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The Imaginary Number District.

Artificial Heaven (人工天界 Jinkō Tenkai?) as defined by Tsuchimikado Motoharu is any artificially created realm that has "artificial angels" within it. More specifically, like Heaven, it exists in the same location as where humans dwell, but cannot be detected by human senses. Technically, it should be referred to as an artificial realm, as the laws of this realm are not based on any currently existing religious teachings such as the Kabbalah, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.[1] Currently, only the Imaginary Number District can be referred as an artificial heaven.

The name however, is apparently a reference to its similarities to Heaven.

Artificial Angel

Artificial Angel (人工天使 Jinkō Tenshi?) technically refers to the denizens of artificial heaven, but is also defined as an existence that comes from a different plane from humans that are formed from forces that has gathered to form life.[1] As such, beings that are formed from AIM diffusion fields, such as the AIM Burst and Kazakiri Hyouka can be referred to as artificial angels.

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