up a few other skills from his entry into the financial world.[2]



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